Sisters in Bondage

Sisters in Bondage:
Bondage Stories
What man hasn't lusted after his wife's beautiful sister? Pamela and
Michael are a couple deeply involved in a relationship of submission and
dominance. She is used to his insulting, taunting words as they play
their seductive games of slavery. And for years, her beautiful young
sister has been part of his taunting, as Michael has promised that one
day he will have her naked and in chains kneeling before him. Pamela is
both jealous and excited at her husband's words, as well as protective
of her sister, but she doesn't think anything will ever come of it.

"The pool," Nicky said. "Iím all for the pool."

"Oh yeah!" Pamela said, enthusiastically. "Iíll get my suit!"

Nicky moved to the window and drew back the curtains, eyes dropping to
Michael, who was wearing a tight thong as he moved around the edge of
the pool with a net, clearing it of leaves. His oiled body glistened in
the sunshine and the teenager felt a sudden tightness in her belly.

She watched her sister leave, and closed the door, locking it, then
stripped off her tight tank top to bare her proud young breasts to the
dresser top mirror. She fingered the little barbells piercing her
nipples, and felt the pink buttons grow stiff. Her stomach felt a sudden
jolt of electric heat, and she unsnapped her jeans and peeled them down,
along with her panties.

She moaned weakly as she felt the dildo begin to slide out of her shaven
sex. Miguel had told her she was not to climax until she was with him
again. Yet the dildo was driving her mad. Surely she should take it out
now! Yet he had ordered her to leave it in place. Her virgin pussy lips
clung tightly to it, but it was slick with her inner juices. She need
only squeeze down a little to keep it inside.

She opened one of her bags and her heart raced, then she pulled out her
black thong. She hadnít ever dared wear it in public, at a beach or pool
around boys, but this was just she and Pamela - and Mike, of course. But
he was... family... sort of.

The lycra slipped up her long legs and the straps slid high on her hips
as she pulled the crotch tightly against her pussy. It would easily keep
the dildo in place.

She pulled out the bra and slipped her shoulders into the straps, then
pulled the cups against her breasts and pulled the strap behind,
buckling it. The cups were too small, straining against her breasts,
showing a lot of cleavage, and she felt a liquid heat between her legs
at the thought of wearing it around Mike. But Mike was - Mike, and
theyíd flirted forever.

She felt deliciously slutty and sexy as she left the bedroom and made
her way downstairs. She bit her lip as she looked out into the back
yard. Mike was gorgeous! He was such a dreamboat! Pamela was so lucky!
She slid the door open and stepped through.

"Hi, Mike!" she called.

She was gratified as he turned with a broad grin on his face and started
towards her, his arms open. She ran to him and was crushed against him,
his big arms coming around her tightly, pulling in against the bare skin
of her back, squeezing her breasts against his powerful chest.

"Nicky!" he cried. "How are you, sexy?"

"Great!" she said enthusiastically.

He shifted his hands onto her arms and pushed her out, holding her at
arms length and eyeing her up and down.

"Woah," he said. "Youíre a walking wet dream."

Nicky flushed, excited but also embarrassed.

"Are your boobs getting even bigger?" he teased.

"Mike!" she groaned, blushing even more. "Donít talk about my boobs!"

He chuckled and let go of her arms and she folded them over her breasts.

"Theyíre not nearly as big as Pamís anyway," she said.

"They look plenty big to me, baby," he said with a mock leer.

"Jerk!" she said, punching at his chest.

He grabbed at her and she squealed in delight, feeling a hot surge of
sex heat as he wrapped his arms around her and she wiggled against his
oiled body. He lifted her up, crushing her against his chest, and for a
moment his hands pressed against her bare bottom. Then he half threw her
up and bent forward, pulling her across his shoulder.

"Hey! Let me down!"

He laughed and slapped at her bare bottom.

"I know just the place for you, little girl," he said, turning and
heading for the edge of the pool.


Nicky slapped at his back, then squealed as he flung her into the water.
She twisted in the deep water and popped the surface, gasping, then
treaded water as she looked up at him. Her eyes skimmed his powerful
body and noted, with a spasm of lust, the thick bulge in his tight thong.


She splashed him hard, and he charged, dropping into the water next to
her. Nicky squealed again and turned with delight, swimming away, but he
caught at a kicking ankle and dragged her back.

