Auntie's Twin Slave Girls

Auntie's Twin Slave Girls:
BDSM Stories
Heather and Hannah had no idea why their parents wanted nothing to do
with Aunt Susan. When Heather sneaks out to meet her she finds her sexy,
sophisticated aunt to be a refreshing change from her dull, strict,
conservative parents. But only when she lies to her parents about where
she's going, and stays over for a week does she realize just how sexy
and how seductive her Aunt can be.

"My God what crap," Aunt Susan said, looking through her things.
Heather squirmed a little as her Aunt looked over the things she'd
brought for her visit.
"My parents won't let us work while we're at school and won't let
us buy anything they think is too... provocative," Heather said,
It felt deeply strange to have her aunt looking through her
underthings. She would not have thought so the other day before - but
now, it was hard to even look at the woman without her eyes going wide,
and her mind filling with the lewd, erotic image which had filled them
the previous night.
Her aunt was a lesbian. No wonder her mother and father
disapproved! And yet, it was impossible for Heather to condemn her.
After all, she and her twin sister Hannah had engaged in lesbian game
playing, which, while tame compared to what she knew her aunt did, was
much worse because they were sisters.
"Your mother probably thinks a nun's habit is provocative. Fuck
her. Let's go shopping."
Heather let out an amazed laugh. She wasn't at all sure how to
react to the woman now, after what she had witnessed, but it was hard
not to be deeply impressed by this reaction to her mother's prudishness.
The first place they went in the mall, however, was a lingerie
shop. It was just after opening and the place was empty except for the
sales woman her aunt greeted by name.
"You know her?"
"We're friends," her aunt said, leading her to the rear of the store.
There was a large board there, and pinned to it were rows of
colourful panties, all of them of the sort to outrage her mother. Most
were thongs, and she and Susan fingered the material and discussed the
look. It felt a little embarrassing, and also oddly exciting.
Susan showed her a tiny green thong.
"You would look adorable in this," she said.
Heather felt flattered, and a little quiver rippled through her
lower body. It wasn't that the comment was really sexual in any way, but
she felt a little hot regardless. She kept replaying what she had seen
the previous night, when she had heard the strange sounds coming from
downstairs and witnessed her aunt and her "friend" making love. Of
course, she was Susan's niece, so anything between them was unthinkable
- though she recalled the hot petting sessions with Hannah doubtfully.
In any case, whatever relationship she had with Kimmy was very special
and she would certainly have no interest in a naive young girl like
Heather, niece or not.
They picked up a number of lacy thongs and silky bras, as well as
a pair of blue silk pajamas, and a pair of capri pants and matching bra
like the ones she'd seen her aunt wear that first meeting. All the while
Heather felt aroused and tingly, and often uncomfortable and awkward as
her aunt and she flipped through the lacy, sexy lingerie.
"Hmm, how about some of this?" Susan asked, as they moved over to
wear leather things were displayed.
"Oh my God, I don't think I want to wear a leather bra all day,"
Heather said, giggling.
"Not all day, dear," her aunt said, raising her eyebrows and grinning.
Heather blushed a little.
"And a matching thong, how sweet."
"Oh I couldn't..."
"Sure you can."
"I think you'd look sexy in them."
The words came from the saleswoman, and Aunt Susan smiled at her.
"Heather, this is Jane. Jane, this is my niece, Heather."
"Go on and try them out," Jane said.
"Do," Aunt Susan insisted.
Blushing a little, but a little excited, Heather took the leather
bra and thong into the changing room and stripped. The leather felt warm
and sensuous against her flesh and she gazed at herself in delight as
she stared at the mirror.
Then the door was pushed open and she gasped, momentarily trying
to hide herself as her aunt came in.
"I want to see," she insisted.
Blushing, Heather pulled her arms away, proud and hot as her aunt
looked her over.
"Turn around."
Blushing even more, she turned, feeling her aunt's eyes on her
bare bottom. She turned again quickly, and was delighted at the woman's
evident approval.
Heather felt her heartbeat growing faster and stronger, and was
excruciatingly aware of her virtual nudity as Aunt Susan examined her
under the cold flourescent lights.
"Very nice," the woman said, the approval in her voice sending a
warm thrill through Heather's belly.
