Complete Control

Complete Control:
Bondage Stories
It's late at night and we are in bed talking about our latest sexual
activities. It's early in our relationship and we are still discovering
each other's preferences.

We talk about how I like my nipples sucked. I tell him that I like
pretty severe sucking, to the point of using teeth to pull and nibble on
them, and that he is the first person who has ever been able to
understand how good it feels to have them stimulated so strongly. He
responds maybe that's because most men believe that would hurt instead
of please the woman, and I respond with, "Maybe that's true, but
sometimes pain can be a good thing." He mulls that over, and I can't
actually believe I just put it that bluntly, but we both kind of ignore
the significance of the statement and go on to other things.

We eventually get into another discussion where the "B" word finally
comes up, and we both admit to each other that we have fantasized about
bondage. We talk about experimenting, and the next couple of weeks are
filled with conversations and anticipation about our impending journey
into bondage. We decide that I am to be the submissive. I don't have
much in the way of dominant tendencies -- I have always been submissive
in my bondage fantasies. Even though he is interested in both the
dominant and submissive roles, I am clearly more the submissive.

We decide this will be the weekend for our bondage experiment. He goes
to work on Friday leaving me the whole day to wonder and worry about
what the evening will hold for me. I know he has acquired the toys and
torture tools he plans on using, and they must be around the house
somewhere by this time, but he has been adamant that he doesn't want me
knowing what his plans for me are, and I agree with his rationale. I've
been careful over the past few days not to look for the toys or even
come across them by mistake for fear of ruining his plans.

He has always been the gentlest and sweetest person to me, but while
talking about my submission to him and how he plans to dominate me, he
has actually begun to be quite the disciplinarian. He has already
promised me punishments for certain "transgressions" I've committed. His
promise to "mess with" my tits is particularly intriguing. I don't know
what he has in mind for the punishments, but while part of me is looking
forward to it, the other part of me is a bit fearful, and I want to
avoid adding reasons for punishment to his list.

Evening finally comes and we return from work, but he is in a bad mood
and has had a bad day. We have dinner, but he then tells me he's too
tired for our bondage games tonight and wants to go to bed. I cannot
believe he is saying that -- surely he must be joking. Is this more of
his mind domination, or is he really serious? Evidently he is serious
because he gets up and heads toward the bedroom, and I just want to cry.
I follow him into the bedroom, all the while trying to figure out what I
have done wrong to make him decide to forgo our bondage session.
Luckily, after about 10 minutes in bed, he tells me he's now ready to
test out tying me up. My heart begins to race again. I wonder if I will
be sorry for hoping he would change his mind.

He tells me to follow him to the living room, which I do. He then tells
me to strip. I stand in the corner of the room undressing and leave my
clothes on the floor beside me. Now I'm completely naked (in more ways
than one?). He has moved to the fireplace and is retrieving a toolbox
that was behind a chair there. He has opened up the toolbox and is
taking things out, and I am too anxious to even notice what everything
is. He tells me to come closer, which I do, and I attempt to smile at
him, but he is totally focused on this really long piece of rope that he
wants to use on me. He tells me to put my arms in the air and he starts
to wind the rope around my chest, underneath my tits.

As he winds the rope around and around, I can hear a "whish" as it moves
through the air, and he is tightly winding around my chest two or three
times and then moves to the top of my tits, winding it around the top a
number of times too. The rope is nylon and I am extremely turned on by
the feel of the tight bondage and the sound of the rope moving around my

He then takes the ends of the rope and cinches them around the loops
inbetween my tits, then directs them over my shoulders, tying the ends to
the loops behind my back. He then cinches the bottom rope and top rope
together on the outer sides of my tits, forcing my tits even closer
together and making them incredibly sensitive to the touch. As he turns
me around to check the back, I catch a glance of myself in the mirror
and can see that the rope is forcing my tits to protrude, making my
already large tits seem even larger, and they are already swelling from
the bondage. I am excited by how he has forced my tits to take the shape
that he wants, ready to be used and tortured at his will.

