The Chaining

The Chaining:
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I was lead into a room with a small stage in the center of it, over
which hung a system of chains and pullies. My stomach muscles tightened
with trepidation at what those chains were used for. With every new
master there was always the fear that this one would be too sadistic
for me, that the pain would be too much for me to bear. That was the
excitement of changing masters so often. I never got close enough to
them to know what they were capable of. I had only had one master who
had made me cry stop, but he had enjoyed hearing my screams and had
continued until I was broken and bleeding. It had taken me several
months to recover physically, and several more before I was prepared
mentally to put my complete trust in a master again. Knowing what could
happen seemed to have added another layer to the excite- ment of being
a submissive.

The stage was surrounded by chairs, and my heart beat sped up at the
thought of many eyes watching me as I was humiliated and made to obey
my master's commands. Janette led me to the stage and my master entered
behind us. He turned me around and stood back to look at my outfit.

"Very well done, girls. I am pleased that she has been primed by you the
way I instructed." His voice made my still hard nipples tingle, and the
ever-present ache in them from the tight caps increased. I shifted
slightly and felt my ass muscles tighten around the dildo. I could feel
my juices begin to gather inside me.

Janette and Kelly both assured him that I was prepared properly, then
meekly left the room. My master walked around me, his eyes caressing my
taut, eager body which had begun to tremble with anticipation.

"Spread your legs, slave. I want you to use your fingers to expose your
clit to me. I want to see how well prepared you are."He stopped in
front of me and waited as I spread my feet apart and pulled my labia
away from my engorged clitoris. He squatted down in front of me until
his face was level with my pussy.

"Ah, I see my sluts did their job well. Did you enjoy your bath,
bitch?"He did not look up as he spoke, but kept his eyes on my cunt
which had begun to seep as I touched myself in front of him.

"Yes, sir. I enjoyed it very much." I offered breathlessly.

"Good, little 1. I will play the video for my friends later. I think
they will enjoy the show. Now, let me help you up to your stage. I
think it is time to get you ready for the entertainment I have planned
for us tonite." With that he put his hand under my ass and inserted his
fingers into my pussy. His other hand went to my breast and grabbed it,
careful not to touch the tight nipple cap. He squeezed my breast and
cunt tight as he lifted me up to the stage, but did not let go once I
was up there. He continued to move his hand in my pussy, letting the
juices cover him, then brought his other hand down to rest on the front
of me. One finger began to play with my erect little clit, and I moaned
as he made it swell even larger around the ring. I closed my eyes and
pictured him behind me, staring at the dildo sticking out of my ass,
and couldn't help moving myself on his hands.

Immediately his hands left my body and I groaned in disappointment.

"I never gave you permission to move, slut. You are not a very obedient
slave, are you little 1?" He drawled lazily.

"No sir, I'm sorry. I could not help myself. I promise I will do better
next time." I felt tears gather in my eyes at the thought of
disappointing him. He came around in front of me and stared at the
drops on my cheeks.

"Well, I guess you just need to be trained a little better, little 1.
But first you must be punished for your behavior." I watched him walk
across the room and pick something out of a box. He returned and I saw
that he had a long leather whip in his hand. I began to tremble as I
looked in his eyes and saw how cold and dispassionate they were. He
would not spare me, nor would he feel remorse when it was over.

"Look at your cunt, little 1, and remember that it belongs to me now." I
felt the whip slash across my ass, but did not move a muscle in
protest. The pain in my body was nothing compared to what I would feel
if I disappointed him again.

As the whip continued to rain stinging points of pain-pleasure up and
down my back and lower body, he continued talking in his wonderful

"You will open your cunt only when I tell you to and you will move it
only if I order you to. You will give control of your body over to me.
If I choose to use it, I will. I do not wait for your permission, nor
will I care if you protest. You are my property, slave, and your only
care is my pleasure. Is that understood,little 1?

"Yes sir, I understand,sir" I sobbed. The whip ceased to descend and he
came around to stand in front of me.