"But for the best effect you want to wear something a little
tighter, a cup smaller, say."
Heather let out a soft gasp, startled as her aunt reached out and
cupped her breasts from beneath, lifting them and squeezing them together.
"Now this is the look you want," Aunt Susan said
She released her breasts and stepped back as if to contemplate
her, and Heather began to breath again. Her mind was spinning with
uncertainty, for she could not decide how to interpret
her aunt's touch. Surely it wasn't sexual, merely casual and familiar.
Surely it was only her own racing pulse and lewd imagination which leant
it more than that.
And then her aunt reached out again, and gripped the top of the
leather cups. To do so her long index fingers slid down inside, and the
back of her fingernails brushed against her nipples
which were sparkling with excitement.
She tugged at the cups and again withdrew her hands, leaving
Heather fighting to control her breathing and wondering wildly what to
do if the woman was indeed coming on to her. And yet she dared not
protest for fear of humiliating herself, of revealing herself a silly,
overly imaginative girl. And why would she protest in any case? For
while she felt startled, and somewhat indignant that her aunt would
touch her like that casually without her consent she
could not deny the stomach churning thrill the touch brought.
I'm sick. I'm perverted, she thought wildly, trying to calm
herself down.
"I'll get you a smaller cup and you can try it on," Aunt Susan
said, turning and leaving the little room.
Heather shuddered openly as the door closed. She raised her hands
weakly and cupped her breasts as her aunt had done, feeling her heart
pounding beneath her ribs.
Just as quickly, the woman was back, holding what looked like a
leather halter.
"Try this," she said.
She stood back, making no move to leave, and Heather, embarrassed,
but now very aroused, undid the leather bra and removed it. She tried to
turn away, but the mirror in front of her revealed her stiff pink nipples.
"Have you ever thought of getting those pierced?"
Heather turned in surprise. "Wha..."
"Those nipples are so dainty and pink. A small ring in each would
really set them off."
She stared down at her bare nipples, and then gasped as her Aunt
reached out and gripped them, fingering them. She froze, her heart
pounding as her aunt rolled her nipples between her fingers.
"It'll hurt a little, but it would be worth it in the long run,
the woman said, her voice entirely casual. "The piercing really
increases the sensations when someone licks or sucks on your nipples."
She took her hands back, and then smiled as if surprised. "Oops,"
she said, grinning.
"Have I got you all turned on?"
"N-No!" Heather gulped.
"You look turned on," Susan said coyly.
"I-I'm not!"
"You sure?"
She drew out the word playfully and moved forward, backing Heather
against the mirror. The glass was cold on her bare shoulder blades and
"You sure you wouldn't like me to touch those stiff little nipples
again?" her aunt teased.
She held her thumb up and licked slowly across the tip, then
reached out and took one of Heather's nipples between her thumb and
forefinger, rolling and stroking and squeezing it as the trembling girl
stared stupidly.
"I've got just the thing to display those proud young breasts of
yours, dear, "her aunt said.
She held up the halter, or - a halter of sorts and something hard
and thick and black.
"I-I don't think - "
"Good. Don't think. Just feel. Experience," her aunt ordered.
She lifted up the halter and pressed it against Heather's chest.
Heather automatically reached down for it, trying to pull it higher.
"No, hold it right there.
The halter was pressed in against her lower ribs, curving up
beneath her breasts to lift them up. Her aunt pulled a strap behind her
back and buckled it, then pulled the two leather straps up. They pulled
the sides of the halter up, sides which curved in around the outside of
her breasts, squeezing them in from both sides, pressing them together.
The straps then curved up around the top, crossed her chest, and went
behind her neck to buckle again. A final strap crossed her chest,
pressing down lightly on the very top of her breasts.
The effect was startling, and shocking. Her breasts were pressed
together, lifted and displayed perfectly. They were completely bare,
completely naked, and looked amazingly erotic.
"Who would wear this?" she gasped, staring at herself in the mirror.
"You look incredible," Aunt Susan said.
"But it's so "
"Hot. Just imagine how a man would react seeing you like that."
"He'd think I was a slut!" she protested.
"No, he'd get a giant hard-on."
Heather blushed.
"You look hot," the woman repeated. "You want them drooling. This
will do it."
