Mistress of Bondage

Mistress of Bondage:
Bondage Stories


After Terry and Sue had finished their midnight supper and were
bathed, Yvette clamped wide rings around their waists and chained their
wrists to them in back. Chains and collars were added to their necks and
then they were gagged with handkerchiefs pulled into their mouths. They
were led upstairs to the most elegantly furnished chamber the girls had
yet seen. At the maid's direction, they crawled onto a high, king size
bed. Then they were left alone to wait for their Mistress.

"Magnificent!" whispered Lady Miranda as she moved out of the
shadows in the corner of the room. "Simply magnificent!" She was again
dressed in her fetching black leotard. Terry got up on her knees as her
Mistress walked around the bed to address them. "I understand from my
servants that both of you have come through the training program much
better than anyone could have expected." Her understated smile and
overstated compliments made their hearts soar. She told them that she
could not have hoped for two more perfect tour guides.

"And now Theresa, Susan, I'll have your decisions," she said. "I
assure you that you'll have to endure nothing more arduous than you have
already done. Additionally, I'll add another 5,000 pounds to your
accounts when you leave, if you'll stay the summer." She allowed them a
moment they did not need for the extra enticement sink in. Their chains
rattled as they nodded their heads energetically in unison.

"That's marvelous," Lady Miranda replied softly to their silent
affirmations. "I'm delighted you've decided to stay. Tomorrow night
there will be a gathering of my most influential friends and business
associates. They book the very special tours that go through Castle
Thorne and I simply can't wait till they feast their eyes on you two."
Sue & Terry glanced down at their nakedness. "Oh, you'll be dressed for
the occasion, albeit in the sexiest evening gowns I could imagine. But,
I do hope you've lost any inhibitions you might have had about your bodies."

Lady Miranda then sat down between them. "And now, girls, I'll tell
you a bedtime story. You will learn the most minute details of the
history of this castle before the season begins, but this will give you
something to think about in the meantime. My ancestor, Sir Jeffrey
Thorne and his wife, Lady Anne, were nobles of the Norman race. They
built this castle in the twelfth century inside the confines of an
ancient Roman fortification. The Romans were part of the armies of
Hadrian, which had arrived a millennium before at the zenith of the empire.

Sir Jeffrey left Britain with The Order of St. John of Jerusalem to
accompany King Richard on his third crusade to the holy land. They
arrived at their destination in 1191; just in time to participate with
King Phillip of France in the siege of the city of Acre. The repelled
Saladin's relief army and mounted many assaults against the walls of the
fortress until Acre finally fell to the aggressors on 3 July 1191. Sir
Jeffrey, along with the other nobles, proceeded to gather up the spoils
of war.

One day, he came upon an auction at which the many wives and
concubines of the defeated sultans were being sold as slaves. Of
particular note were two young girls who displayed almost regal bearing
and poise than the other slaves. They were naked save for a minuscule
undergarment which barely concealed their virgin pussies and for a few
ornamental trinkets. Their wrists were bound behind them and an uncouth
slaver was dragging them roughly up to the auction block by chains around
their necks.

Sir Jeffrey was tantalized by their nubile young bodies and incensed
at the harsh treatment they were receiving. Without hesitation, he leapt
upon the auction block and dealt the slaver a crushing blow to the face
with his massive fist. The slaver's nose spouted blood all over his
beard as he slumped unconsciously to the wooden platform. Then Sir
Jeffrey dropped a leather pouch full of coins at the slaver's feet and
led the two dark-haired, doe-eyed beauties to his carriage.

As the carriage sped toward the sea, Sir Jeffrey learned that their
names were Ferra and Jasmine, and that they were both eighteen years old,
and that they had been hostages to the slain sultan for the past two
years. "We are the daughters of the Caliph of Baghdad. We were abducted
from a caravan by the evil Sultan and held for ransom." Ferra spoke in a
thick but enchanting arabic accent.

