Dorm Room Rape

Dorm Room Rape:
Femdom Stories
By A.J. Brown
Computer repairman has a unique call

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Don walked through the empty dorm room hallways to go to his job. The 36-
year-old computer repairman had to go fix a computer for a college freshman.
Don was 36, single, and had no children. He had no one close to him in his
life and didn't have a whole lot going for him other than fixing computers. He
looked at the name on the ticket. Jackie Lombardi was the girl's name. She was
definitely an Italian girl and Don pictured 2 possibilities as to the type of
person she was - either a great looking Italian girl, or an extremely
overweight Italian girl. Those were the only two types of Italian girls Don
had ever witnessed. He hoped she would be the former. Being 36 and single Don
always had his eyes open for possible girls to start dating, especially when
he was on the job. A good looking, young girl would be a great prospect for
him and if nothing else she would be something for him to look at while he

Don knocked on Jackie's dorm room door. She answered and he was very pleased
at what he saw. Jackie was an extremely petite little girl. Don also went as
far as to think she was one of the best looking girls he had ever seen. She
stood at about 5'1 and couldn't have weighed more than 95 pounds. She had
extremely long brown hair that reached almost down to her butt. Her face was
extremely attractive and when she made eye contact with Don there was
something commanding about her eyes that he found a little intriguing and very
sexy. She wore a red, long sleeved, plaid shirt, and tight jeans. Even with
the jeans on Don could tell that she had great legs. Since she was a freshman
she had to be only 18 or 19 years old.

Don looked down at her more and realized that even though she had a long
sleeved shirt and jeans on she was barefoot. Despite how sexy the rest of
Jackie was, her beautiful feet were possibly the sexiest part about her. They
were little and tan, very soft looking, and very pure looking. Don felt his
dick quickly getting thicker in his pants. Her toenails were cut perfectly and
she wore bright red toenail polish as well as sparkles on top of the toenail
polish. Her sexy feet were given a great pedicure. Yeah, she knew her feet
were as sexy as can be and that's why she had no shoes or socks on even in the
cold month of February.

"So you're here to fix my computer?" Jackie asked and she batted her eyelashes
at him as she asked the question. Jackie's tone of voice and her physiology
when she asked the question seemed a bit cocky and even a bit rude but for
some reason her bossy attitude attracted Don to her even more.

"That's what I'm here to do" he replied trying to sound cheerful.

"All right, come on in" she replied. "My computer is over there." Jackie
turned around, pointed to her computer in the corner of the dorm room, and
walked towards it. When Jackie turned around Don looked at her ass and
immediately nominated it in his head as the best ass he had ever seen in his
life. It was so tight and firm looking and was absolutely perfect on her small
little sexy body. Don felt his dick getting even bigger and he wanted to rip
those tight jeans right off of her.

Don followed behind Jackie. There was one chair sitting in front of the
computer. Don's intent was to sit in the chair as he fixed Jackie's computer
but she pulled the chair away from the computer and sat in it before he had
the chance. Apparently Don was going to be working on the floor. As he got on
the floor and began his work Jackie crossed her sexy legs, wiggled her toes,
and stared at him with a look like she was the boss and he was the little peon
worker. Jackie's extremely cocky attitude annoyed Don and turned him on at the
same time. The fact that a tiny little girl, half his age, who he could easily
beat the crap out of, was acting so cocky towards him really got his

"All right" she said softly but sternly. "Get to work." Don found this
unbelievable but the fact of the matter was she was the customer so he had to
get to work or lose the deal. Don got to work and Jackie gave an evil smile
and wiggled her sexy toes a little bit more. Her wiggling those extremely sexy
toes was beyond attractive and Don wanted to reach his hands down his pants
right there and jerk off. He had to stay focused on his work though.

"The dorm hallways seemed like a morgue" Don commented trying to start
conversation and divert his attention. "Where is everyone?"

"It's mid-semester break" Jackie answered. "They gave us a 4-day weekend.
Everyone went home, or went away, but I'm sticking around to get some work
done. That's why I need my fucking computer fixed. So yeah, no one else is in
this entire building. No students. No RA's. Not even any security guards. Just
me and you." What was this girl trying to do? Why did she say it like that?
She was dressed sexy as hell and the entire time Don was there he wanted to
tear her clothes off. Was she trying to tempt him to get grabby with her so he
would get in trouble? Don had no idea what this interesting girl's plan was
but he knew he wanted to fix her computer and get out of there as soon as

Don worked on Jackie's computer and she continued to sit in her chair and
stare at him with those intense brown eyes. It was making him nervous but the
fact that she was so hot made it better. As he worked he couldn't help but
keep periodically staring at her feet. He never really had much of a thing for
feet but hers were so soft and sexy looking that he could not stop looking at
them. He guessed that she could make him cum just by rubbing one of those
extremely eye-catching feet against his dick. This girl was definitely going
to be the subject of his fantasies for a long time. Don continued his work, on
the ground, on his knees, as the young girl sat above him in her chair,
watching him work.

