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Stories and an ad! (Plantation 1&2, Femdom F/m spanking, 1800s) Seattle

This story does not promote or condone the act of historic slavery of a
or person. Being Black and the writer of this story I am of course
that completely. This is merely a Femdom story set in the 1800s. With
understood..... I hope you enjoy it!

(My Mistress orders me to write her a bedtime story)


The date is 1817, the place Savanna, Georgia. A cotton Plantation, of
size, with about 30 Slaves. A large White house, a stable, the guest
of 5 rooms and the Slave quarters. It is a hot summer day, the Master of
house died 1 year ago during a nasty storm, leaving a lonely Mistress
Caroline to attend to the plantation. The Slaves toil in the field, their
songs fill
the air giving it a stereo feel as it permeates your body and soul. You
out on the verandah to survey your property. Feeling the emptiness of not
having a man inside you for over a year, as you watch the grounds your
drift to a young slave working just outside the stable, his body dressed
in tattered pants that start at this waist, tied to him by a large thick
rope, and end in strips just below his knees. His upper body, sweaty and
glistening in the hot sun. His muscles defined from years of labor flex,
as he lifts the
equipment, and you think about how much he resembles a fine horse, your
horse, wild, strong and hard to control. You begin wondering how it would
being under those strong hips as he thrust into your already moist, no....
wet pussy.

As if on command he suddenly turns and looks at you, then quickly down.
notice the problem he now seems to be having as he tries to complete his
task. You walk over to him, standing behind him, watching his
movements. Knowing that you and he where almost alone, the others slaves
were either in the house or in the field. You tell him to face you, "Now
Slave!". He turns and as he does you see his pants push out as his cock
against the rough material. Ashamed he cast his eyes down, not seeing the
glimmer in your eyes. "What is your name Slave?", "Joseph" Mistress.....

And why are you like that? Pointing to the Indian tee pee in his pants.
response. "ANSWER ME JOSEPH", "I don't know Mistress Caroline". "Hmmm,
well I advise you to fix that now!", "Yes Mistress" he answers. You
smile as you see it
is to no avail, time passes as you watch him, the song in the distance
the Slaves has almost an intoxicating effect on you as you feel the music
your body, caressing it, and the feel of you clitoris throbbing with the
undertone and beat. "Wade in the wat-er, Waddeee in the wat-er
childrennnn." The slave song seems to lift all habitations and doubt, and
you know that you want to see your property, this slave undressed and
naughty things to your wet pussy. You feel the juices roll down your leg,
your white dress now clinging to your body. "Help me in the stable...."
"Yes Mistress". You take him to a clean empty stall with straw on the
"Lie down over there!" He lays on the straw, looking up. "I need to
my horse and I don't want to step on the ground with my bare feet. After
removing you shoes, you step on his stomach, which is tight and easily
supports your weight. You stroke your horse in the next stable while
stepping side step on to his chest. He makes no sound, his chest hardened
from years
of heavy work. Pretending to be interested in the horse you know that he
can see up your dress and is looking at your panty-less pussy, the dew
the first encounter with him coating the hairs and dripping on his body,
musty scent filling his nostrils. Suddenly you look down, pulling your
back and stare into his surprised eyes. "How dare you look there!" "Get
now!" He rises and says "I Sorry Mistress, I didn't look". "You did look
and you liked it didn't you, look at that" Again pointing to the large
formed in his pants. "You must be punished for this, do you understand?",
"Yes Mistress". His down cast eyes still betray the strength of his
enjoyment of having seen something so beautiful. "Take off your rope
Joseph", it is done, "Give it to me!". "Now, close the stable door!".
Holding up
his sagging pants you watch the top of his ass as the pants slowly drop
the dual task. He comes back after closing both sets of doors. Now the
music from the singing sound like whispers, the heat and musty air create
strong feeling of power never experienced before. "Move against the wall,
Slave!", "Now lean against it", "No!, put your hands on it!", "Good!, now
move your legs back!" Trying to hold his pants with one hand he finally
drops the pants. His well formed ass wet from being pressed to the ground
ago shines in the light that streams in through the top of the open boards
the old stable roof. You walk over to him, and bring your hand down hard
his backside, and start feeling the parts of his body from there.
His gasp shows that he did feel your first of many strikes, and his
large Black cock, tells you that he feels the same lust, as his body
him.... as yours do you. Your pussy now swollen and drenched, begs for
attention. And as you run your hand up and down his body, you rub your
slowly through your wet white dress. You grab his cock, the first black
you have ever seen, let alone touched, it's size makes your knees feel
weak with
naughty thoughts of how it would taste in your mouth or feel between your
other pink lips. Heady, with lust, you take the thick rope in your other
hand and bring it down across his back, he shudders, groans and then
Once, twice, again, and again. Striking his ass, legs and back, sometimes
feeling the spot just struck, sometimes, licking it, sometimes while
his cock from behind. You can no longer contain the need to be touched by
Joseph, you tell him to turn around and kneel. His breaths, mere pants as
his cock throbs with his heart beat. "I want you to lick me, and don't
until I tell you slave, do you understand?" "Yes.." Joseph says, in a
forced breath, between pants. You pull up your dress holding it at
chest level, as the air drifting over your swollen and soaked pussy sets
on fire. You violently pull his head down upon you, grinding his face
into your pussy
lips and holding him there. Your juices smearing and coating his face and
lips. At first you can tell he has never done this before. But he begins
understand what he needs to do, his tongue licking your pussy lips, like a
thirstily dog
laps water. And then his teeth nibble on your lips and that spot, as you
your clitoris get the attention it has been waiting for over a year. In
you feel as if you will faint, as the beginning of an orgasm builds. It
builds, and builds as your head feels like it will explode and flashes of
light dance in your tightly closed eyes. You sink into your Slaves chest
head. No longer able to support yourself, your legs weak. Placing one
over his shoulder, you feel the juices begin their flow as they leave your
body and enter Joseph's waiting mouth, his sucking continues, trying to
out all the salty thick wetness. And the last spasm comes and ends
Refocusing your eyes, you push him away and tell him to lay down "Now!".
Although your voice is not as strong as it was minutes ago. Again pulling
your dress, you waste no time mounting your slave and riding him. The
like the animals we are sense or know what is happening, buck and nay as
ride Joseph's tight black cock, grinding down and moving back and forth
as if you were trying to dig past your slave and into the ground its self.
Again you feel the orgasm coming, as the size of Joseph's cock, stretches
fills you like you have never felt before. His size enhances the feeling,
as pain and pleasure become one and crashes together like the sea pelting
sand. Ebbing and flowing, over and over. You rise and fall on his cock
watching him, knowing that he is feeling the same pleasure and pain from
your tight
white pussy. Your juices running down his cock and dripping off his
enlarged balls
and falling to the ground. You can tell that he is ready to explode, his
face a
grimace and his eyes closed as tightly as yours were before. You are
suddenly washed
with your orgasm, the spasms grab you and racks your body, as you feel him
"No!" you say, but he explodes, as you lift off and watch his cum coat
no longer white dress, your chest and his body. Angrily, You order him to
stomach as soon as he stops shaking from the strength of his orgasm.
"Put your ass in the air Joseph!" He does, as you stand there, watching
glistening black ass and body, smiling you reach for your riding crop