He locks leather cuffs on my wrists with tiny padlocks. He then tells me
to put my hands behind my back, which I, of course, do. He secures my
wrists cuffs together and tells me to kneel. He then informs me of my
safewords: "yellow" to mean he should ease up on whatever he's doing at
that moment, and "red" to mean everything should stop. I let him know I
understand the safewords, but I force from my mind the thought that I
might actually use them.

He then goes about tying my elbows together with another length of rope.
My elbows are having a hard time meeting, and that takes him a while to
work on, but the constant "whish"ing of the rope as he's manipulating my
arms and the feeling of the rope itself keeps my excitement level

After tying my elbows close together, he tells me to lie on the floor,
face down. I try to do that, but with my hands and elbows tied behind my
back, I have no way to brace myself, and I am having difficulty lying
down. He decides to expedite the process, grabs the ropes wrapped around
my chest behind my back, and pushes me forward. But, because I don't
know he's got ahold of me and intends to keep me from falling, I
initially resist his efforts to lower me down because I still feel like
I'll fall. He releases his grip at about the same time I end my
resistance to his pushing, and I end up falling straight onto the floor.
He tells me he had meant to keep that from happening, but I actually
like that he was so forceful and I was so helpless.

Suddenly he starts to chastise me for one of my most recent
"transgressions" and starts to spank my ass as punishment. Everything up
to this point has felt more like preparation, but suddenly he is
seriously treating me as his sub and I am immediately incredibly
humiliated. I turn to look at him, but he is continuing his spanking,
with his bare hand, and will not catch my glance. I am so embarrassed
that I try to put my head under my arm to hide my face, but my arm is,
of course, tied behind my back. So I settle for my shoulder.

Then suddenly it's not his hand that is spanking me, but there is this
"whoosh" and a much harder thwat on my ass. I turn to see what it is,
and I see a cat-o-nine-tails. Now the humiliation is increased tenfold,
and there is a rising level of pain as I wonder if I can bear the
embarrassment of him continuing to flog my ass.

He continues for a while, moving between my ass and upper thighs, and I
can feel the heat rush to my ass and legs as they turn red from the
flogging. I wonder if he knows that he is fulfilling one of my deepest
and most humiliating fantasies. I have always wanted serious ass
spankings, and as painful and humiliating as it is, I am enjoying every
single painful moment.

The spanking and flogging don't last too long, and he has now decided to
hog-tie me. He is using more rope to tie my ankles together and then
fold them up to my ass and tie them to the rope between my elbows. I
really like the way this feels when he completes the hog-tie -- I am
totally immobilized and at his mercy. I am really feeling more and more
submissive to him by the minute. Unfortunately the elbow ropes soon


begin to cut off circulation in my arms, so he unties them and releases
me from the hog-tie. I am saddened by this, but little do I know what
else he has in store for me.

He frees my wrists and ankles, but keeps the cuffs on my wrists. He
tells me to move over to the door to his office, adjacent to the living
room. He steps away and comes back with a hook that he places over the
rim of the door before closing the door. He tells me to stand with my
back against the door, facing the living room, with my arms over my
head. I do so and he quickly ties my wrist cuffs to the hook so that my
arms are now secured near the top of the door. As he does this, I feel
my tits jut out even more, and there is no way for me to prevent my huge
swollen tits, the size of which has always embarrassed me, from sticking
straight out into the air. He then ties my ankles together once more.
Then he blindfolds me. Now I am increasingly apprehensive and entirely
at his mercy.

