Farm Girl

Farm Girl:
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Farm Girl
Wealthy young man gets dominated by a farm girl

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Steve stood at the outside bar with his friend Jerry. The bar was pretty well
populated on this nice summer night. Jerry had called 2 girls that were going
to meet the young men at the bar, Meg and Jamie. Steve had met Meg before but
he hadn't met Jamie who was Meg's roommate. Meg was short, chubby, had blond
hair, not a very pretty face, and overall she was not very attractive. Steve
hoped that Jamie was more attractive than Meg.

Steve saw Meg walking towards them with a smile on her face. He saw a girl
walking with her who he assumed was Jamie. Meg approached the two guys and
introduced the girl who was in fact Jamie. Jamie was a bit better looking than
Meg but not by much. She was short also, probably about 5'3 but had darker
skin then Meg who had pale skin. Jamie also had dark hair and she wasn't a
toothpick but she wasn't chunky like Meg was. Her body was not bad, nor her
face, but what made her less than attractive was her teeth. She had a gap
between her two front teeth and some of her other teeth were crooked as well.
The rest of her wasn't bad but her teeth hurt her.

Steve and Jamie began talking. She wasn't the prettiest girl but she was
intelligent and sweet. The conversation continued. The beers started flowing.
The shots started going down. Steve was getting drunk and Jamie was looking
better after every beer. Steve felt so suave with his tall slender build,
wearing grey dress pants, and a black designer sweater. He may not have been
the best looking guy at the bar but he made the most money and he was the best
dressed. Jamie was a 24 year older teacher. 27 year old Steve admired
teachers. Steve wanted to work with kids as well but instead he ended up on a
path that led him to a six figure income at his young age.

Steve and Jamie continued to talk. They began holding hands. They began making
out. Jamie pulled her camera-phone out of her purse and handed it to Meg. "Can
you take our picture?" Jamie requested of her roommate. Steve and Jamie put
their arms around each other's shoulders and posed. Meg took the picture.

"What a cute picture" Meg said with a smile as she looked at the picture on
the digital camera-phone. Meg handed the phone to Jamie and she and Steve
looked at the picture, still holding hands. They both had cute smiles on their
faces. They did make a cute couple. They kissed again.

"I have to go to the bathroom" Steve said and he tried pulling away from Jamie
because he was still holding her hand.

"No, you have to ask me first" Jamie replied smiling, looking at him
confidently. Steve figured she was just joking and he gave her a smile and
tried to pull away again. Jamie tightened the grip on his hand and didn't let
him get loose. "I mean it, you can't just go you have to ask me first" she
repeated. Although Steve was a wealthy businessman he had always been a coward
about getting hurt. However, his cowardliness had always shown against guys
never against girls, especially a small young girl like Jamie. Steve felt
Jamie's tight grip and because he was afraid he would not be able to get loose
he gave in once again.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" he asked Jamie like a little boy even though he
was three years older. Jamie gave him a nod of satisfaction and let go of his
hand. Steve walked to the bathroom, extremely ashamed of himself.

Steve returned to the group and he and Jamie began holding hands again. He had
drank a lot tonight and within 15 minutes he had to go to the bathroom again.
He felt Jamie's tight grip on his hand and he knew what he had to do. "Can I
go to the bathroom?" he asked again. Jamie gave him another nod with a smile,
seeming to enjoy the power she had over the older man. She let go and Steve
walked to the bathroom again.

Steve walked out of the bathroom and finished off his beer. He went to the bar
and bought a new one for himself as well as one for Jamie. He returned to the
group and handed Jamie her drink. "You went to the bar?" Jamie asked sounding

"Yes" he replied sounding surprised. "We needed more drinks."

"Don't do that again without asking me first" she said sternly and although
Steve initially thought she was joking the look on her face signaled that she
was not joking whatsoever. Steve should have said something to put an end to
this but although she was smaller than him, Steve's inner coward wouldn't let
him stand up for himself. He just said "OK" and began holding her hand again.

Steve and Jamie talked some more and finished their drinks. Steve wanted
another but he knew the rules. "Can I go get us more drinks?" he asked not
being able to believe that he had to ask. She gave him the nod of satisfaction
again and he went to the bar and ordered two beers and two shots.

Closing time came. The two guys and girls left the bar. "Why don't you come
home with us?" Jamie offered assumptively to Steve. He became excited that he
was going to get laid.

"I'll get a cab home" Jerry said. "I live in the other part of town." Looked
like Jerry didn't have as much luck with Meg. Steve had driven himself and
Jerry to the bar in his car. He felt bad about ditching Jerry like that but he
knew what his priorities were. Jerry left.

