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Dog Slave:
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Dog Slave, by scarlett minx

I had been on pins and needles all week. Ever since Jay called to invite
up to see him and Mindy, along with the cryptic comment "Be ready for
something special." I have enjoyed my visits with them, going whenever my
days off corresponded with theirs. I loved visiting them not only for the
sex with them or their dogs, but also for the growing friendship I felt
between us. Besides, it had been over a week and while cybersex and toys
are a vice I probably over-indulge in, they don't make up for the real thing.
Besides, my four-legged lovers are always so glad to see me that I can't
bear to be away from them for too long. So I packed my day bag with a few
essentials; slave collar in case I was in the sub role, elbow-length leather
gloves if I was the DOM, my enema/douche bag, make-up and perfume, wrist and
leg cuffs, and my favorite whip. Just what every girl needs for a Saturday
of fun. With my 'essentials' in the front seat, I started the hour and a
half drive to their place.

When I got there, Jay greeted me with a hug and a kiss. He told me Mindy was
inside fixing us lunch. I went to take a shower and to use the enema/douche
bag to get clean. While in the downstairs shower, Jay joined me and let me
give him an enema as well. Except for some frisky play, we didn't do much
other than get each other worked up. After the shower we dried each other
off and I put on some fresh make-up and perfume. Wearing one of his shirts
as a robe, I joined them for a light lunch. Mindy had set my bag on the
table and as we ate she took out my collar. This let me know I would be in a
submissive role today. That's one of the great things about our relationship;
since we are all switches, the combinations are unpredictable from visit to
visit. While eating the 'boys' came inside, begging for scraps and generally
looking for attention as dogs like to do. Bruno kept sticking his nose under
the shirt and trying to lick me. All his attention was getting me a little
excited. Jay saw this and nodded to Mindy, passing some silent signal. When
I asked what was going on they just smiled and told me to finish my lunch.
Their tones let me know both of them would be assuming DOM roles and the
thought of serving both of them as well as playing with the dogs. Bruno and
Pug, was enough to make my nipples start to harden and my cunt begin to heat
up. I hurriedly finish my lunch, anxious to see what they had planned.

Jay buckled my collar around my neck, signifying our game had begun. Mindy
ordered me to clean the table while Jay took my bag with him. He also took
the dogs away. After I had cleared the table and put the dishes in the
dishwasher, Mindy ordered my to "assume the position." I stood with my legs
spread, shoulders back, hands clasped behind my neck with my eyes down. She
slowly unbuttoned Jay's shirt, and pulled it open.

As I stood there with my ringed nipples exposed, she pinched them lightly and
asked, "Are these healed yet?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied.

"Good." Reaching into the pocket of her skirt, she pulled out a chain with
clasps at each end. This was suspended between my breasts, clipped to each
ring. "Your nipples have had it easy for too long, slave." With this she
hung a small two ounce weight on the chain.

I struggled to remain silent. My recent piercings had sensitized my nipples
to the point where a weight I used to handle with ease was now incredibly
painful. As my nipples began to burn, they lit another fire down in my
pussy, and I could feel myself becoming wet with anticipation. As I stood
there, Mindy began to undress before me. She put on a show for me, stripping
slowly with great care. She would lean close to me, letting me smell her
perfume. Finally, she pulled off her panties. They were blue lace and as I
watched, she rubbed them between the darkening lips of her sex. As me
breathing became heavier and heavier, she held them under my nose. I could
smell her scent on them, sweet and rich, making my mouth water.

"Want a taste, slave?"

"Yes Mistress," I replied meekly.

"We will see." With that she stepped away as Jay walked into the kitchen.
He had removed his clothes as well, his uncircumcised penis hanging between
his lean thighs. The sight of it was enough to make the temperature between
my own thighs go up a few more degrees.

"Is the slave prepared?" he asked.

"Yes Sir," Mindy replied.