He moves away for a moment and it sounds like he's going back to the
toolbox. I cannot see a thing and can only wonder what he's planning
next. He doesn't make me wait too long, and he is back in front of me,
touching my tits. His hands move toward my nipples. The bondage has made
them even more sensitive, and I am really enjoying his touch. Suddenly
though, he clamps something onto each nipple and the pain is
unbelievable. It feels like they are on fire, and the pain is radiating
throughout my nipples. Just as it begins to subside a bit, the pain

"Are you tightening them?" I ask, and he just chuckles. I later realize
he's chuckling because he found it amusing that I had no idea what he
had used to torture my nipples or what was causing the additional pain.
He was using wooden clothespins on my nipples. What made the pain
increase was the fact that a string was tied between the clothespins and
he was pulling on the string.

I then hear what sounds like a chair or something being placed in front
of me. I wonder what he could be doing with the chair. He tells me to
stand up on my tip-toes as high as I can, which I do, and after a second
or two I feel a stronger tugging at my nipples. He has attached a second
string to the string between the clothespins and has pulled it toward
the ceiling where he uses a strong rubber band to attach it to the
ceiling with a push-pin. The string and the rubber band keep a constant
tension on the clothespins and make them tug relentlessly at my nipples.
He plucks at the string and it makes the clothespins jump, causing them
to pull my nipples back and forth. I can't tell what is happening, but
it feels like my nipples are vibrating and being painfully pulled at the
same time.

Due to the blindfold, I'm not aware of how he's arranged this tug on my
nipples. I'm still up on my tip-toes, but the intensity of the pain is
overwhelming. The pain distracts me from his instructions to stand up on
my toes, and I begin to drop my heels -- when I do, the pain increases
100-fold, it seems. I yelp and rise back up on my tip-toes as high as I
can. I ask him what's causing this, but he just let's me suffer. He
responds that maybe I should try to stay up on my toes.

I try to focus on what's happening and to understand what he means, but
it takes a few moments, perhaps minutes, before the pain subsides enough
for me to understand what he has done to me. He has attached my nipples
to the ceiling with the string and rubber band so that if I stay on my
toes, the tension on the clothespins is only moderate, but if I drop my
heels, the tension is heightened and the pain increases. Since I'm
blindfolded, I still don't know just how he's done it, but I do know the
pain drastically increases if I drop my heels toward the floor.

This is a difficult spot to be in, and I wonder how long my legs can
hold out. As if I'm not in enough pain at this point, he decides that
now is the time for some further punishment. He takes the cat and starts
flogging me again. He starts lightly on my thighs, and the strokes
quickly get stronger and harder, moving quickly over my body. I am in
such incredible pain, and I can hardly believe he is actually doing this
to me. And, the clothespins are still relentlessly tugging on my
nipples. Once in a while, he plucks at the string.

He then steps away for a moment. When he returns, I strain to hear any
clue as to what will happen next. I don't have to wait too long. He has
retrieved a riding crop and begins applying it to my abdomen and thighs.
It stings! I wonder what is causing such a new and different pain, and I
ask him what this latest tool of torture is, but he refuses to answer
and scolds me for talking so much. He even crops the undersides of my
tits, and they are so tightly bound and tortured from the clothespins
that every stroke takes my breath away and I can hardly catch my breath
between strokes. I ask him if my tits and body are red and marked from
the cat and the crop, and he tells me they are, and I am proud to know
that he has marked me with these painful blows. He sits down on the
floor in front of me and continues applying the crop, concentrating on
my poor titties.

He finally stops the flogging and cropping. But soon there is a
sensation of pins and needles running across my thighs, stomach and
ultimately my tits. I once again do not know what's causing this new
painful sensation, but later learn he's using a pinwheel on me. As it
gets to my tits I again cannot refrain from moaning and panting from the
combination of excitement and pain. And then there are more clothespins
clamped on my breasts so that it is now impossible to tell where the
pain is coming from because it is coming from everywhere.