"We got dropped off here" Jamie said as they walked towards Steve's car. "We
will all ride in your car." Steve liked the idea of this. He drove an Audi A6
and loved showing it off to girls. As they walked closer to the car, Steve
pulled out his keys and the car lights flashed as he unlocked the car with the
automatic lock opener on his keychain. "Give me your keys" Jamie ordered. "I'm
driving us home." This is where Steve was going to have to draw the line. He
would play her little games at the bar but he was not letting a stranger drive
his baby.

"Sorry" he said "no one drives my car but me."

Jamie got a stern look on her face. "Don't tell me that" she said angrily.
"I've seen how much you've had to drink tonight and you're not driving us
home. Give me those keys or else." Jamie raised her fist. Steve looked at the
small girl, who was almost a foot shorter than him and at least 50 pounds
lighter, threatening to punch him in the face. He shouldn't be afraid of this
but he did not want to receive a punch in the face. He handed over the keys.

"Shotgun!" Meg shouted. Not only could Steve not drive his own car home but he
had to sit in the back. The three got in the car. Jamie started the car and it
looked like a spaceship inside the car with all of the cool lights he had in
there. Steve was always proud of that.

"Nice Audi" Jamie complemented pronouncing the word like it rhymed with

"It's pronounced 'Audi'" Steve corrected pronouncing the word like it rhymed
with "howdy".

"No it's Audi, like audio" Jamie corrected sternly. Steve bought the car and
the dealer had even pronounced it like Steve was but his fear of Jamie caused
him to back down again. Jamie drove the three home. They went inside the
apartment and popped in a movie. Meg sat on a chair and Steve and Jamie sat on
the couch next to each other holding hands. Steve had to go to the bathroom

"Can I go to the bathroom?" he asked Jamie.

"Wait, I have to go" Meg said and she stood up.

"Ladies first" Jamie said and she tightly squeezed Steve's hand. Meg went to
the bathroom. Steve couldn't deal with this much longer. He couldn't believe
that a successful businessman was being treated like this much less that he
was allowing it to happen. Jamie looked at Steve. He was hoping for a kiss.
Instead she said "Just so you know I never have sex with a guy the first night
I meet him." Steve nodded. That was all he needed to know. This night had been
a waste of time because he didn't want to see Jamie ever again after tonight.
After he got back from the bathroom he would be leaving. Meg returned from the

"Can I go now?" Steve asked Jamie. She gave him her nod and let go of his
hand. Steve went to the bathroom. As he pissed he thought about how ashamed he
was of himself. He couldn't believe he let a tiny girl push him around all
night. Although he hadn't had a drink since he left the bar he was still
carrying a good buzz and now he hoped that Jamie would give him trouble for
trying to leave so he could stand up for himself at least once. Steve zipped
up and left the bathroom. He walked back out into the living room. "OK girls I
am pretty tired I am going to go now" he stated.

"You're not leaving" Jamie instructed. "You are too drunk to drive. I don't
want you out there killing anyone. You'll sleep here tonight."

"I haven't had anything to drink in awhile" he replied. "But either way it is
my decision not yours." Jamie had set his keys on the table when they got in
and Steve picked them up. He walked towards the door.

"Don't you dare try and leave" Jamie ordered.

"Come try and stop me" he snapped back angrily. "What the hell are you going
to do?" Jamie stood up confidently and quickly moved towards Steve.

"She grew up on a farm and she's as strong as can be" Meg warned. "You are not
going to be able to beat her up." Jamie definitely looked like a farm girl
with her gapped and crooked teeth. She attacked Steve and before he knew what
was going on, the girl who was a foot shorter than him, had him bent over in a
headlock. He tried to pry her arms loose but Meg was right - Jamie was strong
as can be. Steve was beyond humiliated as the small girl outwrestled him but
more so his neck hurt real badly from the headlock. Steve tried as hard as he
could to get free but his skinny arms were not strong enough. Jamie held Steve
like that then gave him three punches to the top of his head. The punches hurt
and Steve started to cry.

"You going to listen to me now?!" Jamie asked sounding adrenalized. "When I
tell you that you are not going, it means you are not going."

Steve felt like such a pussy but he was going to have to give in. This small
girl was beating him up and he wasn't strong enough to stop her. "Fine, I'll
stay" he cried. "Just please let me go." He cried some more. Jamie tightened
the headlock one last time for emphasis and then let him go. Steve rubbed his
sore neck and wiped the tears away.

"Well I am going to bed" Meg said with a satisfied smile. "Good night guys."
She stood up and left. Steve looked at Jamie and tried to guess how big she
was. Definitely no more than 5'3 and despite how strong she was she still
couldn't weigh more than 115 lbs. A small girl like that had just beaten him
up. He was so humiliated. Steve knew he was not getting laid tonight but he
also knew he was not leaving so he figured he would try and make the best of
the situation.

