Mistress Training

Mistress Training:
Femdom Stories
By A.J. Brown
A story all "Dommes" and "subs" should read

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"Make sure you are taking detailed notes during all of this" Mistress Shannon
said to Molly.

"I will, Mistress" Molly replied.

This was the start of big things for Mistress Shannon. The dominatrix was
23-years-old and had been a Mistress since she graduated high-school at age
18. Mistress Shannon was a beautiful Mistress with a perfect figure. She stood
at 5'4 and weighed about 115 lbs. with perfect legs and great curves. She had
a very attractive face with stunning eyes that could suck in any man and many
women as well. The whole dominatrix lifestyle had intrigued Mistress Shannon
all throughout high school and she knew she had the looks and the style to be
a great one.

Mistress Shannon set up a cage in the living room. "This sissy is a
42-year-old married lawyer and he is a cross- dresser" she said to Molly. "He
wants me to dress him up like a girl, whip him, and then keep in the cage for
awhile. I can also throw any other surprises at him that I want. His only
limits are that he doesn't want to be blindfolded and he doesn't want any
breath deprivation. The safe-word in case things get too intense for him is
going to be 'applesauce'."

"I understand" Molly said to Mistress Shannon as she took detailed notes on
her notepad.

When Mistress Shannon graduated high-school she chose to not go to college and
go right into being a full time dominatrix. Most of her family stopped talking
to her after this because not only did they want to see her get a college
degree but they also didn't want their Shannon all over the internet as a
dominatrix. Mistress Shannon's decision not only ended up burning a bridge
with the majority of her family but it committed her to her dominatrix
lifestyle because there was no chance of her parents ever giving her any money
for college in the future if she ever decided she wanted to go. But that was
all fine with her. The five years she had spent as a professional dominatrix
were extremely enjoyable for Mistress Shannon and she couldn't imagine herself
doing anything else. She grew up in a small town and started her lifestyle in
a small town. She had a great website with extremely sexy pictures of her all
over it which had a ton of traffic on it. She had online subs all across the
country that would do whatever she said and send her money and gifts all of
the time. Her beauty and ability to suck in men who wanted too be dominated
were making a great living and a great career for Mistress Shannon.

"The sissy didn't ask me too but I'm going to make him kiss my feet" Mistress
Shannon said to Molly and she held out her sexy foot and wiggled her toes.
Mistress Shannon had extremely sexy feet which men with foot-fetishes
salivated over. "Aren't my feet so sexy?" she asked Molly.

"So sexy, Mistress" Molly replied.

Mistress Shannon and Molly found each other online. One day Mistress Shannon
received an email from Molly asking her to train her on how to be a Mistress.
Normally Mistress Shannon would read an email like that and use it for nothing
but a long chuckle but as the two talked Mistress Shannon realized that she
may have some use for Molly after all. Mistress Shannon was living in a small
town and even though she was doing very well for herself she knew that she
could find a lot more subs and make a lot more money being a dominatrix in a
major metro city. The problem was she didn't know anyone who lived in a big
city like that and although she was doing well she didn't have the money to
just pack up everything and start over in a big city where cost of living was
going to double. Molly provided the solution to that. She lived in a large
metro city in a nice apartment. The agreement the two women had was Molly
would let Mistress Shannon stay with her for six months and provide her free
room and board while she got herself going in her new area. In return,
Mistress Shannon was going to provide Molly training with how to become a

"This sissy is going to have some nice gifts for me when he arrives" Mistress
Shannon told Molly with a cocky, evil smile. "He's bringing me a $200 gift
certificate to Victoria's Secret, some nice perfume, and he's going to give me
$100 cash as well. This pig knows how to take care of his Mistress!"

"That sounds excellent" Molly said and she wrote down some notes.