She reached out and Heather gasped as she caught her nipples
between her thumbs and forefingers, plucking at them, twisting them.
"You want these to be nice and stiff so you get the full effect,"
Aunt Susan said.
They had already been stiff. Now they were tingling and sparkling
as the woman pinched and rolled them between the pads of her fingertips.
"A-Aunt Susan," she gasped in protest.
"You don't like this?" her aunt asked with a teasing grin.
"I you shouldn't "
"But it's just us girls," she said with a gentle smile.
She let go of her nipples, which were now hard as pebbles, hot and
exquisitely sensitive to even the slightest touch. Then she took her
shoulders and turned her towards the closest mirror.
"Look at that," she said. "Doesn't this look like someone ready to
go wild in bed?"
Heather wanted to protest that she was dull and boring and staid
and not at all up to such an image, but then, standing behind her, the
woman reached around her and cupped her breasts
from beneath once again. This time her breasts were already lifted up
and squeezed together, so instead she merely stroked her hands over the
soft, warm skin.
"Tell me you don't like the feel and look," she said softly, her
breath warm against Heather's ear.
Her fingers took the girl's nipples again, pinching them lightly,
pulling them out from her body to the point of stinging. Heather gasped
and her chest heaved in the woman's embrace, her mind twisting and
turning in confusion and arousal and anxiety.
"I saw you last night," her aunt whispered. "Watching Kimmy
and I."
A shock rippled through the already anxious girl and her eyes
"Don't worry. I'm not angry that you peeped at us. Did you like
what you saw?"
Her hands were gently stroking back and forth across the taut
underside of Heather's breasts as she spoke, and Heather's mind was
frozen with shock, embarrassment, fear, and a wild, uncontrollable
"Of course Kimmy will be mad. She'll want to punish you."
She leaned in closer, and nibbled lightly at the underside of
Heather's ear. "Have you been spanked lately?" she whispered.
And then, somehow, one of her hands was inside the leather thong,
and a single finger stroking across her swollen button. She gasped with
the intensity of the pleasure which burned through her, grinding her
backside into Susan's thighs.
"Aunt Susan!" she gasped, feeling suddenly panicky.
"Did you do this while you were watching Kimmy and I?"
The question shocked her anew, filling her with embarrassment and
"Such a nasty little girl," her aunt purred. "You really must be
punished severely."
Heather felt the woman's long index finger slide between the
moist, hot, taut lips of her sex and wriggle upwards through the slick
flesh of her opening, driving deep inside her.
"Oh! Oh! D-Don't!" she gasped.
"Don't you like this? It feels like you like it."
The finger slid in and out while her thumb rubbed from side to
side across her clit.
It pulled free, and then her aunt was tugging the leather thong
down. Once below her groin it slid to the floor around her ankles.
"I have something much better for you to wear," Aunt Susan growled
softly into her ear.
Still standing behind the trembling young woman, she drew an arm
back, then pushed it forward once more, and it was holding something
long and thick and black. Its purpose was obvious in the long tubular
shape, a shape which swelled at its tip to form a bulbous head. It was
attached to two thin leather straps.
She opened her mouth to gasp a protest, again staring at the door,
and suddenly the rounded head was between her lips and then pushing in
over her tongue.
"Oh my God!"
It was more of a series of straps than any kind of thong or panty.
The straps were of black leather, about two inches wide. Attached as if
sewn or glued to the inside of one of the straps was the - dildo. It was
long and black, the leather glistening. It was a tube far longer than
any cock Heather had ever touched or seen, thick, and vaguely menacing
as her aunt held it before her face.
"No way!"
"Oh yes," her aunt said with a wicked grin.
It was too much like what she had witnessed the previous night,
and Heather's heart pounded so loudly she was sure the woman outside the
changing room would be able to hear it. She stared at the thick leather
thing as Aunt Susan rubbed it across her breasts.
"I-I can't... we can't..."
It slid downwards, down over her belly, down between her legs, and
she watched, trembling, as her aunt turned it and pushed it back through
her legs, letting the long length of it press up against her sex.
"We'll have to shave you later," her aunt whispered.