"Can I at least sleep in your room tonight" he asked Jamie. She gave him the
nod and the smile of satisfaction. They entered her bedroom and she closed the
door behind them.

"Take all of your clothes off and lie on the floor" Jamie ordered. Steve
became excited. Maybe there was going to be some fun tonight after all. Steve
did as he was told. The floor was hardwood so it was a bit cold on his body
when he lay down on it. Jamie picked up all of his clothes which contained his
car keys, his cell phone, and his wallet, and put them in her closet. She
straddled Steve and pulled down her pants and her panties down to her knees.
She sat above him.

"Eat me out" she ordered. Steve did not want to do this. He HATED eating
pussy. He loved receiving blow jobs but eating a girl out grossed him out more
than anything. Even with girls who were attractive, this was one thing he
hated doing and the fact that Jamie was less than attractive made the demand
very unappealing. He knew that saying no wasn't going to be an option.

"How long do I have to do it for?" he asked.

"Until I orgasm, obviously" she replied. Steve could not believe this. He was
not good at oral sex and never got a girl to that point before. He looked at
the clock - 2:48 a.m. He was going to be doing this until morning.

Steve began his task. It was so unpleasant and it was so gross but the
motivation of not wanting to get beat up by Jamie kept him motivated. He
worked at it and worked at it and the entire time Jamie complained about how
bad Steve was at it. An hour passed and Steve had still not finished his task.
"You know you are absolutely pathetic" Jamie said sounding frustrated as she
pulled up her panties and pants. "You need to learn how to pleasure a girl.
Due to this dismal performance you're going to sleep naked on the floor

Jamie walked over to the closet and changed into her pajamas. She turned off
the lights, jumped into her bed and turned on a dim reading light. Jamie lay
in her soft bed in her pajamas, as naked Steve lay on the hard floor. Jamie
began writing something on paper.

"What are you doing?" Steve asked.

"Making a list" she replied.

"A list of what?" he asked.

"Chores for you to do tomorrow. You better stop asking me questions and get
some sleep. The first chore is going to be cooking me breakfast at 6 a.m."
Steve looked at the clock. It was 4:02 a.m. Once again he was shocked.

"6 a.m., are you crazy?" he asked. "Why so early?"

"That's how we do it on the farm" she replied. "Early to rise and have
breakfast then we spend the day doing the chores."

"But with all due respect we are not on the farm" he protested. "Is there any
reason to get up that early on a Sunday?"

"Yes" she answered "because we have to get all of the chores out of the way
before we go to church at 10:30." Steve thought about this. He was getting up
at the crack of dawn to spend his day off doing some stranger's housework for
her and then he was going to church with her. When would it end? He needed to

"Umm OK" he said "but when am I going to be allowed to leave?"

"What hours do you have to be at work on Monday?" she asked.


"Well for teaching I have to be at work at 7:30. I'll have to drop you off at
work a little early around 7:10 or so. Then I'll be able to pick you up at 5.
That's not a problem."

Steve was getting annoyed and wanted to protest but he remembered that
objecting was not an option. He had to hold all of his frustration inside of
him. "Are you ever going to let me free?" he asked with a little boy voice
trying to sound as sad and helpless as possible, wishing for some sympathy
from this dominant girl.

"Nope" she said casually. "You belong to me. I'll still let you go to work so
you can support us. But you'll spend the rest of your time serving me. Is that
OK with you?"

Steve was scared to death of Jamie so he knew there was only one answer to
that. "Yes ma'am" he replied.

"Good" she said. "I'll put this list of chores next to the alarm clock. Make
sure to take it when you wake up at 6." Jamie set the list next to her clock
and set the alarm. She turned off the light and quickly fell asleep.

Steve lay awake on the ground. He could not fall asleep, naked, on this
uncomfortable floor. He had to be up in less than 2 hours. He had to escape.
What were his options? All of his clothes, his keys, his wallet, and his phone
were all in Jamie's closet which was on the other side of her bed and the way
her room was set up there was no way he would be able to get to them without
waking her up. He could make a run for it but even if he got out of her
apartment he would have to run home naked and he wasn't even sure where he
was. He could not go to the police. What was he going to say? That he was
kidnapped by a small girl who was also a school teacher? He didn't care that
it would be absolutely humiliating but there was no way anyone would believe
him. He could try to run to his house and break himself in but she had his
license which had his address on it and she would soon find him anyway. Was
there really anyway he could get free from Jamie? Not really. In one night
Steve had gone from being a successful, wealthy businessman, to being a slave.


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