Under the water, she kicked wildly as he got both ankles, dragging her
upside down, holding her with her body pressed along his, and for a
moment her face was pressed against his groin, and she felt a kind of
sexual shockwave as she felt the hardness against her cheek. Then she
was being thrown away into the water, turning and somersaulting before
coming back to the surface.

They stared at each other from a few feet away, and Nicky felt a wild
urge to throw herself into his arms. Sexual hunger roared like a bonfire
inside her. But she turned away, striding through the water. She was
slightly afraid now, afraid of what happened. It was fine and good to
fantasise about Mike, which sheíd done many times, and okay to flirt
with him, but sheíd given him a hard-on!

And she was feeling a wild sexual thrill herself. Sheíd given Mike a
hard-on! That gave her a warm, hot sense of accomplishment, of victory,
of womanly conquest. He was a grown man, a sophisticated man, not a boy,
but he was hot for her. She felt like preening in smug satisfaction.

Then Pamela emerged from the house, wearing a tight bikini which looked
even more revealing than Nickyís, straining against her full, gorgeous
breasts. She dropped a pair of towels and some lotion and then jumped
into the water. A moment later she and Michael had their arms around
each other as he lifted her into the air, their mouths pressed hungrily

"Miss me?" she asked.

"Always," Michael said.

Nicky felt a throb of jealousy, though she knew that was foolish.

"But Iíve got your hot, sexy sister here. So thatís not too bad,"
Michael said.

"Oh really?" Pamela said. "Well Iíll take care of her!"

And she leapt at Nicky, who squealed again and dodged aside as Mike
looked on, laughing.

She and Pam wrestled before falling into the water and pulling away from
each other. Then Pam caught her again, and Nicky felt her sisterís plump
breasts pressed against her back as she was lifted up and swung around.
Her body was still throbbing with sexual need, and she blamed that for
how wicked and exciting Pamís breasts felt against her skin. And when
she wriggled around, laughing and wrestling, she deliberately pulled
Pamís body in against hers so their breasts were squash together.

And then she had a wicked idea. After all, there was no one here but she
and Mike, Pamís husband. She dodged aside, got her sister from behind,
and yanked her bra down to bare her breasts Pam squealed of course, but
was not at all upset. She saw a little shock come to Nickyís face,
though, when she noted the small rings piercing her nipples. Then she
had tugged her top up again and put a vengeful look on her face.

"Iíll teach you, little girl!"

Nicky squealed and tried to dodge her, but it seemed to Pamela that she
didnít try as hard as she might. Nicky was taller than her by an inch,
but Pamela was heavier, fuller of body, her muscles toned through
regular workouts. She forced the laughing girlís arms up behind her,
held them there, and then yanked her bra top down to bare her breasts to

Embarrassment combined with an intense heat flooded Nickyís body, as her
breasts were bared. Mike was only a dozen feet away, watching and
laughing. Now he looked at her breasts shamelessly, grinning, and gave a
wolf whistle.

She pulled away from Pamela and threw herself into the water, yanking
her bra cups up over her breasts again. "Bitch!" she called over her

"Watch your mouth, little girl," Mike said, "or youíll get a spanking."

Nicky whirled around, bra back firmly in place, arms over her chest.
"Whoís going to give it to me?" she taunted.

"Me!" Mike said.


"Me!" Pam said. "And we wonít even have to pull your panties down to do it."


They both started for her and Nicky yelped and twisted away, wading
frantically through the water towards the edge of the pool. But Mike
caught her right at the edge, and she squealed and laughed as he grabbed
her from behind. She was bent over the lip of the pool, and for a long
moment she felt his groin grinding into her bare bottom, his erection
hard against her sensitive pussy.

He lifted her up and flung her back into the water, however, and she
swam away, gasping, making for the other edge of the pool. Pam didnít
quite catch her, but got close enough to slap her hand against her bare
bottom as she climbed out. The sound was wet and loud, and followed an
instant later by Nickyís outraged yelp of pain.

"Bitch!" she yelled down at her sister. "That hurt!"

"Brat! Watch you donít get another!" Pam laughed.