She was stroking the thick tube back and forth. It was soft, for
the leather covered something spongy and malleable. As her aunt rubbed,
the resistance slowly eased, and Heather blushed as she realized her
pussy juices were now coating the thing so that it slid more easily
against her moist flesh.
"You want it inside you, don't you?" her aunt whispered.
Heather shook her head frantically.
"Of course you do, little slut."
She turned the thing upwards, and Heather felt the round, spongy
nose pressing against her opening. She gasped, reaching down to grip the
thing and push it away.
"Take your hands off," her aunt ordered, her words low but imperious.
Heather stopped, her mind filled with uncertainty.
"Do as you're told," her aunt growled.
And Heather's hands fell away, for it was not in her to defy the
woman. Defiance of any sort was a foreign concept to her, and defying
her strong, beautiful aunt was - .
"Oh!" she gasped.
"I want you to put your hands up behind your neck," her aunt
ordered. "Now."
Her befuddled mind took several seconds to understand the command,
and then, slowly, her trembling hands rose and slid together behind her
head. She gasped again as her aunt gripped her hair and forced her head
up, and she stared at herself in the mirror, filled with disbelief,
anxiety, and a terrible, roaring heat.
Oh but Jesus, she looked amazing! She looked so hot, so sexual,
she thought she was looking at another woman.
This was wrong! She couldn't do this! This was sick! She wanted to
turn and push her aunt back, to grab her clothes, don them, and run from
the room.
She felt the pressure mount against her sex, and recalled what she
had seen the other night, recalled the sight of the cucumber being
forced inside Kimmy. She felt her pussy grow hot and taut, straining,
aching a little as the lips were split apart and forced wider.
And then the head of the thing was inside her. She felt a thrill
of excitement, a shock of horror, and a deep embarrassment at having a
woman, a virtual stranger, doing such a thing to her in the bright
light, pushing something into her body. This was sick! Her lips pursed
desperately. Again and again she was on the edge of protesting, of
pulling away. Yet she didn't.
She felt the thing being pushed deeper, felt the ache inside her
grow. Her aunt began to pump the thing in and out, and the quivering
sexual excitement grew stronger. At the same time she felt a growing
sense of shame and guilt and embarrassment as her aunt pushed the thing
deeper. Her mind was reeling with all the contrary emotions and impulses
flowing through her.
"Ungh! Oh!"
Most of it was now inside her body. Her aunt put her hand over her
mouth now, and forced the thing all the way into her body, pushing it up
into her pussy until the flat of her hand was pressing the leather the
base of the thing seemed attached to, pressing it in against her pussy
Her aunt's finger curled in and pushed between her lips, into her
mouth, stroking across her tongue, then pulled back. As the trembling
girl stared, her aunt brought her hand down between her legs and began
to rub the moistened finger across her clitoris. At the same time, she
began to pump the leather dildo in and out of the girl's tight body.
"Don't!" Heather whispered dazedly.
It hurt. Yet the pleasure and sexual heat were intense.
She stared at herself in the mirror, watching the leather dildo
going in and out of her body, feeling overwhelmed by the heat and
pressure, by the whole, shocking encounter. Her mind was frantic with
the need to run, to flee, but her body was melting against her aunt, her
legs trembling and shacking, her hips now beginning to jerk
instinctively in response to the growing speed of the pumping.
"Slut," her aunt whispered. "Filthy little whore."
I"m not, Heather screamed in her mind. Yet a corner of her mind
preened with excitement at the words. Slut? Her!?
She came, jerking and thrashing in her aunt's arms. Her legs gave
way and she collapsed, her aunt lowering her to her knees, still pumping
the dildo. As her groans and gasps grew louder her aunt's other hand
rose to clamp across her lips, and her eyes rolled back in their sockets
as she jerked spastically in the woman's arms.
She collapsed slowly back against her, moaning, feeling weak and
sated. Her aunt cooed into her ear, and released her mouth, then reached
down to the straps which dangled from the device, drawing them up. She
buckled the inch wide strap around Heather's waist, then drew the
rear strap up between her buttocks. Heather let out a startled cry of
pain as her aunt gave a sharp yank and forced the leather pad flat
against her pussy.
"Oww! Aunt Susan!" she moaned in protest.
"Quiet, little slut. We have to do this up properly."