Mistress Shannon looked at Molly. Molly would never be anything near the
dominatrix Mistress Shannon was but she did have potential to succeed. Molly
was a 37-year-old single woman. She was not thin and beautiful like Mistress
Shannon. She was a little on the fat side, actually. Her body was chunky and
she had large boobs. One thing that stuck out to Mistress Shannon about Molly
was that she quite possibly had the biggest ass she had ever seen, in
proportion anyway. Molly was a bit chunky, but not really fat, but she wore
jeans and when she stood up Mistress Shannon noticed that whale of an ass
stick out like it was its job. Mistress Shannon found the giant ass pretty
nasty but figured that there were a lot of guys out there that would probably
like it. Molly had a decent looking face and long blond hair. Mistress Shannon
knew Molly would never be as popular as a dominatrix because she wasn't as
slim and sexy but she knew she had to work with what she had so she'd do her
best training Molly.

There was a knock at the door. Neither woman moved to answer it. Mistress
Shannon became very angry. She walked over to Molly and grabbed her by the
hair. Molly winced. "You are my Mistress-in-training meaning that until you
get going you are my bitch" Mistress Shannon said quietly but angrily. "Next
time that door needs to be answered I better not have to tell you to answer
it. If this kind of behavior keeps up I'll end this training and never see you
again! Now answer that fucking door."

"Yes, Mistress" Molly said with shame. Mistress Shannon let go of Molly's hair
and Molly stood up to go answer the door. As Molly walked towards the door
Mistress Shannon chuckled to herself. She looked at Molly's big figure - Molly
weighed at least 60 pounds more than Mistress Shannon if not more. If the two
ever actually fought Molly would destroy her. She looked at Molly's huge ass
as it walked towards the door and thought about how that big thing could cover
two of her heads. That was the great part of Mistress Shannon's lifestyle
though. She controlled people with her mind, her beauty, and her dominating
personality and it didn't matter how much strength or money they had they
would always be inferior to Mistress Shannon.

Molly opened the door and the sissy walked in. He looked even more pathetic in
real life than he did in the pictures she had seen of him. People in the
normal world probably saw the 5'8, 42-year-old lawyer as a powerful man
because of his profession but Mistress Shannon saw him for the worthless sissy
that he was. He held her gifts in his hands.

"Come in, close the door, and set my gifts down on the table" Mistress Shannon
ordered to the sissy. He did as he was told. "Now go sit on your knees. I have
to check the gifts and make sure everything you promised is here before we get
started." Mistress Shannon knew better than to never start a session before
making sure all collateral was taken care of in advance. She had heard stories
of other Mistresses getting screwed over by scum-sissies who wanted a free
trip and she swore she would never let any cheap bastard do that to her. She
checked the basket of goodies. $200 gift certificate to Victoria's Secret,
expensive perfume, and $100 cash. It was all there. She walked over to the
sissy and patted him on the head. "Good boy" she said with a sexy smile. "Now
take off all of your clothes. The sissy did as he was told. Molly sat in her
chair and took notes like a good girl. The sissy kneeled there with all of his
clothes off and Mistress Shannon realized that his little dick was getting
hard. She picked up her whip and whipped his dick. "I didn't say you could get
hard, sissy."

"I'm sorry, Mistress" the sissy replied.

"You better be" she said and she whipped his bare back and saw it get red. "If
I see your dick getting too hard without my permission I may have to put you
in chastity." The sissy looked up at Mistress Shannon in fear and she looked
back at him with a sexy evil look that she had a picture of on her website and
all men said it sent chills throughout their bodies. Based on the look on the
sissy's face Mistress Shannon could tell it gave him chills too. She was very
satisfied. She took the whip and whipped the sissy's bare back some more. He
whined like a little bitch and then she noticed his dick was still hard. She
whipped it again and then she took the handle of the whip and started to choke
him with it.

"Applesauce, applesauce" the sissy cried and Mistress Shannon quickly let go
remembering that she had gone past his limits.

"Awe, was that too much for you, sissy?" she teased and ran the handle of the
whip up his back. "You better control that hard penis of yours or I will kick
you out of here and never see you again!"

"I'm sorry, Mistress, I will control it" the sissy replied. "It's just kind of
hard being at the mercy of your beauty." Mistress Shannon loved hearing him
say that. Molly continued to take diligent notes.