Part 2

You slowly bring the crop to rest between his shoulder blades, the power
being Mistress of a Plantation

has never felt so intoxicating. You watch his body still shaking from his
orgasm respond to each caress of the crop. The smell of the horses, the
your juices and your Slaves cum fill the stable in a strong heady perfume.
And your heart beats hard as your pussy spasms with each beat, and then
lift your arm and bring the crop down very hard across each of his
The sound echoes the stable as you can almost feel the searing heat of the
crop on your ass, you and Joseph yell at the same time.

"Shut up Slave!", "Yes Mam"... he says between pants. You can't help
your hand up and down your pussy and rubbing the clit as you caress his
with the crop and again, over his back against his chest, on all fours he
does really remind you of your horse. You move to your knees and grab his
cock hard, stroking it up and down and lightly smacking his ass with the
riding crop. First lightly the harder and harder as you tightly pump him
like you were milking a cow. He starts to moan louder and move away from
your hand as the feeling becomes to strong, his ass now covered with red
purple welts. "Don't move Joseph, stop that right NOW!" His back rising
falling between each stroke and strike. Your pussy juices almost stream
your leg as the groaning from your slave and the sound of the horses nays
whinnies seem to vibrate into your body and makes your nipples and clit
tremble. You quickly stand up and begin whipping him in earnest, you move
front of him and lift your dress so he sees your swollen pussy and the
free flowing out of it. With each stroke landing on his back and
you both cry out, as both your orgasms begin to come. Wanting, needing to
cum again you pull up your dress, mount Joseph's back and slide back and
forth feeling the lines of welts you just made on his back.

Humping his back and sliding back and forth you begin riding him like a
horse. And pulling his hair you bring his head up you that you can place
your crop in his mouth. He taste the salty sweat from his body and your
juices from where you caressed your pussy with crop and sucks on the crop
greedily, remembering when he was told to suck of his Mistress pussy, and
filling his mouth with her taste.

