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The Strange Affair of Countess Elisabeth Bathory

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The 'Blood Countess' lived at Castle Csejthe (or Csej) in north-west
Married at fifteen years of age, she appears to have been introduced to
practices by a servant and her old nurse. Aided and abetted by them and her
young studs, she first began torturing her young servant girls out of
but it soon became a regular pastime for her, and the longer she practiced
it the more sadistic and perverted she became.

When she started her foul games Elisabeth was in her early twenties, and had
only recently become aware of the sexual pleasure one could give oneself and
others. Although not actually a lesbian she enjoyed seeing young girls
unclothed and was also fascinated watching them being made love to, or
otherwise sexually engaged.

She supposed this delight was the result of her accidentally spying two of
stable boys raping one of her pretty housemaids in an old barn a some years
earlier, and the memory of the sight of their stiff pricks sliding into the
girl's soft body as she writhed and pleaded always made her quite wet.

Since that time she often 'arranged' for one of her pretty handmaids or
girls to be waylaid by two or three strapping youths who she would earlier
instructed to perform the most vile sexual acts on the young girl while she
herself viewed the whole scene from a close but secret place.

The girls rarely dared to complain about the assaults as the boys would
threaten death or worse if betrayed. Even without the threats the girls
probably have never spoken about their fate for fear of being accused of
witchcraft and in fact 'seducing' the 'unfortunate' youths.

All this made Elisabeth's games easy to conduct and as she realised how
defenseless and available the girls really were, she became more open and
conducted and participated in the events herself. She found that the voiced
suspicion, albeit groundless, that a girl might be a witch was an excellent
excuse to have the unfortunate wench dragged of to the cellars, stripped
and tortured and assaulted at her whim.

The girls, mostly in their late teens, would usually be stripped naked and
strapped spreadeagled across a large wooden rack that was kept in one of the
dank rooms in the old cellars. She would then be tormented by Elisabeth's
selected 'interrogators', two or three of her well-hung favorites of the
moment, who would goad her and whip her soft parts with switches for a while
before stripping off themselves and gang-raping the girl as she pleaded her

A favorite game of Elisabeth's was to arrange for the victim to be
examined on suspicion of being a witch. The examination involved searching
every part of the girl's naked body for a "devil's mark", a part that would
feel pain, even when jabbed with a steel spike, or lancet. Elisabeth would
watch her "inquisitors" having hours of delight jabbing the poor girl all
especially around her breasts and inner thighs, searching for this

In addition they would search for a "third nipple", supposedly used to
the witch's demons, which was also impervious to pain. This "third nipple"
would often be 'disguised' as a clitoris, or as one of the girl's real
so these parts of their victim's anatomy would be investigated relentlessly,
being jabbed with the lancet repeatedly to see whether the girl's screams
in fact genuine or faked.

On one occasion when a particularly attractive girl was chosen, Elisabeth
so taken with the girl's body that she decided to personally take part in
'interrogation'. The slender girl was about nineteen, fair, and very
Elisabeth's summoned four of her favorite lads and they dragged the girl off
the cellars, stripped her naked and began to rape her enthusiastically. As
they spread open her legs and groped for her sex, the poor girl wept and
pleaded, but her wails were soon silenced as she gagged on a thick prick
was forced into her mouth. As her violator came she almost choked on the
cum that squirted into her mouth and dribbled over her cheek. She looked up
and, with her moist eyes, appealed desperately to Elisabeth who was viewing
scene lecherously. The girl was to get no mercy though, and as soon as the
cock was taken from her mouth another was thrust in and the act repeated.

While her pretty mouth was engaged, her loins were also under attack. Her
virginity was broached by another impertinent prick that forced its way into
her young body. She squirmed helplessly as one after the other the boys'
erections rammed in and out of her tight vagina. She hoped that they would
soon tire of their new toy doll, but she got no comfort looking into the
leering, animal like faces of her tormentors as they took turns humiliating
her. After she had been raped four or five times, and her thick blonde
thatch was slimy with semen, Elisabeth could wait no longer and called her
thugs off, she wanted to have her fun.

They tied the girl's wrists together and fastened them to a hook at the end
a rope dangling from the ceiling. One of the boys hauled on the rope and
pulled it taut, making her arms stretch high above her head. Then her ankles
were tethered and tied wide apart, until she feared she would be split up
middle. Her sex was splayed open defenslessly and Elisabeth grabbed at the
pubic hair and soft flesh and gripped tightly. The girl yelped in anguish.

Whilst feeling for her victim's love bud, Elisabeth sneeringly demanded that
the girl confess her 'sins'. When she felt the girl's clitoris she pinched
hard between her thumb and forefinger, and roared with laughter as the
girl screamed in pain. Elisabeth continued to sexually torment the helpless
girl for a while, who naturally could confess nothing. Eventually the
ordered her cronies to give the wench a severe whipping to see whether that
would teach her some manners.

The thugs cut down their plaything and then arched her backwards over a wine
casket which had been rolled on its side. They then tethered her tightly so
that her head was bent backwards, while her breasts and spread loins were
thrust forward. Her ankles and wrists were tied together around the back of
cask. In this position she couldn't see what was happening to her but with
body arched forward she could sense that any blows from a whip would fall on
her softest parts.

As if this wasn't enough one of the boys took a black leather funnel-like
device attached to a short gag strap, and fixed it tightly over her mouth.
She shook her head violently but soon found that her now incoherent wailing
amplified grotesquely, and only served to excite her torturers more. Worse
still, as the others prepared their leather crops and quirts, one of the
began to masturbate gleefully into the funnel.

Elizabeth demanded to be first to strike the tethered girl. She selected a
quirt with half a dozen thin leather flails and raised her arm. Selecting a
target on the girl's splayed body was not difficult as her eyes were drawn
the matted blonde thatch between her legs. The girl's delicate labia were
slightly parted, and the Countess thought she could just make out her
rather swollen by all the rough treatment it had recently received.
smiled evilly and swung the whip down...............

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