"Alright sissy let's get you in some sissy girl clothes so I don't have to
look at your pathetic naked body anymore" Mistress Shannon stated. "Molly, go
get him his sissy outfit."

"Yes, Mistress" Molly said and she quickly got to her feet and left the room.
The control Mistress Shannon had over both of them was the best high she had
ever felt better than any drug, romance, or sex she had ever had. Molly
returned holding a full women's outfit. Dress, pantyhose, women's underwear
and make-up - the whole nine-yards. She handed it to Mistress Shannon.

"Get dressed, sissy" Mistress Shannon said. He did as he was told. He put on
all of the women's clothes in front of the two women. When he was done the
successful, married lawyer stood there wearing women's clothing and make-up.
This was paradise for Mistress Shannon.

"Do you want to kiss my feet?" she asked the sissy.

"Yes, Mistress" he replied.

"Beg me to kiss my feet" she ordered.

"Please let me kiss your sexy feet" the sissy begged. Mistress Shannon stuck
her foot in his face and he kissed away. She was proud of her sexy feet and
loved to see a pathetic man kissing them.

"May I suggest something, Mistress?" Molly asked.

Mistress Shannon was a little annoyed that she had the guts to speak up but
was curious what she had to say. "What?" she replied.

Molly reached into her purse and pulled out a dildo. "He looks like such a
bitch right now" Molly said with a smile. "Why don't you make him suck on this

"What do you think, sissy, do you want to suck on this dildo like a bitch"
Mistress Shannon asked the sissy. When they had set the session up in advance
the sissy didn't mention if he did or didn't want to do this but when she
looked at his reaction she could tell he definitely did not want to do it. But
then she looked at Molly holding the thing and it was too tempting. She knew
he didn't want to but she wanted to and it wouldn't kill him or anything. The
temptation was too strong. She took the dildo from Molly and shoved it in the
sissy's mouth. He whined like a bitch and Mistress Shannon laughed. Without
asking permission Molly pulled a camera out of her pocket and took a couple of
pictures of the sissy doing the deed in his sissy outfit. Mistress Shannon
knew for sure that the sissy wanted absolutely no photography but she was
getting such a high off the scene of making this lawyer her bitch and having
it photographed that she didn't stop it. With the dildo in his mouth the sissy
let out a muffled scream in protest of what Molly had done.

"Don't worry, sissy, we'll destroy the pictures when this is all done, I
promise" Mistress Shannon said to him understanding his concern with the
situation. She pulled the dildo out of his mouth. "OK get in your cage, sissy,
me and my trainee have some talking to do." The sissy got in his cage that
Mistress Shannon had set up for him and Mistress Shannon locked him in. She
then turned to Molly. "I saw you taking a lot of notes and that's good" she
said. "Tell me what you learned from today's session."

"Sure, Mistress, I am excited to tell you what I saw" Molly said eagerly. "I
saw this man come give you very expensive gifts and then do everything you
told him to do and I heard you tell him that if he did not do those things you
would never see him again. There is one thing I did not see at all today -
domination! Everything you gave this guy he wanted. Nothing was done against
his will." Mistress Shannon felt her blood start to boil. What was this fat
bitch trying to say?

Molly continued. "This guy simply paid you for a service, Mistress Shannon. He
showed up here with that basket of expensive stuff and although you call it a
gift it is still payment for a service. Everything you did to this was what he
requested. The worst threat he had the entire time was you not seeing him
again and if you were truly torturing him that would not be a threat. You let
him kiss your feet which are extremely sexy and no one would object to
kissing. You two had your little safe-word so this guy wouldn't feel
uncomfortable. That's not domination at all. If he's paying you for what he
wants and you give it to him there's no domination there whatsoever. You are
not a Mistress. You are not a dominatrix. You are simply an entertainer. That
is all. Nothing more, nothing less."