Throughout the activities I have been a bit talkative, asking questions
about what he is doing to me, since I am blindfolded. He has begun to
tire of my questions and decides that it is time to test out a gag. This
is something I had told him frightened me, yet by this point I am
looking forward to it because I want him to forcibly stop my chattering
so that I will not be bothering him. It is at this point I realize that
he has truly "Mastered" me, and that my needs and fears have become
secondary in my mind to pleasing him. I want to be able to withstand all
of his torture and pain because I want him to be proud of me, and more
importantly I want him not only to be my Dom, but also the Master of my
body. I want him to feel that he can do anything he wants with me and my
body and know that I will please him.

I think he is a bit surprised that I do not object to the gag, and he
goes to get a rubber ball gag. He comes back and places a small item in
one of my hands. He explains that with the gag in place, I'll be unable
to use the safeword, so if I need to say the safeword while gagged, I
can give the safeword signal by dropping the item he put in my hand. I

Then he puts the gag in my mouth. It tastes horrible, but that bothers
me less than the fact that it forces my mouth extremely wide open, while
filling it up so much that I cannot even think about uttering a word. I
am quite a talker, and this inability to speak proves very difficult for
me. But I am happy that it prevents me from talking and bothering him.
He continues torturing me with the cat, the crop, and the pinwheel.

I am still on my tip-toes and my legs are tiring. My heels begin to
drop, but the instant pulling on my nipples forces me right back up, and
I can't even yell because of the gag. At one point he starts asking me
questions, which I obviously cannot answer, but when I don't answer he
starts flogging me harder and harder for my failure to respond, and I am
panting and choking on the ball in my mouth.

Finally he removes the gag because he can tell it is too much. This
particular gag is really too big for me, and its narrow leather strap
cuts into the corners of my mouth. I feel a clear sense of failure,
though I know it is not my fault, but I want to remain gagged because I
know it pleased him so much. He promises me that next time he'll have
the problem fixed and that I'll remain gagged far longer. He removes the
"safeword thing" from my hand.

Eventually my legs start to shake from fatigue since I have been on my
toes now for a very long time. He asks me if I am tiring and I hesitate
to say I am. I promised myself two things when we decided to enter into
the world of bondage -- one was that I wouldn't use the safeword unless
I feared real bodily harm was imminent, and the other was that I was not
going to be one of those subs who tops from the bottom. I do not want to
tell him I am tiring because I do not want him to release me until he
wants to. I want him to be in complete control.

Finally, when my legs have reached the point where they are shaking
almost incessantly from fatigue, he releases me from the ceiling and
takes the clothespins off my breasts. I had read that removing the
clothespins from the nipples hurts tremendously, but am still surprised
at how much it hurts. He gently massages my nipples a bit and then
releases my arms and legs from their restraints and removes the
blindfold. He tells me that I should use this opportunity to take a
bathroom break. I tell him I do not need to go, but he strongly urges me
to take advantage of the offer because I will not be given another break
for awhile.

I head off to the bathroom, and immediately sink onto the toilet from
physical and emotional fatigue. I take a couple of minutes to regain my
resolve and strength and am amazed at how he knew better than I how
badly I needed this break. As I turn to leave the bathroom I take a look
at myself in the mirror. My tits are so tightly bound and red from the
floggings, and my nipples swollen and dark from the clothespins and
torment. There are red marks on my thighs and stomach from the floggings
as well, and my face is flushed from the excitement. I am happy with the
way I look in bondage and enjoy knowing he has made me this way. I feel
incredibly free and liberated by my submission, and I return to give
myself over again to his will. When I return to the living room, he
gives me a cup of water to drink from.

After I've sipped a bit of water, he tells me he intends to put me
through some outdoor bondage on his front porch. While it is already
past midnight, I am totally scared of being seen or discovered in a
state of naked bondage, but I follow his command because I no longer
even care to question it. His house is on a cul-de-sac in a very quiet
neighborhood, and he's told me previously that his immediate neighbors
are early-nighters, but if a car were to turn onto the street or a
neighbor were to look outside, I am convinced they could see everything.
Still, I am also excited by the prospect of being naked and tied out in
the open.

