Halloween Hanging

Halloween Hanging:
BDSM Stories
Myron works at a magic store on the East Side in the twenties. We are
sitting drinking beer with him at cheap saloon near us in the East
Village. Jake and Ray are drinking beer; I am sucking on the ice from
my fifth glass of water. Jake patiently waits for Myron to get around
to the hanging. Myron is stretching out the free beers. I am tired,
but stay because it’s me they want to hang. And to give Myron a
blowjob if he has a good way to do it without killing me.

‘Your going about it all wrong’ he finally tells Jake. Jake nods.
‘You want the cunt naked, with a noose around her neck, twenty feet in
the air with a noose around her neck, fucking bare ass twenty fucking
feet in the air with a fucking noose around her fucking neck, right.’

Jake says yes each time he says fucking. Ray agrees. I am staring
hard at Myron thinking that I don’t like being called ‘the cunt.’

‘Can’t happen without killing the cunt.’ Ray frowns. Jake pushes back
in his chair ‘The cunt’ goes to the Ladies Room downstairs to pee glad
that she doesn’t have to suck off this guy with his dandruff and
questionable hygiene

When I return, everyone is happy. Myron is being declared a genius. I
return downstairs with Myron, argue him into the ladies room. Lacking
a urinal, he pees in the sink. I shake it away from me and then kneel
and suck him. He has drunk a lot of beer and has problems staying
hard. My knees are aching by the time he finally cums.

‘Your cunt has one fucking great mouth,’ is his departing thought.

Jake and I are into doing public BDSM scenes that include torture. I
have been flogged, stuck with needles, coated with hot wax but our
favorite scenes include suspension. I am small only five foot four and
108 pounds with ten years of gymnastics training followed by seven
years of exercise. Suspensions are fairly easy when a person is
light. It’s fatiguing and hurts after a while, but I am good with pain
and we play with suspensions often. Sex play, I mean.

For the last year and a half we have been trying to pull off a mock
hanging. Essentially the concept is easy and safe. A noose is
constructed with a cable passing through the upright rope. The 13
wraps are not really connected to anything and the noose itself is a
sham and the rope is just tucked in to look like it is choking. All
that needs to be done is to connect the cable to something that will
support me without hurting me. This must be done in such a way that it
can’t bee seen.

Being nude creates the difficulty. There is nothing to attach it to.
All sorts of fake skin and transparent things have be considered and

Myron’s contribution is that a harness be constructed to lift me
bearing my weight under my arms. The harness is constructed of two
belts, one below my breast the other above. A strip in the back
connects the belts with a tab going up behind my neck. Over each
shoulder, a strap is attached to the top belt. It is basically a bra.
At the top of each strap and the neck tab is a D-ring. Three cables
are attached to these and I am lifted. They are in plain view and
everyone can see that it is a three-point lift.

Now the genius, the misdirection.

When I am standing on the floor, this bra slips down and the three
cables flop. When I am lifted the bra moves up and the cables get
taut. I am prepared with a spreader bar at the ankles so that ‘the
cunt’ can be seen. It is shaven and will insure where most of the
attention is focused.

Under this is a smaller band of cable covered with leather. A second
cable will be attached to it behind my neck. This is the cable that
will support me for the hanging.

Jake chooses Halloween night at one of the BDSM clubs to pull off the
stunt. The place is packed with people in costume. We have to get
there early because this is about the biggest night of the year.

Here’s how it goes. I am set up. Jake inserts a dildo between my
legs. I am lifted by the three-point lift. Both shoulders and the one
behind my neck are used to pull me up. After a minute or two, the
dildo falls out. Down I come; up me goes the dildo again. I am lifted
again. I force the dildo out. Down again, in me again and up again.
I am mocking Jake each time. This happens several times with Jake
getting angrier and angrier.

People are laughing and making obscene remarks. Finally Jake produces
a wide black phallus and forces it between my legs. He shows me the
noose and vows to hang me if I don’t hold on to it this time.

It takes a while but I expel it to the great amusement of the large

I come down again. The three cables droop loosely from the D-rings.
Jake puts the noose around my neck while he verbally abuses me. I
laugh in his face. He slaps me. He gets carried away and I have his
hand print on my face for hours.

‘You don’t believe, I’ll fucking hang you?’ he asks menacingly. I
laugh at the word ‘fucking.’ It must be contagious. Then I spit at

‘I swear I’ll kill you, if you ever spit at me again.’ The crowd is
caught up in our fight. Most are taking my side but some are telling
him to stuff it up my ass. He slips the noose over my neck and while
Ray tries to calm him down snaps it into place. When it in place he
slaps my behind.

I spit.

Jake grabs the long end of the rope and lifts me high. The cables at
the shoulders and behind my neck hang loosely still attached to the D-
rings. People scream as Ray snaps a wooden pencil in half. I am
hanging by the neck with my tongue just showing. Everyone heard my neck
snap. They have seen a murder.

Three guys and Ray, all in on the scam step close to Jake. The cable
is anchored before anyone else gets to him. Punches are thrown and the
EMS called before things calm down.

Once down, I slip on my gray jogging suit and sneakers and push into
the crowd. Jake makes his way to the back and we slip out the side
door as quickly as we can. Ray hangs back to get the rig.

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