Mistress Shannon felt more rage than she had ever felt in her life. She had
spent the last 5 years dominating and controlling people. How dare this fat
bitch challenge her like this especially in front of a sub? Normally, she
would just automatically dismiss Molly for such behavior but she did still
need her to get going in the new city so she was just going to have to punish

"How dare you talk to me like that!" Mistress Shannon shouted at Molly.
"Especially in front of a sub like this. Remember, I am the Mistress and you
are the trainee. A good Mistress-sub relationship is enjoyable for both
parties and that is why I did not push him past his limits. You still have a
lot of learning to do about this lifestyle and you better change your attitude
real quick!"

Molly laughed out loud which infuriated Mistress Shannon even more. "Obviously
you haven't learned yet" Molly laughed at the Mistress. "I'm going to kick the
shit out of you right here, right now and give you a lesson in domination!"

Mistress Shannon was scared shitless. When she got into this lifestyle her
family and friends always warned her how dangerous it was but she always
thought she had it under control. She saw the bigger Molly about to hurt her
and realized she was quickly losing control.

"Back off now!" Mistress Shannon screamed. "This whole thing is just a game
and you are taking it way too seriously. If you lay a finger on me I'll have
you arrested and I have a witness here to verify."

"We'll see about that!" Molly laughed and she grabbed Mistress Shannon. Molly
was so much stronger than skinny Mistress Shannon and she could feel Molly's
strength when she grabbed her. She struggled but Molly was way too strong. The
lawyer was locked in his cage and he couldn't do anything to help her. Molly
began ripping Mistress Shannon's clothes off and Mistress Shannon tried to
scream but Molly put her strong hand over her mouth before she could. She
stripped Mistress Shannon naked and picked up the dildo. Mistress Shannon
couldn't believe what was about to happen and all of the emotional highs she
was feeling just minutes earlier had turned into the worst fear a person could
possibly feel. She was about to get raped and couldn't do anything about it.
No safe-word could save her now. Strong Molly stuck the dildo up Mistress
Shannon's asshole. She ass-raped Mistress Shannon and Mistress Shannon just
cried like a little bitch. Feeling that horrible thing up her ass was the
worst thing Mistress Shannon had felt in her life, especially because of the
fact that she couldn't do anything to stop it, no safe-word, no anything. When
the deed was done Molly threw little Mistress Shannon on the floor.

"You'll never get away with this!" Mistress Shannon screamed. "You took this
way to far. The whole Mistress- sub relationship is just a fantasy and you
crossed all lines. You just broke the law and I have a witness. You are going
to be in huge trouble!!"

"Neither of you are saying anything unless I tell you too" Molly quickly
replied. "You need me, Shannon. You gave up your family to get into this line
of work and put all of your faith in moving into this city to have me help you
get started. Now you have nowhere else to go. Your family doesn't want you
anymore. There's not enough need for this service in your small hillbilly town
and if you go back there I'll come find you anyway. I'm still going to help
you start your business but I'm going to share the profits. You need me and
are stuck with me whether you like it or not. As for that sissy in the
cage.he's a big time lawyer with a family and I have pictures of him wearing a
dress and sucking on a dildo. Trust me; he won't be doing anything without my
permission, ever. He's MY bitch and is going to do what I say for the rest of
his life. Like how I set this thing up? I completely dominated both of you
physically and mentally. Both of you are my bitches forever and no safe- words
can save you. That's how it's going to be forever. The true lesson in
domination today came from me. Now get in the cage with the other sissy,
Shannon." Shannon did as she was told.

Six months later Shannon sat in Molly's apartment on her computer. Molly was
good to her word. She had helped Shannon get her domination business going in
the big metro city and it had become very successful. Shannon was receiving
online gifts, payments for live sessions, and payments for videos she was
doing. Molly had been pocketing all of the profits the past 6 months and told
Shannon she'd get some eventually. But she never did. Shannon posted the
latest update on her website. It read as follows:

"I am no longer Mistress Shannon. I am sissy shannon. I have been taken over
by Mistress Molly. All of my subs will immediately become subs of Hers. I will
also be a slave of Mistress Molly. I will serve Her exactly as she pleases. I
have no choice."


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