He leads me out to the front porch. A streetlight offers us enough light
to see what we're doing, but not enough to make us obvious to a casual
observer. He tells me to sit in one of the lounge chairs and secures my
wrist cuffs together behind the back of the chair. He then ties my
ankles to the sides of the chair legs so that my legs are spread open.
He doesn't blindfolded me at this point, and I think this is so I fully
realize that I'm naked, tied, and helpless out in the open, and that it
might be possible for someone to see me should they step out of their
house or drive down the street.

He then goes back into the house and leaves me out there naked and bound
to the chair on his front porch. It seems like a lifetime that I am out
there alone (he later tells me it was only a couple of minutes), and I
can hear every little sound. I hear cars passing on the next street, and
my heart jumps each time because I think they might be coming this way.
I want him back desperately, but I'm afraid to call for him because the
neighbors might hear.

Eventually he comes back and blindfolds me again. He then puts the
clothespins on my already sore nipples, and I try to stifle my yelp from
the pain so the neighbors won't hear. Unbelievably, he decides to go
back into the house once again. It's much worse this time since I'm now
blindfolded and have no idea who might be watching or approaching me
while I'm tied up out there. He stays inside for what again seems like
an eternity, and I'm very relieved when he finally returns.

But, he doesn't make things any easier on me. He then tells me to lean
forward, which I do, and he ties the string between the clothespins to
the porch rail with more string and a rubber band, like he'd done
previously to the ceiling. If I try to lean back in the chair and relax,
the clothespins tug all the more painfully on my nipples. I am now
forced to sit as far forward in the chair as I can, with my legs spread
and feet bound to the chair legs, barely touching the floor, leaning
forward with my tits displayed for all the world to see. I am glad he
doesn't choose to flog me at all on the porch because I doubt I could
keep from screaming.

But my nipples are in serious pain from the constant tugging of the
clothespins, and I am finding it hard to balance my body and keep it
tilted forward. He walks down to the street in front of his house to see
how visible I am if someone should walk or drive by. My panting and
silent moans from the pain are so loud in my own mind, and I'm so
distracted by the pain and my predicament, that I don't hear him return.
Suddenly he is kissing me on the mouth. I grab for him with my lips and
tongue, and his mouth tastes sweeter than ever before and I can't get
enough of him. But he pulls away too soon and I am left there with my
mouth searching for his to no avail, and I whimper a bit.

I can feel him standing in front of me, and I even think he is leaning
against the rail, just silently watching me writhe and whimper in pain.
I am again amazed at how sadistic he truly can be, and grateful that his
sweet and caring nature can co-exist with his sadistic penchant to
torture me and conquer my will. Now and then, he plucks at the string
tugging on my nipples.

It is growing chilly outside and he decides that we should move back
inside. I am relieved because my legs are hurting from trying to keep my
body balanced. He releases my arms, unties my legs from the chair, and
removes the clothespins from my nipples. It takes all the will I have to
keep from screaming at the top of my lungs as the blood rushes back to
my nipples. He does not take off the blindfold as he guides me back
inside. He holds the cup of water to my lips, and I drink a little more
before he leads me across the living room floor.

Soon I realize we are again standing at the doorway to his office. He
positions me with my back to the closed door once again. This time he
has decided to chain my wrist cuffs to the hook instead of tying them
with rope, and he tells me to hold my arms up high again. But it seems
my arms are so fatigued that they keep on dropping down, hindering his
attempts to chain them to the hook above the door. He is losing patience
with me and his voice is clearly cross. This strikes fear into my heart,
and I hold my arms up as straight as I can and concentrate as hard as I
can on not dropping them. He finally succeeds in chaining them up, even
though he leaves a little play in the chain. I breathe a sigh of relief,
despite the fact that I am once again entirely at his disposal.