Nicky felt almost overwhelmed with heat. She had to masturbate. Now! No
matter what Cyber Lord said! But she didnít dare make it obvious. She
had to find an excuse to get away for a few minutes. Just a few minutes.

"I need something to drink," she said, turning for the kitchen.

Pam pulled herself out of the pool, and to her disappointment, followed
her. "I could use one too. That was a long, hot drive."

They went into the kitchen together, and Nickyís sexual heat felt as
though it was burning a hole in her belly. She could hardly keep her
fingers from twitching towards her throbbing sex. And, weirdly, even
being with Pam made her feel hot. The two of them were half naked,
dripping wet as the cold air wafted around them, and her eyes went to
her sisterís breasts.

"So?" she demanded. "Pierced nipples are terrible?"

Pam grinned cheekily. "Thatís different. Iím a grown up."

"Oh bull!"

"I didnít say it was bad to pierce your nipples, Nicky," Pamela said as
she poured herself a cola. "I was just surprised, you being a virgin and

"You have to be a slut - or married - to have your nipples pierced?"

"No." Pamela looked at her a long moment that made Nicky squirm a
little, then she put down the drink.

"Let me show you something."

"I have to go to the bathroom."


Pamela took her wrist and led her back up the stairs, this time to the
master bedroom. The bed was enormous, and sat on an eight inch high
pedestal. The entire floor was covered in a thick, almost fur like rug
of a very dark golden colour. The bedspread seemed made of the same
furry material. One entire wall was of mirrored doors, and Pamela pulled
her to the one closest to the corner and then let go.

She gave her sister a hesitant look, then opened the mirrored door.
Nickyís eyes widened, then her jaw dropped. The inside of the door held
hooks, and on those hooks was a wide variety of leather and steel
restraints and collars, straps, crops, whips and flogs. The clothes
hanging up inside were all leather, and all skimpy. There was a shelf on
which sat a number of dildos, vibrators, and things that Nicky had never
even seen before.

Blushing a little, Pam held up a pair of shackles. "Bondage isnít
exactly a mystery to me and Mike," she said softly.

"Holy shit!" Nicky whispered, her mind buzzing. Pamela smiled at the
girl, but her own inner heat drove her on. Heart pounding, she put the
shackles back, then took down a wide, studded leather collar and held it
up to Nickyís throat. The blonde girlís hands rose at first, as if to
push the collar away, then they dropped to her sides as her sister
placed the collar gently around her throat, then turned her and buckled
the collar behind her. For good measure, she snapped a small padlock
into the lock.

Nicky moved back and stared at herself wonderingly in another mirror,
pulse racing.

"I-It looks - hot," she said, her voice a whisper.

She looked down as Pam took her right arm and watched as her sister put
a leather restraint around her wrist, buckled it, and locked it. Then
she held up her other hand and watched as Pamela locked a restraint
around that. She turned, a haze of excitement making the world seem to
spin a little as she admired herself in the mirror.

"I could never afford this kind of stuff," she breathed.

"I think weíre about the same size," Pam said, pulling out a pair of
black stiletto heels. They were quite slinky, with straps and buckles
crossing the foot, and Nicky had never worn heels nearly so high. She
stepped into one, then balanced herself on her sisterís shoulder as
Pamela bent to fasten the second one on.

"How do you walk in these?" she asked, partly aroused, partly amused, as
she moved slowly back and forth.

"Carefully," Pamela said. "But walking isnít the point. Itís how you
look when you walk."

Nicky stopped and looked at herself in the mirror.

"I look sexy," she said with excitement.

She looked down to see Pamela locking leather restraints around her
ankles, and stepped back a little to admire herself anew. Pam produced a
chain, and locked it to a ring set into her right wrist restraint, then
took her arm and pulled it gently behind her back, slowly forcing it up
higher, then higher still, until Nicky gasped in pain. She then locked
the chain to a ring in the back of the collar.

"This one will be a bit harder," she murmured, clipping another chain to
the blonde girlís other wrist and pulling that behind her.

It was harder, and Nicky gasped and groaned as her arm was forced up
higher, but she made no protest. Then the second chain was in place and
her wrists were held up high behind her back, and she was bent back a
little, her back arched, her breasts thrusting out.

"Not finished yet," Pamela said.