"Undo my pants, bitch. I want you to suck my cock. I will let you know
when to stop." I pulled down his zipper and drew out his long hard
cock, sliding my hands over him lovingly.

"No hands, naughty girl. Just your mouth." I dropped my hands to my
sides and leaned down further to take him into my mouth. I felt him
grasp a handful of my hair and pull my mouth closer, so that his cock
hit the back of my throat. He began to thrust in and out, not giving me
time to suck or lick, just using my throat as a cunt. I loved being
made to feel used and humiliated, and I secretly wished someone was
there to see my shame.

My master grunted and quickly withdrew all the way, letting his cum
spurt out over my face and neck. He pumped his cock with his hand until
he was done, then lowered his hand.

"Lick me clean, little 1. I know you want to taste me. Lick up the mess
you made on me." I lowered my mouth to his half erect cock and began to
lovingly lick the cum off the tip of it. When it was clean his hand
came to my chin and he began to wipe the cum off my face offering it to
my waiting tongue on his fingers. I licked it up until he was satisfied
that I was clean too

"Now little 1, let us get on with what we came here to do." He picked up
a chain and slid it around my waist, just below my breasts and under
the chains still fastened to my boots. As he connected it to a pulley
on the other side I felt it lift my breasts and the chains fastened to
my nipples tightened. The next chain went above my breasts, under my
armpits, and when it was tightened i could see that my breasts were
going to be squeezed tight between two chains going in the opposite
directions. The metal links were already biting into my flesh and my
throat tightened in excitement.

My hands were brought up to be fastened together above my head, and the
chain holding them was brought down behind me, then up through my
spread legs. It was then fastened to the chain under my breasts.

"Perfect, little 1. Now lay down on your stomach so I can do your legs."
I followed his directions,unable to hold in a moan as my breasts came
in contact with the hard floor. My legs were bent at the knees and a
leather belt was wrapped around each ankle. Then another leather belt
was slid around my bent elbows and fastened tightly to another pulley.
I could feel something digging into my labia as I lay on the ground and
realized there were some kind of metal studs on the chain running
through my legs. Finally he was finished adjusting the lengths and
walked over to pick up something from the table in the corner. It must
have been a remote control of some sort as i suddenly felt the chains
begin to tighten and pull my body upwards. The chains bit into my
breasts viciously and I moaned loudly. Then my lower body began to rise
and I began to moan louder as the studs grinded against my clit.

"Quiet little 1. I do not want to have to gag you, yet."My master
snapped. I bit my lip to stifle my cries, then opened my eyes as my
body began to adjust to the pain. My head was not being held up and I
was able to see what the chains were doing to my body. My breasts were
misshapen from the chains on top and bottom, and my nipples were being
pulled down by the chains on my boots I could not see the studs buried
in my slit, but could see the chains, running between my labia. My
master reached under and lifted my up slightly, arranging my labia and
clitoris around the chains with his long hard fingers. When he was done
I looked down and could no longer see the chains, but could only see my
clitoris peeking out from between them. I bit back a moan again, but
this time it was from lust and yearning as the sight of myself bound
and defenseless caused a strong tremor to run through my pussy.

He moved out of my sight, and I felt the dildo being removed from my
asshole, then the chains at my feet began to move and my legs were
spread until I thought I'd be split in two.

"There you go, little 1."My master said from behind me. "Now you are
completely accessible to anyone who wants to use one of your body
parts. I think it is time to let my friends join us. If you behave and
please me, I might even let you cum at the end of the evening."

I closed my eyes and prepared myself for the coming ordeal. I knew my
self control would be tested, because even with the little ring around
my clit I could feel myself moving closer to orgasm just from the idea
of all the people who would be using my body to play with and fuck. I
knew that by the end of the night every hole on my body would be filled
with cum, and I would be allowed to cum with my master. I vowed to
please him, then opened my eyes and lifted my head as the door opened
to let in the guests.
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