My new life

My new life:
BDSM Stories
So many things have happened to me in the past few months! My nipple
rings have been changed to a barbell type going through the base of
each nipple, soldered on each side so they dont come out. I have
endured a lot of nipple stretching so now I have a ten guage bar with
an eight gage bulge in the center of it. There's a threaded hole in
the middle and little rod with threads on the end is pushed into the
end of my nipples then screwed into the threaded hole in the bar. That
leaves the rod sticking out from the tips of my nipples and the ring
hangs from the end of the rod! Fortunately I have good sized nipples
and they are a bit tougher now so the rod sticks straight out at least
a quarter inch before the dangling one inch rings. I have to admit it
is strange to see metal sticking out the end of my nipples but it
turns me on that no matter what I wear, everyone can see them! I am
never allowed to remove them and actually don't wish to. I am also now
sporting a complete (and permanent) set of stainless cuffs and a
stainless steel collar. The collar is close to three inches tall which
keeps my head up and has a ring imbedded in front and in back. My
ankles and wrists have the shiny steel bands around them with inset
rings too, all are welded on. The guy put a wet asbestos pad between
the cuffs and my skin so there was very little heat on my skin as he
"Heliarced" the bands closed. Renee has added one more thick ring to
each labia, bringing the total to five rings between my legs and the
latest addition, at Renee's suggestion, is a nose ring through my

Renee found some S & M clubs for the guys to take me to be displayed.
She arranged for me to be the centerpiece at two different clubs for
some special affairs as payment for the guys and her to attend the
party. I actually had to sign papers stating that the club cannot be
held liable for any acts commited upon me and in fact allow and
REQUEST that I be subjected to as many acts as the club members
require during one eight hour period. The acts limited to anything of
a sexual behavior but not to include any permanent physical damage. I
was tied every which way and used as living furniture at another
gathering. At that one I stood on a round steel disk that had a "T"
shaped bar welded in the middle of it. The horizontal part was
adjusted to just the top of my thighs. I was bent over it and bound
tight with my legs straight past my ears and my ass in the air, they
propped me in the corner and used me for a flower vase! There were so
many flower stems stuffed in my vagina and butt that they stood up
nicely (so I saw from the pictures). There were other female slaves (
I hadn't realized until then that I was one, too!) also tied similarly
as various bits of furniture like floor lamp and coffee table, etc. It
was very peculiar to have someone remove the flowers from me and pour
cold water in then replace the flowers! The other affair was more my
speed. I was whacked with a cane numerous times during the evening and
suspended in various ways with ropes, while long thin accupuncture
needles were pushed into me and people took photos.

I have a cape now that is thrown over me when I'm taken to occaisions
as a party favor. I am required to wear lock on high heels to all of
those affairs and in public (Renee was kind enough to find a place
that sells the same ones and get several pairs). We found this liquid
vinyl that is painted on me and dries to become a second skin. I have
worn this as my only clothing on several occaisions while going to the
store and out in other public places. In fact I lost my job when I
went it to work clad only in bands, heels and a "paint on" vinyl
pantsuit at Renee's command one day. It would have worked but there
are the rings in my nipples and puss that immediately gave me away (I
was going to quit anyway).

Tommy loves to take me on short airplane trips because I always set
off the metal detectors and have to explain the stainless bands and
piercings to strangers, sometimes I even get strip searched. The
officials always have so many questions. The boys took me to a daytime
party at some man's house. I had been dressed in my usual short skirt
and a good blouse without underwear. We had arrived early and sat
around for a bit, talking and drinking cocktails. We were obviously
early and before the party was to start, I was invited out to the yard
by the swimming pool. There in the middle of the patio was an eyebolt
freshly imbedded in the concrete. I realized what was up just as I was
pushed down and held while Tom undid the chain wrapped around my waist
(it is permanently attached to the ring in my clit and pulled up in
front then wrapped one time around my waist and secured in front). He
locked the end of the chain to the bolt in the deck and my wrists were
locked together behind me, then they stood back to watch me. I sat on
the deck for a minute but was told to stand up. I struggled to get my
feet under me in a squat then was able to stand from there. If the
host of that party had not known before then, he was well aware after
my leg spreading stuggle to get up, just what was under my little
skirt! People started arriving and within a few minutes the house and
yard filled up with people, almost all of them were younger than me.

Of course I was not able to leave my chained sex so the party people
noticed there was something different about the collared girl in the
short skirt who stayed in one spot (me). Every few minutes Tommy would
come over and undo one more button on my blouse until it was
completely undone, a few minutes after that he just pulled it open and
down my arms to my wrists. I was left exposed in the afternoon sun
like that for a while as the people got bolder and bolder only looking
at first. Everyone said they liked my tits and it seemed popular to
come up and talk to me then ask if they could touch me. I was not
usually the one they asked! People would ask the host or Tommy or
Renee and even just some other party attendee then with Tommy and the
host of this affair urging them on, most of the guys and quite a few
of the women got around to exploring the rings in my nipples and
touching me from my face to my waist, caressing, squeezing and pulling
everywhere! Nearly an hour passed before Tommy came out to me with a
pair of scissors and cut the little skirt off and the shirt that had
been hung up on my wrists too.

For the next few hours I was bent, spread and inspected over and over
by a multitude of different hands as I stood on display. So many
people were delighted with my vaginal piercings and attached chain.
The final half hour or so by the pool my wrists were unlocked and I
was put on my back with my legs stretched in a high "V" by ropes to
the wood framework that covered the other half of the patio. This made
the chain to my clitoris tight and pulled it fairly far out of me,
judging by the comments from my audience. I was told to hold my
breasts up and present them for all to enjoy as I lay there.

Before we left, I was led around to a garage where one by one, over a
period of an hour or so, most of the men were allowed to jack off on
me as I squatted on my heels in front of them with my knees far apart.
Most wanted to get it on my face but I had been told not to and the
men were informed that I would not take their cum in my mouth. I
protested but it didn't seem to bother most they were just as happy to
leave spunk in my hair and dripping from my face onto my breasts. When
we left I was not allowed clothes and was taken through the house out
to the van with most everyones sperm dripping down me, I knew it
wasn't over yet! On the way home they dropped me off in the street as
I was told to walk home as they drove off. I had only the spike heels,
my various ornaments and a bunch of dried cum on me. I actually had to
walk past a few people on the street! Most did stare but didn't stop.
I was really scared when five little punks (four boys and a girl)
about fourteen to seventeen caught me sneaking down an alley. They
wouldn't let me go no matter how I pleaded and were asking "What
happened to your clothes lady?" and "What's with the metal rings?" I
didn't have enough hands to stop them and they were actually yanking
on the rings telling the girl with them that she was going to have to
get all those things put in her skin too. I was pushed around a bit
and was trying to resist, they started hitting me! I got punched in
the face and breasts a few times but when one of them slugged my
stomach hard, I went to the ground, the kids had hold of my legs then
the cops showed up. The kids all split and there I was, left to
explain myself to the officers. I tried the truth (minus a few
details) but they just couldn't grasp such a scene, they seemed to
think I was a street whore that had just been "Ganged". The cops just
did not know what to do about the chain in my clit as they left me in
the holding tank with the big glass windows. I was under constant
supervision and it was fifteen to twenty minutes before they brought a
hospital gown in to me. I spent a few hours in jail until Tommy came
and bailed me out. I was so mad but you know, I did leave a wet spot
everywhere I sat for those fifteen hours!

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