She drew a thick strap from the closet and moved behind her sister,
pulling the strap up beneath her bent arms, then looping it in around
them. She placed the tongue through the buckle and slowly tightened the
straps, forcing Nickyís arms back.

"Oh! Oh shit!" Nicky gasped.

"Too much?"

Nicky gulped in several breaths. "Keep going," she said in a quivering

Pamela tightened the straps further, and Nickyís elbows pulled back
towards each other. She paused to massage the girlís shoulders, then
continued pulling on the straps until Nickyís elbows were jammed
together. Only then did she buckle the belt. A second belt went around
her arms but higher up, and was easily buckled in place.

"And finally," Pamela said.

She pulled the string behind her sisterís neck, and the bra cups fell
away. Nicky gasped and her face reddened, but again she made no protest
as Pamela undid the second string behind her back and removed her bra.
Then her sister slipped her thumbs into the high waistband of her thong
and peeled it down her legs. Nicky blushed deeply, stepping out of it,
newly aware of the dildo in her pussy.

"Youíre shaved too I see," Pamela said quietly.

That relieved Nicky of one embarrassment, but she gasped as her sisterís
hand came down to give her pussy a little squeeze.

"Thatís right through the clit," she said, her finger easing back the
hood of Nickyís clit and examining the barbell piercing her clit. "I bet
that hurt."

Nicky tensed uncomfortably, her mind squirming with heat, lust,
excitement and embarrassment as her sister fingered her clit ring. Then
she examined the same stainless steel barbells piercing her sisterís

"I think we can replace those," she said.

She unhooked the barbells and took them out of Nickyís nipples, then
replaced them with a pair of her own, large rings each as wide around as
a silver dollar, though quite thin and light. She produced another ring,
then, smaller and thicker, which she knelt to insert in Nickyís clit.
The girl gulped and moaned weakly but did not protest as Pamela rose again.

"Kneel," Pamela ordered.

Nicky almost fell to her knees, her wobbly legs giving way.

"Spread your legs, slut."

A jolt hit the blonde teenager, and she thought she might climax right
then and there.

"I-I... I donít..."

But Pamela gripped her wet, tangled hair and yanked, and Nicky yelped in
pain, jerking her knees apart.

"More, slut."

Thrilled, embarrassed, shocked, frightened, aroused, the girl shifted
her knees, and the dildo began to push out through her tight sex lips.

"Ah, and what have we here?" Pamela demanded, kneeling beside her,
tracing the line of her sex as the dildo pushed.


Pamela chuckled and gripped the emerging dildo, sliding it slowly out
into view.

"My, my. Itís a long one," she said, pulling it slowly out into view as
her sister blushed fiercely. "But not nearly thick enough for a whore
like you."

She pulled on her sisterís hair.

"Forward, down on your shoulders, slut. Raise your behind."

Nicky gasped and moaned weakly as she let herself fall forward onto her
shoulders. Her sister slapped lightly at her bottom, then pulled the
dildo out.

"Legís wide apart, little slut," Pamela ordered, kicking at her sisterís
legs so they shifted further apart.

She walked past her and drew a studded dildo from the closet, then
turned and smiled down at the wide eyed girl, noting her gasp of
excitement at the thick girth of the studded dildo.

She moved behind her and knelt, then rubbed the head up and down her
sisterís smooth, tight little slit. It was already sopping, and the head
of the dildo soon glistened as she pushed it deeper, pulled it back,
then thrust it through the taut sex lips and into her quivering young body.

"Oh! Oh God!" Nicky croaked. "I-itís thick!"

"Just what you need, slutty girl," Pamela said, pumping the front part
of the dildo in and out, forcing it every deeper into her sisterís
belly. "And long. Itís a foot long and youíre going to take every last

"Oh!" Nicky groaned. "Oh! Oh yes! Oh God !Unnggh!"

Pamela worked the thick dildo deeper and deeper, twisting it around
inside Nickyís belly, shifting left, then right, then up then down,
until there were only a few inches left. She slid her hand further down
the length of the dildo until she was holding just the base, then shoved

"Oww! Ohh! That hurts!" Nicky gasped.

"Good. Everyone loves to hurt slutty little slave girls," Pamela
taunted, twisting the dildo in her fist.