He then tells me to spread my legs far apart, and I wonder why. Surely
he can't then expect to tie my nipples to the ceiling the way he did
before because, with my legs spread, I will be way too low to the ground
for that to be at all bearable. I spread my legs and he guides me,
telling me to move them further and further apart. I feel him
maneuvering my ankles and tying rope around them, but can't figure out
what he's doing because I'm still blindfolded. Then I hear him stand up
before me. I ask what he's done.

"Try to put your legs together," is all he says in response, and I do
and realize that he has attached my ankles to a spreader bar. I am now
the most helpless I have been the entire evening, and completely
humiliated. My tits are tied and swollen and sore beyond belief, my arms
and legs are incapacitated, my eyes are blindfolded, and my legs and
pussy are spread wide open for whatever whim he might have.

He then proceeds to play with my tits a bit and asks me if I want "the
strong, tight clamps or the really strong ones." I am totally confused
and tell him that I don't know which are which, and he repeats the
question. I realize I should answer that I want the "really strong ones"
because otherwise I am being too weak and could be subjecting myself to
future punishment. At this point he tells me he's been using clothespins
on my nipples. I am disappointed in myself for having found the simple
clothespins so very painful because I know he has other, more severe
clamps. So I tell him I want the "really strong ones."

He retrieves the Japanese clover clamps and puts them on my nipples, and
they are much more painful than the clothespins. I really cannot
tolerate the pain, and he can tell I am having a very difficult time. He
asks if he should take them off, but I am reticent to respond because I
do not want to be weak and disappoint him. He asks me again, saying he
understands that my nipples must be just too sore at this point to stand
these clamps, and I agree once he promises he will use these stronger
clamps next time. He takes the clamps off, which causes more pain, and
then returns the clothespins to their now familiar home.

He then turns his attention to my very wet and open pussy. He is
spreading my lips with his fingers and I am growing increasingly
excited. He has never been one for a lot of hands-on pussy action, so I
am finding this more exciting than one normally might. But then suddenly
my lips are being spread even further as he is putting what I assume are
clothespins all along the outer lips. I cannot control a scream. I have
never felt such pain before in my life, and he doesn't seem to be
stopping anytime soon. I lose track of how many clothespins he has put
on my pussy as my whole body is shaking with pain.

Just when I think that I am getting used to the pain, his fingers enter
my pussy, he grabs an inner lip, and attaches a clothespin there too. I
let out an extended howl from that. He doesn't leave that clothespin on
very long because he can tell from my reaction how painful it is, but
it's there long enough for me. But then he starts to feel his way up
into my pussy with his finger, and he reaches for my G-spot and starts
to massage it, and even with all the pain and torture I am feeling, I
have never felt such pleasure. He can tell I am enjoying it too much, so
he withdraws, causing me to whimper incessantly as he walks away.

So there I stand -- tits and arms bound, spreader bar between my ankles,
nipples and pussy clamped, and I am sure there is no way I can feel any
greater pain. I am, as I have been a number of times this evening, of
course, wrong. He returns and begins another session of punishment. He
starts with the cat on my outer thighs. He then moves to my inner thighs
and has me fearing that his final destination will be my pussy, but he
cannot whip me directly on my pussy since it's got all those clothespins
attached to it.

He then brings to my attention a certain philosophical debate we've been
having over the past few months. I think he has chosen this one because
he knows how strong my resolve is on this issue. Suddenly he is no
longer using the cat, which, while painful, I have become a bit
accustomed to. He is now using the riding crop, which I find far
stronger and harsher than the cat. He applies the crop with full force
on my flesh, and it stings much more than the cat. He is using it on my
stomach and thighs, and his strokes get stronger and stronger, and he
finally moves to my breasts and is striking me all over my swollen and
tortured tits.

Throughout this torment, he keeps asking me to agree with him on that
particular philosophical debate, and I am in so much pain from the blows
to my tits that I really want to agree with him. But I cannot bring
myself to give up my convictions, so I stand there, with him striking me
with the crop so incessantly that not more than a second or two goes by
between blows. He is cropping my tits, my abdomen, my thighs, and my
whole body is on fire. Every time I move in reaction to the crop, my
pussy burns from the additional pain caused by the clothespins pulling
on my pussy lips, and I am at the point where I can feel tears coming to
my eyes and a huge lump in my throat. I have never felt anything like
this before in my entire life.