Don finished up and turned the computer on. "All done" he said proudly. "It
shouldn't give you any more problems. If it does you have my number." Don said
the last sentence for two reasons.

"Thanks buddy" she said and she gave him a satisfied smile and also raised her
eyebrows at him. This girl was great at using her eyes to toy with his head.
"You know I saw you constantly looking at my feet while you worked" she said

"W-w-what?" Don replied stuttering totally caught off guard and embarrassed.
His stuttering made Jackie smile even more.

"You didn't think I noticed that?" she smiled with an extremely evil smile.
This hot girl was totally in his head and seemed to know what he was thinking
more than he did. "It's OK" she continued. "I know how sexy my feet are. Do
you want to suck on them?" Don went from thinking this girl was different to
thinking that he was experiencing a dream. There was no possible way that girl
had just offered that out of nowhere. That's not how the world works. But Don
felt his knees touching the carpet and realized that as crazy as this was he
was not in a dream. What was he going to say? Of course he wanted nothing more
in the entire world then to suck on her sexy, pure feet but should he do it?
"Why not?" he thought to himself. Jackie was being blunt so he could be too.
This kind of opportunity surely would never present itself to Don again and he
would surely regret it for the rest of his life if he did not suck on those
precious feet. He looked back at Jackie and nodded. Even though Don could not
see himself he knew that his physiology was that of a young, confused, little
boy. Jackie gave him a confident evil smile. She was half his age and she had
him by the balls.

Jackie stretched out her sexy leg and put her foot in his face. She sat in the
chair like a royal princess, and he kneeled on the floor with her foot in his
face, like a pathetic little bitch. He began sucking on her sexy foot and knew
immediately that it was the best moment he had ever experienced in his 36
years on earth. Sucking on the sexiest foot he had ever seen was far better
than any kind of sex he had ever experienced. It was so soft, so pure, and so
wonderful. It tasted so fresh. He was in absolute heaven!

After a few minutes of euphoria Jackie pulled her foot out of Don's mouth.
"Hope you enjoyed that, piggy" she said with an evil smile. "We're done here
now." Don collected himself and packed up his tools. This was surely going to
be a day he would never forget.

"OK well thanks for your business" Don said trying to keep it a bit
professional and seeing how she reacted. "That will be 75 dollars." Jackie
looked at Don with the most evil angry look. The devilish look she had in her
eyes was frightening even if she was a tiny, young girl. The emotions she was
able to stir in him just with her eyes was incredible.

"You're charging me?" she asked softly and sternly.

"Of course" he replied sounding a bit afraid and not knowing why. "You knew it
was going to c-c-cost money w-w-when you called me." Don always stuttered when
he was nervous.

"Yeah, but I also just let you suck on my feet, asshole" Jackie replied not
stuttering at all. "You know how much you liked that. C'mon now. I did you a
favor. Now do me one in return." Don knew that sucking on her wonderful feet
was worth far more than 75 dollars but he had a business to run and couldn't
just give her the deal for free.

"I know and I appreciate that" he mumbled back. "But I've got a business to
run here."

"Well I'm not going to pay you, how do you like that?" Jackie replied and she
crossed her arms and raised her eyebrows at him giving him the bitchiest look
ever. Jackie had been controlling Don with her eyes the entire time he was
there and that bitchy look she gave him set off a fuse. Just the way she said
she wasn't going to pay him set off a switch and all he wanted to do was beat
the crap out of the girl. Who did she think she was talking to him like that?
She was half his age and tiny. Don wasn't large either at 6'1, 170, but he was
a lot bigger than her. Don thought about her statement before. "No one else is
in this entire building ... ..Just you and me." Was she trying to set him up
the entire time for something? Don didn't care. He was pissed off beyond
thinking rationally. No one else was in the large building and he knew that
from walking through the halls. He was going to beat her up until she paid.

Don charged at Jackie and threw the tiny girl on the floor and pinned her
down. Although he was lying on top her, her tiny frame felt extremely strong.
There wasn't much to this small girl but what she had was rock solid. "I've
got you down" he said. "Now are you going to pay me or what?"