"But how can you be sisters and still be the same age?" asked Sir
Jeffrey. "Your beauty is unquestionable, but you do not favor your

"My Lord," Ferra replied, "We have another sister and two brothers
also born the same year. My father has more wives than he can count in a
single breath."

The carriage arrived at the dock and Sir Jeffrey's newest
acquisitions were placed in the hands of Captain Tremayne, his seagoing
partner in adventure. He was a tall, robust, muscular man with a patch
covering one eye, a souvenir of past adventures. Sir Jeffrey told him to
set sail at the next tide and reminded him, as agreed, he should deliver
4/5's of all the treasure he had collected in the holy land to his wife
in Britain. Then he could keep the rest for himself.

"And the wenches, Thorne," asked the captain, "what about them?"

"They are mine, not to be shared in any way. Deliver them to the
Lady Anne and inform her that they are being held for ransom from the
Caliph of Baghdad."

"I'll take good care of them, Thorne," said Tremayne through a smile
that sent a chill to the girl's very souls. Sir Jeffrey grabbed his arm.

"You'll answer to my spear if you haem them or use them harshly. Do
you understand?" The captain nodded his head and wrenched his arm from
Sir Jeffrey's grip. With that, the crusading knight went away in his
carriage to continue his adventures. As soon as the carriage was out of
sight, Tremayne stripped the princesses of what little clothing they had
and tossed their trinkets and jewelry to the crewmen on the boat. Then
he trussed up their nude bodies tightly with many lengths of rope and
gagged them effectively with huge wads of knotted cloth. Finally, he
dragged the poor maidens up to the bow of the boat and lashed them to the
mast in a sitting position.

"He told us not to harm them or use them," Tremayne said mockingly
to his crew, "but he didn't say we couldn't look at them." Ferra and
Jasmine hung their heads and sobbed violently as the crew stood around
them and leered at them, their chins dripping with lust. The ship set
sail for Britain shortly thereafter.

Lady Anne was no more generous to the stolen princesses than Trmayne
when they reached Castle Thorne. One look at their supple hips and their
firm globular breasts and she knew that this tale of ransom must be the
purest lie. She kept them chained and gagged in the dungeon at all times
and mistreated them cruelly whenever it pleased her to do so. She
tortured them with various punishment devices and kept them from sleep
for days at a time. They were fed from the bowls of animals and even
then only when the animals had eaten their fill. Within a few months,
they perished from Lady Anne's vicious maltreatment.

Sir Jeffrey was told, when he returned the following year, that they
had died of the plague. The news broke his heart, for he had truly
fallen in love with them, or at least their memory, and had longed for
them and dreamed of them through his travels. Lady Anne laughed
inwardly, as outwardly she at least bereaved the loss of the hostages and
the ransom they would have brought.

"Legend has it that Sir Jeffrey still roams the castle at night;
searching for his lost arabian princesses. We don't, of course, believe
in ghosts, do we girls?" asked Lady Miranda. Terry and Sue shook their
heads dutifully. "But we do believe in money. That's where you two come
into the picture. As tour guides, and as demonstrators of the bondage
equipment, you will play the parts of the princesses. You will be Ferra
and Jasmine for whom Sir Jeffrey pines away."

Having ended her story, Lady Miranda did a very surprising thing.
She released Terry and Sue from all their bindings and gags and bid them
to lay down on the bed. She said that they had earned a good rest and
that nobody would disturb them since they needed to be fresh and cheerful
for the party the following evening.

They climbed under the covers quickly, and once Lady Miranda left,
they talked at length. They had kept silent for almost three days

"Sue, I'm so glad you're here with me. I was so scared when Niko
came out of the maze."

"They're not going to harm us, Duchess," said Sue. "And though
money doesn't mean much to you, ten thousand pounds is more money than
I've ever had at one time in my life. We can pay for the damned car
without bothering your father and go home with a nest egg." Sue began to
yawn as the tremendous strain of the past few days caught up with her.