I want to cry from the pain, but am so very grateful that he has brought
me to this incredible point. While the pain is beyond belief and part of
me wants to agree with him and end the suffering, I feel like I have
reached a place, outside myself, where I am free from the physical and
emotional barriers of my life and I have given him the reins to control
me. While it is painful beyond belief, it is the most liberating and
exciting thing to be able to trust him that much, and for him to have
mastered me so skillfully. I cannot imagine ever being happier, which is
so surprising to me, considering the intense pain and humiliation I am
feeling right now.

He finally decides that I will not give in on our debate and stops the
cropping, but then he decides to take the clips off of my tits, and
while the blood is still rushing back to my nipples and I am still
writhing and moaning with pain, he starts to remove the clamps from my
pussy. The pain and burning coming from my pussy makes my heart race and
I cannot even catch my breath enough to scream. I think that all that
comes out of my mouth is some strained panting and whimpering, because
he is taking the clips off one at a time, and each one hurts more than
the previous.

At the very last one I catch my breath and actually get a scream out,
but he's not through yet. He retrieves the cat. He flogs my thighs and
torso a little more and then even flogs me directly on my pussy briefly,
which is incredibly painful, but he doesn't stay there long. I make a
note to myself to let him know that further flogging there would be a
welcome and painful punishment.

He lets up on the flogging, and before I realize it, he has freed me
from my bonds and is leading me, still blindfolded, across the living
room toward the futon there. The burning in my pussy is still strong.

He secures my arms behind my back, seats me on the futon, and sits next
to me. He starts to touch my pussy a bit, but is having a hard time
accessing the area because my legs are together. I'm still trying to
recover mentally from the very intense punishment I've just endured from
the clothespins and the cat and crop.

He says to me, "A smart girl would spread her legs," and I promptly
spread them as wide as I can, again showing how much he's broken me,
because ordinarily I would have some kind of verbal retort for him, but
now I just respond to his request as quickly as I can. He then proceeds
to reach inside my pussy and massage my G-spot and the entire region.
Feeling such pleasure after so much torture is an amazing thing. My body
is so much more sensitive to his every touch and I feel like he's
setting my whole body aflame. I try to keep from coming too quickly
because I am not really sure that he wants me to come, but I finally ask
him if I can come. He gives permission, and I have one of the strongest
orgasms I can remember.

After that, our bondage session is over. He releases me from my bonds
and removes the blindfold. I look at the clock and see we've been at it
for about four hours.

We then move to the bedroom, get in bed, and start to talk a bit about
the events of the evening, and I really want to feel his cock inside of
me, but I also love the way his cock tastes, and I feel it would be more
in keeping with the tone of the evening for me to give him a blow job. I
know how much he loves it when I give him blow jobs, and I want to
please him as much as I can tonight. So I lower my head and start to
lick and kiss his erect cock.

As I am sucking on his balls and licking his cock, I realize that I am
enjoying this even more than ever, and I think it must be because now I
want to be His entirely and please Him in every way possible. And
tasting Him in my mouth and hearing His moans makes my submission to Him
complete because I now know that I have not only allowed Him to dominate
my mind and body, but I have also fulfilled His sexual desires as well,
and that makes the evening complete.

As He finally comes in my mouth and I swallow every last drop, I feel
completely fulfilled and satisfied to have become His sub tonight and
closer to Him than I ever have to another soul. I could not have
imagined how much this would strengthen my feelings toward Him, nor
could I have imagined how much His Complete Control would strengthen my
masochistic desires. But lying there in His arms, I know that I will
gladly repeat tonight's events and will look forward to His increasing
the extremity of His torture and domination of my body and mind.
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