Fran's Boy

Fran's Boy:
Femdom Stories
I stayed late to get a jump on the next dayís workload. I was usually alone.

Not tonight.

I saw Fran when I went to the menís room. She was in the womenís lounge directly across the hall and Fran had the door open.

This was common.

She smiled at me.

That wasn't.

Fran and I worked in separate departments but on the same floor. So we often saw each

other but had little reason to speak. Until now Fran and I had never made eye contact

without her scowling at me.

Iím not being paranoid. At first I thought I was mistaken but then I came up on her with a

group as they were all laughing. As soon as she saw me she shot me a dirty look. Everyone

noticed. After that I made a point of not looking in her direction if I could help it.

Now as I stepped out of the menís room I had no choice but to look at her. She was

directly in my line of sight.

"Sweetheart, could you help me out?" Fran asked me. I nearly buckled under with

astonishment, ĎSWEETHEART?í.

She sat with her legs stretched out in front of her and across the seat of a chair, turned

sideways, so that her feet hung over the edge. She had a laptop resting on her thighs. I

walked over.

"Get me a cigarette." She said, not smiling but not frowning either. Indicating a pack on

the end table out of her reach. I guess she was comfortable and didnít want to get up.

I have to admit all her dirty looks took a toll on my self-esteem. I started thinking I had

something wrong with me. After a while other people seemed to pick up on her vibe

. People that had always been my friends now made

me the butt of jokes. If I made a simple mistake in my work, (one that would hardly have

been noticed before), I was made to feel stupid. That was one reason I stayed late to get a

jump on the next dayís work. It meant I wouldnít have to spend much time meeting

with my co-workers if I was organized and ready to go.

I got her a cigarette and gave it to her. Without a word she handed me a pack of matches.

She wanted me to light it for her. I bent down. She placed her hand on my shoulder and

eased me down to my knees. I guess she thought Iíd be more steady if I was kneeling.

Ordinarily Iíd be ill at ease kneeling down to light a cigarette like this but I was just so

damn glad that she wasnít scowling at me that I didnít think about it.

"Stay." Fran commanded, as I was about to get up. I stayed kneeling.

"I need you to undo my shoe." She said. "The strapís too tight and I want them off


I shuffled over to her feet. She was wearing a high-heel platform that strapped at the ankle.

I undid these for her and took them off. She looked great in her bare black stockings. I

couldnít see the hem of her skirt under the laptop but it was short.

"Joe, kiss my toes. Theyíre sore. These damn shoes are pretty but they hurt like hell."

I was thrilled to help her out. She liked me. She really liked me! I couldnít believe it.

"You probably think I hate you or something, Joe, but I donít." She said as she leaned

back and let me do my work. "Itís just that you remind me of my ex. Youíre a dead

ringer. He was bad news. I hate him so much that I get

pissed just thinking about him. And I canít look at you without thinking about him."

That explained everything. I was floating on air. No wonder she acted like that.

"He abused me. Bad. Mentally. Physically. And Sexually. The bum sat around all day

drinking beer and watching TV while I worked my ass off." She took a drag on her

cigarette and exhaled long and hard, then she continued. "As soon as I walked in the door

at night he made me kneel and bob. I gave head first thing everynight. It didnít matter if I

wasnít feeling well or if I was tired or stressed. I had to kneel down and suck his dirty

dick. He never washed. And he was always in the middle of watching something on TV so heíd make me just kneel there with his dick in my mouth

until a commercial break."

She took her ran her left foot over my cheek as I soothed her right foot with kisses.

"I had to pause with his dirty dick in my mouth and my

face buried in his stinking crotch. I held that position from one commercial to the next

and it could go on like that for an hour or more. After a full day of workÖ that bastard!"

She looked at me.

"Well, Iím not going to bore you with the grisly details, Joe. Iím sure you get the picture. I need you to help me get over him. I need to work through all this garbage I carry around because of his abuse. You can help desensitize me. After a while maybe Iíll be able to look at you without getting this knot in the pit of my stomach."

I looked up at her. She slammed her foot into the side of my head.

"Joe, youíve been good about not looking at me. Donít fuck it up now. Donít ever look me in the eye unless I ask you to, understand? It makes my skin crawl."

I looked down and kept kissing her feet.

"I want you to kneel there and suck my toes the way I used to suck that bastardís dick. Bob on my big toe like I had to bob on his big dick. In my mind youíll be him. I want to turn the tables on that bastard. Iím going to make him feel the way I felt. With you as his stand-in Iíll be able to visualize that. Donít take it personal, Joe, but Iím going to need to treat you like a real fuckbag for a while. Iíve got to get this out of my system. Youíll be my tool, my slut-flunky. Youíll be my slave.