Heather fell forward onto her hands, then gasped again as her aunt
gave a final pull and buckled the rear strap behind her back.
"Come on. Stand up, sweetie."
Her aunt gripped her arm and helped lift her to her feet. Heather
staggered, and her aunt held her, smiling fondly.
Heather looked at herself in the mirror. It looked like she wore a
two inch wide belt in place of a thong, a belt which descended from the
one around her waist, down between her legs, over her pussy and up
behind. It was thinner than anything she had ever worn, and because of
that her pussy hair was visible on either side.
"I-I need to take this off now," she panted.
"Nonsense. You'll wear it while we shop."
"B-but I can't," she gulped. "And it hurts."
"Don't you think you deserve to be punished for being a little
peeping tom?"
Heather blushed guiltily.
"Put on your clothes. We're going to see about getting you some
more things."
Her pussy squeezed down hard against the dildo and she moaned. Yet
she took her jeans thankfully, and stepped into them, drawing them up
her legs. Her bra was clearly unwearable as long as she continued to
have the strange, lewd halter on. Her aunt gave her her shirt instead,
and she buttoned it up and tucked it into her jeans.
Then, taking her hand, she led her back out into the store. The
woman there turned to stare at them as her aunt led her over.
"What a cutey," she said with a small smirk. "I take it..."
"She's wearing one of your leather dildo panties from the fun and
games section," her aunt said.
Heather's face burned.
"Add that and the halter to my bill."
Heather stared at the floor, humiliated.
"Tell you what, I'll let you have the halter for free if I can see
how it fits."
Heather's face burned even more brightly and she stared at the rug.
A shock took her breath away, and she turned to stare at her aunt.
"Open your blouse, Heather."
"No!" she gasped.
Her aunt glared at her icily and her voice hardened. "Now," she
"I'm not going to show her my breasts!" she protested, but her
voice, even to her own ears, sounded weak and whiny.
"Why should I pay for this when we can get it free?" her aunt
demanded. "Do you think I'm made of money?"
"But I - ."
"You didn't mind Kimmy and I showing you our bodies yesterday, and
without our permission either."
Again guilt and shame flooded her.
"Now!" her aunt snapped. "Or I swear I'll bend you over my knee
right here and spank you!"
Heather blanched. Surely she wouldn't! But looking at the lewdly
grinning saleswoman she wondered. Her aunt had spoken of having Kimmy
spank her - in a playful way, and she had seen and read enough on the
internet to know that a lot of people thought spankings were quite
sexually arousing. If these two were friends - clearly this woman was
another lesbian!
"But - ."
Her aunt's eyes hardened and Heather, completely unused to
rebelling against authority, broke. She dropped her eyes, then her hands
went to her blouse, and she slowly began to unbutton the front.
"All the way," her aunt snapped.
Her back was to the door of the shop, yet she was terrified
someone would see, someone would walk in. She turned her head behind
her, face burning now as she opened the shirt and let the strange woman
see her breasts.
"Very nice. I love how that lifts them up and show them off," the
woman said.
"She's got pretty little breasts too," her aunt said.
And to Heather's added humiliation she stroked her hand across one
"The skin is so soft, and the complexion is perfect."
"Young girls," the woman sighed.
And she too reached out and ran a hand over Heather's body.
Heather stiffened, and wanted to draw back, but felt like a poodle
caught between to mastiffs, too cowed to disobey.
"These are nice nipples," the woman said.
"I'm going to get them pierced," her aunt replied.
Feeling panicky, Heather's head twisted from side to side, staring
at one, then the other, then at the door.
"All right, dear. Close the shirt."
"Maybe we can do more later," the woman said.
Her aunt smiled coyly and took Heather's arm, tugging her towards
the door while she continued to fumble at her shirt. She barely got it
closed as they pushed through the door into the mall, and her aunt
thrust the bag of lingerie into her hands.
"Why did you make me show that woman my breasts!?" Heather moaned.
"Why shouldn't I? You have lovely breasts, dear. Why are you
ashamed of them?"
'I'm not ashamed of them but - ."
"Then stop whining, dear."

From the book: Tortured Twins, by Argus
Argus books have been published by Virgin Nexus, Silver Moon, Star,
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