"Fuck! Oh! I-it wonít go deeper!" Nicky cried.

"Just watch me, slut."

She twisted the dildo, forcing the head up, and jammed it forward so it
slid back past the girlís cervix. Nicky cried out, her bottom jerking
violently, but by then Nickyís hand was flat against her sex mound, the
flat base of the dildo even with the young blonde teenís sex lips.

"There, slut. I knew you could take it all. Now stay put."

She rose and moved past the girl to the closet, drew down an enema bag,
and walked quickly into the master bathroom to fill it up. She returned
to find Nicky still in place, her eyes closed, her breathing ragged as
she moaned softly beneath her breath. Pamela rubbed lubrication on the
nozzle of the enema hose and then knelt behind her sister and slowly
inserted it in her rectum.

"Oh! Wh-what are you doing!?" Nicky gasped, eyes shooting open.

"Nicky, you have a lovely bottom. And men love to fuck pretty slave
girls in the ass."

She heard her sisterís breath sucked in sharply as she pushed the nozzle
deeper, and then opened the screw so warm water flowed down into her anus.

"Oh! Shit! I-I... I donít think I - Iím not sure I want to - ."

Pamela slapped her bottom sharply. "Silence, little slave girl, or Iíll
gag you," she said sternly.

The water drained down through the hose as her sister knelt, trembling,
her fingers squirming and hands twisting up high behind her back. One
quart, then a second, and the girl began to squirm more, her breathing
become more ragged still.

"That will do for now," she said, turning the nozzle.

"Now to keep it there."

She took out the large butt plug and placed a little oil on the end,
then pressed it against her sisterís anal opening. Nicky began to gasp
and groan anew, then to complain and whine, but gave only a small squeak
when the thickest part of the butt plug passed into her body and the
wrinkled little opening all but closed behind it, leaving the rear plug
flat against her.

"Good. Now up and back."

She helped lift Nicky back up into a kneeling position, then took down a
spreader bar with straps on the ends and strapped them to her sisterís
legs just behind the knees, forcing them to remain wide, wide open.

The dildo remained buried in Nickyís sex, but a half inch had pushed
out, and Pamela thrust it back again, then attached a small chain to a
tiny ring in the base and locked it to her sisterís clitoral ring.

"Ohhh!" Nicky groaned, her head rolling with the heat billowing up
through her groin.

"Nasty little slut," Pamela said.

She brushed out her sisterís long hair, then used a blow dryer to
quickly style it before stepping back. "Almost perfect," she said.

The finale was a fat black ball gag which forced Nickyís jaw wide and
crushed her tongue down against her lower lip. Pamela felt her own groin
throbbing with excitement as she stared down at her wide eyed sister,
her eyes running up and down the girlís lush, lewdly displayed body as
she knelt there before the mirror, legs held wide.

"The perfect, helpless little sex slave to any man who wants you," she
said. "And I know one who wants you badly. Or hadnít you put together
the fact that Miguel is simply Michael in Spanish?"

She saw her sisterís eyes widen before she turned and left the room.

Mike was just coming into the kitchen when she got down.

"Whereís your slut sister?" he asked with a grin.

She raised her eyebrows. "Are you referring to my innocent, virginal
teenage sister?"

"Thatís the little cum swallower," he said.

"The little whore is in our bedroom waiting for you to come and rape
her, of course."

He grinned and she nodded. "Miguel," she said.

"Hmm?" He tried and failed to look innocent.

"A Spanish man? How cliched. It wouldnít have worked with anyone older."

"I can speak pretty good Spanish," he said, putting his arms around her
and letting his hands squeeze her buttocks.

"And what have you been making my innocent sister do over the Internet?"

He laughed. "You should see the videos. Your sister is as fuck hungry a
little whore as Iíve seen - since you, of course."

He pulled her top down and filled his hands with her breasts.

"And now youíre going to go upstairs and do her," she said.

"Really?" he asked doubtfully.

"Itís what youíve always wanted. Sheís all ready for it, too."

She took his hand and led him up the stairs. He was still uncertain,
suspicious of her intentions, but when she opened the door to the master
bedroom and ushered him in his cock instantly stiffened as he realized
his long lust was about to be satisfied.

From the ebook: Sisters in Bondage, by Argus
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