I know you donít mind. Iím lucky that the one guy around here that happens to look like him also happens to be the biggest shmuck around. Youíre perfect."

She thought I was perfect! I nearly shit my pants. Perfect!

I put my entire mouth around about a quarter of her foot and sucked and licked it.

"Damn!" She yelled, as she abruptly pulled her foot from my mouth. "Let me get my nylons off first, shit for brains."

She hooked her thumb under the top of her stocking and ran it down her leg. I pulled the stocking off and handed it to her.

I resumed my deep dive, plunging her foot halfway down my throat.

"Eat my toe-jam asshole!"

She didnít really have any toe-jam. She just wanted to talk filthy, I guess. Her foot was kind of clammy. It had an odor to it, but nothing bad, and it tasted like pickle juice. Not bad. Not bad at all.

As I worked my tongue between her toes I could see in my peripheral vision that she was using her scrunched up stocking as a clit-mitten. I could imagine the sensation. Just brushing my dick against a womanís pantyhose always felt special. She had the extra pleasure of her natural female lubricant to add to the silky sheerness the stocking provided. Her bliss was rising. She moaned low.

I dislodged a bit of funk from under her toe-nail as I sucked. Just bits of lint. Umm. I chewed the bits of grimy fluff as the first real whiff of feminine odor reached my nostrils. It almost overwhelmed me. Iím one lucky dude, I thought as I slurped her toes and ate her filth.

"Pry off my toe-ring with your lips, Suckface, and keep it in your cheek. And if youíre dumb enough to swallow it Iíll beat your ass to a bloody pulp so be careful, Dickwad." I think she just said that to take her mind off her arousal. She seemed to be really worked up for having just started. She needed to damper down a bit.

"Here." She said as she threw the stocking at me. "Put this over your head and get your face in my bush." She kicked the chair out of the way.

I pulled the stocking over my head and started to tear a mouth-hole in the fabric just as my face exploded. She had reared back and kicked me right in the eye socket with her heel. I flew back and my head bounced off the floor. I got to my knees, feeling a little woozy.

"Did I say you could destroy my personal property, you fucking slut?!" She was livid. "I said put it over your head, not rip the living shit out of it. Goddam! What a fucking asshole! Get your fucking face up here and leave my personal property alone."

I knelt between her thighs and she pulled my head down into her crotch so that my forehead nestled against her clit. Apparently, kneading her clit with her stocking clad digits proved too intense for her agenda. She wanted to draw this out before reaching orgasm.

I was her dildo! Iíd eaten plenty of pussy before. Itís one of the few things women were happy to let me do with them. But Iíd never had anyone forbid me to lick on them. I was never so totally used without any leeway on my part. I was a dildo!

She held my head still and pressed herself against the juice soaked fabric with varying degrees of pressure. I felt the tiny tremors of her tickled clit as they shivered her belly and made her sigh with pained relief. She was having mini-orgasms. I was giving a woman multiple orgasms! Oh my gosh!

After the first couple of Oís she took her time. She sat back a moment before going after the next O by rubbing herself against me some more. I knelt still and silent all the while. At one point she stopped and lit a cigarette and took a few drags. Then she wanted something new for the finish.

She pulled the stocking off abruptly and had me incline my head in front of her. I bowed down as she tied rolled stocking around my head tightly. Very tightly. Like a blindfold it was bound around my eyes. I mean, it was a blindfold --I couldnít see a damn thing--- but, as I soon found out, that wasnít its purpose.

"Open your mouth, Fucknuts. Let your tongue hang out and keep it wet. Let me do all the work, just go with it. Iíll control everything myself."

She used the rope-like stocking as a tight rein to rake my head up and down her pussy. She worked it hard. I had a hard time keeping up.

I donít know why she bothered telling me to keep my tongue wet. She was sopping. Her thick juices came out in clotted streams of pungent fuck-slop. It was hanging off my nose and chin as she haphazardly dragged through her slop trough.

"Fuck me, Bitch! Fuck me with your ugly mug you good for nothing lowlife! How do YOU like it, huh? How do you like being used like a worthless little fuck-toy? You piece of shit! Eat me! Eat me like you never ever ate me before in ten years of marriage you stinking sack of shit! You Bastard! EAT MEEEEEeeeEE!"

She let out a scream as a firecracker went off inside her that sent a pulpy mass of fuck flavored pie filling splattering against my face. She collapsed back into the sofa as I scraped the soft warmth of her succulent cum from the stocking and my face and licked it from my fingers. I too collapsed.

This was bliss.

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