The Promise Of A Darker Love

The Promise Of A Darker Love:
Slaves Stories
Tonight was the night, the invitations had been sent...the guests were arriving, as Gina was being towel dried. The four girls assigned to prepare her for the ceremony were meticulous, shaving her pussy lips carefully. Gentle stirrings of pleasure as the razor glided across her delicate folds. Her heart pounded in anticipation, for this was the night she had dreamed of. When thay were finished shaving they applied sweet smelling lotion to her smooth body, rubbing it in delicately as if sympathizing with the pain she would soon be in. They arranged her long auburn locks into a delicate twist, witha few loose tendrils around her face. Her gown, was as white and pure as fresh fallen snow. Gina was a bride on her wedding day, or a lamb on the alter.

The four girls walked with Gina down the ornate staircase into the Grand ballroom. Anyone voyeur unaware of what tonights celebration was would assume this to be a gala event, a high society function. Everyone in their finest attire. All the women in beautiful gowns, and elegant jewelry. The men Dressed in Tuxedos, some with Tails and top hats, some not. Gina was aware of her nipples hardening, her pulse quickening, as her eyes met those of Christopher's. Though his face was stoic and handsome, she caught a glimmer of approval behind his eyes.

"Ladies and Gentleman." Madam Alexander announced, and the music stopped. "Ladies and Gentleman, Tonight is a very special evening for Master Christopher. For He has chosen Gina to be his eternal slave and servant." All eyes turned to Gina at her perch midway down the stairs. The crowd murmured its approval. "Tonight is not only confirmation of his desire to have her, but also a final testimonial of her complete servitude."

The music began again as Gina continued her slow descent down the staircase. She recognized many of those in attendance. How different they all looked out of their fetish attire. Master Joseph and slave pedro, Mistress Jaqueline and her submissive in training Andrew, Master Jaques and his young slave name a few and all dressed so elegantly. Not a whip, chain or flogger in sight. All of their friends were there. Gina reached the bottom of the stairs and was escorted to a stage where her Master Christopher awaited her. He grasped her hand and began to speak.

"Gina tonight is the night you show all of our community that our love exceeds all bounds. That you are not only my lifepartner, but my slave. Completely submissive to me and only me, forever." With this said he kissed her hand and walked off the stage. Tonight was the test of all tests, Gina could not, would not fail.

The lights were dimmed. Mistress Anna came onto the stage. Her gown was of a black vinyl corset and long flowing gown with a train following behind. Her submissive John followed behind, dressed in a tux. Once on the stage sub John unhooked Mistress Anna's gown from her corset. It slid to the floor. Under her gown she wore a black vinyl G-string and 5 inch spike heels. John handed her a whip. The four girls helped Gina out of her gown, and she stood facing the crowd, completely nude. Large C cup breasts topped with mauve nipples. Her nipples stood out from her breasts two inches long. Her flat stomach adorned with an Emerald and Diamond navel ring. Her vagina smooth and damp. Her legs long and tone, her feet bare.

"Turn Around!" Mistress Anna bellowed. Gina turned. "Bend over Whore." Gina Bent.

And the whipping began. Gina's pussy began to dribble her juices down her thigh.The audience counted out the lashes, At 10, Gina climaxed, at 15 she climaxed again, at 25 her pussy was spasming out of control as blood red welts appeared all over her ass. At 40 Gina began to swoon, only to be revived by her "ladies in waiting". When 50, hard lashes were administered. A leather upholstered saw horse was wheeled onto the stage. Sub-John walked her to it and bent her at the waist over it. She was sideways to the audience. Two of the ladies in waiting began attaching nipple clamps to Gina's long nipples.

"Oooooh!" Gina moaned. The other two began massaging a soothing balm into her ass, and her anus.

"Mmmmm!" Gina's body betrayed her as the two ladies attending to her nipples began attaching weights. She could see her nipples being pulled longer and longer. Then both sets of ladies stepped off the stage.

The lights rose slightly as another Person came onto the stage. Gina sought out a Clue from Master Christopher. But his face revealed a devilish grin and boy-like sparkle in his eyes. She felt two enormous hands on her reddened ass.

"Slave Gina...Im going to fuck your ass, I will only stop if you call me Master." Gina recognized the Voice immediately. It was Master Falcon. Master Falcon was 6'6 of Solid man. His penis as big around as a Ginas forearm, and nearly as long. Gina's legs quivered in fear.

"S-sir, I cannot call you master..."Gina sputtered. "The only man I call Master is my Master Christopher."

"We'll See Slut." Gina braced herself, and tried to relax, if she didn't she knew she'd be ripped apart. Her ass cheeks spread wide, master Falcon popped the Huge head into her tight asshole.

"Aaaaaarrrrrrrrhhhhhggggg"Gina moaned in pain. Her ass felt on fire, burning, aching yet craving to feel his entire girth inside her. With one heave he pushed his rock hard cock all the way into her rectum.

"Ohhhhh My Goooooooood!!!!!" She shrieked in pain filled pleasure. Each thrust made the heavy weights on her nipples swing, stretching them further, and turning them a luscious shade of violet. Not realizing it she had had her eyes clenched tight the entire time. She sought out Christopher in the crowd. He was smiling, as two of the "ladies in waiting" were sucking his rigid cock, their beautiful full lips swollowing him in tandem. Gina's eyes burned with tears. Master Falcon continued to stretch her asshole, but she became numb to the pain and only felt pleasure. His thick cock moving in and out as he groaned, Gina began squeezing his cock with her muscles, as she felt another orgasm approaching. In and out he thrust, His long cock practically impaling her as he forced it as deep as possible. His balls slapping her soaking, throbbing pussy.

"Call me Master, you fucking Slut..." Master Falcon Moaned as his cock flew in and out of her slick asshole.

"B-but, I cannot, S-sir...." Gina Moaned as her body was racked with wave after wave or orgasm. Master Falcon unable to take the pulsating of her rectum came in a torrent of pleasure, filling her rectum with his thick, hot Cum.

"Slave Gina You have passed. And now a suprise reward." Master Christopher announced to Gina and the room as his thick, long shiny cock entered her lips. He yanked on the weights hanging from her now purple nipples. She Climaxed strongly, a wet gush escaping her swollen cunt lips, as His Come splashed against her throat, she reveled in its taste, texture and amount.

Gina was cleaned and prepared for the final ceremony. She was layed on a table as a man came to the table and put on a pair of surgical gloves. This man was a stranger to Gina and she was nervous. Her legs wer pulled apart by two of the ladies in waiting. The man took the left side of Ginas labia, swabbed it with alcohol and flattened it into a tong type device. He picked up a curved needle with a golden ring on the end and inserted it through her tough rubbery labia. Gina moaned in pain as the Man attached the ring and wiped it with an alcohol swab. The tears ran uncontrollably down her face.

"Slave Gina, this Gold ring is a token of my never ending love for you. You are bound to me, now and Forever." Master Christophers voice brought Gina back to reality.

Gina beamed in pride. Knowing she had made her Master proud, anxious for her praise she knew she would later recieve.

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