You grab both ends of the crop and linking your legs around your slaves,
his back in earnest. The heat from your pussy, the welts sliding against
and the moans from Joseph become too much. You pull on the crop lifting
head and bury your pussy in his muscular back and scream and you coat his
back and let loose a stream of cum that drips down his back, down his
his ass and across his balls and cock looking like Joseph was peeing or
cumming himself. You continue to hump his back until you feel every drop
cum leave your body. You fall down breathless laying on his back and you
know every ridge from each muscle and each welt you placed there
almost lovingly. You want to fall asleep on his back, his heavy
rocking to sleep, but you can hear the slaves singing growing louder as
leave the field to go back to their quarters for the night. You weakly
and tell Joseph to stand, "Don't mention this to anyone, or you will
touch me again, do you understand?". "Yes, Mam, I understand!" Joseph
and says, very sincerely. "Good, you were very helpful today in the
I want you to help me again tonight in the house, there are some things I
want moved in the Masters old bedroom, come to the house through the
when the other slaves are sleeping". If his smile, as much as he tried
hide it with a lowered head and down cast eyes was not clear to see, his
cock standing out and swollen told her what she already knew. He will be
there and he would be careful, not wanting to miss a second chance to
her, feel her and pay for the pleasure of it. And that night he quickly
quietly walked to the House and.......

(Well, that's another story Mistress.....)

Look for part 3 "The House"

Spankless in Seattle (Ad and Story) ISO NW/Canada Femdom

An ad then a short story:

Spankless in Seattle

I am a Black male submissive, 31y/o, 5'10, HWP, attractive, clean and

I have some experience. I am all man and not whimpy or effeminate. I
references, I am educated and well employed. I seek to serve a Dominant
Woman or Lesbian couple that knows exactly what they want and will
me completely, Mentally as well as Physically, I believe that submission
is a
lifestyle not a role. I am a dynamic person who is fun, yet serious and
very attentive as your slave. Fulfilling your every desire is my only
duty. I can switch if desired and I will try anything once, ANYTHING you
command. I will obey you commands completely and suffer your punishments
willingly. If you are interested in an discreet meeting or an email
relationship (I have written some Femdom stories) I am interested in all.

Haven't you had a fantasy about having a black stud at your beckon call?
watched a movie about slavery and thought "I wished I lived back then, all
the naughty things I could do with my slaves......." Ever watch
Seattle or Canadian Dommes i await your command. Pls. No Professionals.

I am summoned to your chamber to serve you a drink, a I stand there
the tray you order me not to speak or move. I stand there not daring to
look anywhere but straight, wishing I could watch you as you move behind
You slowly look at your slaves body which is dressed in a loin cloth.
I am not able to keep my eyes off you and I look into your eyes, seeing
that your command was disobeyed you lift my loin cloth. I hold my breath
in anticipation as you bring your belt up, then down hard on my ass for
this mistake. Still holding the drink, I thank you for reminding me of
my place and await your desires and command. You take the drink and
command me to my knees. My upper body remains erect as I keel waiting for
your command, you tell me to kiss your feet, then your legs and work my
tongue up your legs. I know that your mound is my reward only if I serve
you well.
I beg and plead in my mind, not daring to voice my thoughts. As you turn
that I may kiss your back and work my way down to your ass.
I must have made a mistake because you turn and slap me telling me I am
worthily to touch you.
My punishment is to be tied to the chair and await your wrath. Will it be
belt, a paddle, a whip, or wax... as the blindfold come down,
and my mouth gagged I can only hope that I will learn from my mistake and
continue where I left off and please you my Mistress. I don't have long
wait as I feel the lash of the whip across my back, I strain against
out, thanking you in my mind, not knowing when the next stroke will fall.
feel the heel of your shoe bite into my leg, then place on my asshole, I
out in pain and pleasure, but the cries are held back by the gag in my
Your words telling me "Don't even think about cumming!" ring in my ears
as the light flashes in my brain each time the whip falls.
Finally, knowing the lesson has been taught and learned.
You untie my hands and feet allowing me to stand, and command my swelling
penis to return to the state it belongs until I have pleased you. This
my hands are tied behind my back, and again I am on my knees prepared to
service your need. You turn away from me and with your ass in my face
me to lick and kiss your back and ass, and this time if you are not
I will suffer a very painful humiliating punishment. I lean forward not
having my hand to support me and lick your body, hoping that my
will please you. After an hour you move dropping me face forward, then
tell me it was barely adequate and that I may lick up to your mound. I do
and smelling the musty sweet odor of you I prepare to lick what I waited
day to taste. I take my time knowing pleasing you will take a while and
you will allow nothing less than perfection. I feel your body shudder
knowing that I have done my job, and again await your next command.

"Pain is a gateway, pleasure a portal.....enter if you dare!" me!

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