Jackie didn't seem phased. "You think you have me?" she replied. "I didn't
mention to you that I'm a stripper. Dancing on poles all of the time gets you
real strong. I can leg press over 400 lbs." Don knew that was a lot more than
he could leg press and didn't believe that her little legs could lift that
much until she used those powerful legs to throw him off of her. Those sexy
legs were as strong as can be. He landed on his back and Jackie quickly sat on
his chest, straddling him with her strong legs. He tried to get up but her
strong little body had him easily pinned down. She looked down at him with
those evil eyes. She repeatedly smacked him in the face. She then started to
squeeze his nipples and he screamed out loud like a little girl. As loud as he
was screaming didn't matter because no one else was in the building. Jackie
looked down at him with complete satisfaction as she smacked him around and
squeezed his nipples some more. This hot girl who was half his age and half
his weight was beating the shit out of him and there was nothing he could do
about it. Jackie then took her sexy foot and kicked him in the chest.

"Be careful" he snapped at her. "You could do internal damage by kicking me

"Oh relax" she replied. "You have a ribcage." Jackie continued to beat the
shit out of Don and he whined like a baby. She then looked down at him with
the most evil look yet and began poking his asshole through his jeans, with
her finger. "You're all mine now" she said with a wicked smile. "And your
asshole's all mine too." Don felt fear shoot throughout his entire body and he
felt nausea in his stomach.

"What are you talking about?" he asked sounding scared shitless.

"I'm going to ass rape you!" she replied with an evil smile. Don had to get
out of there immediately.

"NO!" he screamed. He was not going to let this tiny little smartass girl, who
had just been born when he was her age, rape him. He tried with all of his
might to get free but her powerful legs were too much and she kept him held
down. She smacked him three more times in the face but he was too scared to
feel the pain. She reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out an extremely
large dildo. She shook it around in the air and gave him another wicked smile.
Don tried again to break free but all that did was allow Jackie to flip him on
his stomach. She ripped his pants off and strapped on the large dildo. She
tried to separate his ass cheeks and stick it in but she was having trouble
and it was already starting to hurt.

"Relax your ass muscles" Jackie ordered. "Otherwise this thing is going to
hurt ten times worse going in!" Don wanted to do what she said just to make
this horrible experience a bit less painful but he was way too tense to do so.
Jackie forced it in his asshole anyway. Even at the very first split second
that the dildo broke the seal it felt much worse than anything Don had ever
felt in his life. Just having it stuck in his ass even just a little bit was a
painful and disgusting feeling and Don wondered how any girl could possibly
enjoy anal sex. As Jackie forced the rest of the large thing up Don's asshole
he vomited on the floor and then he just screamed like he never screamed in
his life. The feeling of having that thing stuck up his ass was far more
painful and disgusting then anything he could have ever imagined. As she
butt-fucked him he screamed louder than anything he had ever heard and now he
knew for sure that the building was empty because if there was anyone anywhere
near there they would have heard him. He screamed and also cried for probably
the first time in over a decade. This experience was horrific and now he felt
complete empathy for anyone who had ever been raped.

Despite how horrible the situation was, Don felt himself cum, although it was
not an enjoyable release by any means. Jackie must have somehow known that he
came because right afterwards she pulled out. Don lay on the ground, forever
changed, and Jackie confidently stood above him and put her foot on his back.
"You'll be cleaning that vomit up before you leave" she stated. She reached in
his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and pulled his license out of his wallet.
"Now I have your address, piggy" she stated. "I made you my bitch and now
you're my slave. I'm going to have a lot more chores for you to do other than
just fixing my computer. When I call you, you better be ready to do them or
I'll be paying you a visit. I don't think you want to get ass raped again!"
Don didn't say anything.

"Come on now, boy, clean up that vomit and get out of here" Jacked said and
she lightly kicked Don in the chest with her sexy foot. Don felt like the life
had been sucked out of him after he got ass raped and didn't want to move but
the fear of her doing it again quickly got him to his feet and he cleaned up
the vomit. "Now get out of here" Jackie said and she gave Don one more evil
look. "I'll be calling you soon, though." When Don first saw Jackie, if
someone had told him that this meeting was going to end with her saying "I'll
be calling you soon" he would have been ecstatic but when she said it, it was
the last thing he wanted to hear.

Don left. He walked through the empty hallways. He threw up again. He now knew
just how horrible it was to be raped. He felt like his soul had been taken out
of him and he just wanted to die. He cried some more. He didn't feel like he
even had enough life in him to walk to his car but somehow he made it. He sat
in the driver's seat but had absolutely no motivation to start the car. He
just sat in the driver's seat bawling for hours.


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