They continued talking until sheer exhaustion overcame them and they
drifted off to sleep. It was just as well, for Terry might not have been
able to resist Sue's naked body had she an ounce of strength left. They
slept deeply and comfortably and Lady Miranda was true to her word. They
were not disturbed.

They woke some time in the middle of the following afternoon and
were fed in the room. Terry was sitting naked at the vanity when Yvette
came to take the trays and she asked the maid to tell the cook that the
meal was delicious.

"Why thank you Miss McArdle!" said Helga cheerfully as she entered
the room. Her lovely smile was always captivating and Terry was pleased
to see her. She was wearing a fetching blue leotard and Terry remarked
to herself that it was the first time she had seen her with her breasts
covered. She had brought their evening clothes and set them on the bed
as Sue emerged from the bathroom drying herself with a towel. Sue
mentioned that they had found most of their things, but had not seen
anything of the clothes they had brought with them.

"Well, Miss Hart, I'm afraid we've stored them elsewhere in the
castle," Helga replied. "The Mistress will dictate your wardrobe for the
time you both are here." Sue raised her eyebrows. "It's all part of the
atmosphere. You and Miss McArdle, though well-paid, are truly in slavery

By this time, Terry was holding an ice-blue evening gown against her
body and gushing with excitement. Sue inspected some of the lingerie
Helga had brought and both girls glanced up as Yvette reentered with two
very long tubes made of black leather and sporting several straps and
pieces of rawhide lacing.

The girls demurred and dutifully allowed Helga and Yvette to lace
their arms tightly behind them in the shiny leather single gloves. Then,
they were "dressed" in stockings, cut little ribbon garters and high
heels. Finally, after applying make-up to their faces and fixing their
hair, the maid and the cook led them down to a comfortably furnished
sitting room. Once they were seated, Sue was bound at the ankles and
knees and a ballgag was forced into her mouth.

Yvette produced a bottle of fine champagne and proffered it to Terry
who glanced at her brunette friend. Yvette said she would also have some
wine once Terry had drunk her fill. They were to share this rare,
vintage in celebration of their coming debut. Once Terry had drained the
glass, Yvette poured another for her and put it to her lips. After the
third glass, Yvette bound her legs and gagged her as well.

As Yvette moved toward Sue, Helga's voice called from down the hall
and the maid left the room. Sue sighed rather impatiently and began
looking around the room. Terry, however, was sinking into fantasy as the
champagne and her own suppressed desires grabbed hold of her. Her eyes
roamed and inspected Sue's nude, fettered body and cursed herself for not
having taken advantage of it the night before. All through their high
school years, she had longed to kiss her friend meaningfully, right on
the lips, but had feared rejection.

At that moment, Terry wanted to ravage Sue's body and to hell with
rejection. She would cut through the protestations by binding the lovely
brunette's arms tightly with rope and gagging her with tape and cloth and
whatever else was necessary to keep her from saying no. Her hands
tingled inside the glove. They longed to fondle Sue's hips. Terry
closed her eyes and imagined herself devouring Sue's trussed up body with
every fibre of her being. Her lips gently creased Sue's nipples and her
tongue lolled around her areola. She could even smell the woman-scented
warmth emanating from her girlfriend's breasts. She was planting kisses
all over the brunette's chest and ribcage and was moving down between her
sensuous hips when the spell was abruptly shattered.

"Your turn, Mademoiselle Sue!" Yvette's sweet, metallic voice rang
through the air as she returned to the room. She popped the ball-gag out
of Sue's mouth and then to Terry's delight, Sue pursued her lips across
as her as if she was blowing a kiss. When Sue had finished her third
glass, she and Terry were again admonished to deport themselves in a
provocative manner at the party. Then Yvette removed took them back to
their room, removed their bonds and helped them dress for the evening.


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