This let me know the hierarchy for today. Jay was the Master while Mindy and
I were subservient to him. Apparently I was the below Mindy, meaning I would
have to serve her as well. Smiling inwardly, I was happy with the
arrangement. I prefer to sub, and serving both of them was too good to be

"Follow slave." Jay ordered.

I followed him out of the kitchen and into the spare bedroom they had set up
as a playroom. Mindy followed behind me carrying my bag with her. The
shades had been drawn, darkening the room. Several candles had been lit and
gave off a faint glow. The smell of jasmine incense burning filled the air.
The futon bed had been unfolded and Jay indicated I should sit on the bed.
Mindy led Bruno into the room on a leash, and tied the handle around the
doorknob. Jay turned on the CD player, and the soft sound of Enigma filled
the room

"Hands down," he ordered as Mindy got a the box of toys out of the closet. I
lowered my hands and Jay pulled his shirt off me, leaving me naked except for
the weighted chain attached to my now-hard nipples. He stood before me, his
now stiffening cock just inches from my face. I stared at it hungrily,
hoping he would allow me to please him. "Do you want this?" he asked,
grabbing it around the base and waving it slowly in front of my face.

"Yes Sir, please.."

"We'll see. Close your eyes."

I shut my eyes. After a second or two, I felt something lightly touch my
lips. I opened my mouth, eager to taste my Master's cock.

"No, I didn't say open your mouth slave," he said in an angry tone.

I quickly shut my mouth. In a moment I felt it again, the satiny hardness of
his cock being drawn softly over my lips. Fearful of angering him again, I
kept my lips shut tight and concentrated on swallowing all the saliva my
mouth was producing. He ran his cock all over my face, caressing me with it.
Rubbing my lips, my cheeks, the bridge of my nose. As he rubbed it over my
lips again, I could feel a trail of moisture, precum now leaking from the
swollen head of his prick. I wanted so badly to lick it off my lips, but I
was sure this was a test of my obedience. I concentrated on just inhaling
deeply, smelling the sharp odor of his excitement. I could feel the first
droplets of my own lubrication begin to trickle out of my pussy as he
continued his erotic massage.

"Open your eyes."

I did and was rewarded with the sight of his now erect cock just inches in
front of me. I could see the head poking from the foreskin, purple and plump
looking. The very tip was shiny with precum, and I moaned a little with my
desire to lick the wet spot.

Mindy knelt beside him and guided his cock between her painted lips. She had
put on a heavy coat of lipstick and as I watched, proceeded to leave streaks
of it over the head and along the shaft of his cock. She rolled her eyes at
me and smiled, letting me know how much she was enjoying herself. As I
watched, Jay put his hand on the back of my neck and pulled me closer to the
action. I could see her saliva glistening on the shaft, the little bubbles
of spit in the corner of her mouth as she slid it in and out of her lips. As
I listened, I could hear the soft sucking sounds she made, along with Jay's
moans of pleasure.

"Mindy, you may pleasure yourself," Jay said. Mindy reached down and began
to play with herself. Watching this made me more mindful of my own neglected
pussy. I was dripping already, my thighs wet and slick with perspiration.
While I watched Mindy give Jay a skillful blow job mere inches from my face,
he stroked the sides of my face with his warm hand. He pressed his thumb
against my lips, "Suck!"

I opened my lips, and sucked his thumb like a small child. Pretending it was
his cock, I tried to copy Mindy's movements. Jay began to slowly thrust in
and out of his wife's mouth. Oh how I longed to feel him slip that cock into
my mouth, to taste him, to feel to smooth engorged head slip across my
tongue. I bobbed my head back and forth, swirling my tongue around his thumb,
hoping I could tempt him into giving me what I wanted.

"Enough," he ordered, pulling himself out of our mouths. I looked at Mindy,
seeing the thick red lipstick smeared across her lips, her eyes bright with
lust. "Restrain her."

With these words, Mindy began to fasten my cuffs around my ankles and wrists.
Jay crouched beside me, his cock hanging hard and swollen between his parted
thighs. I stared at it, the object of my desires. Jay grasped my chin and
firmly pulled my gaze to meet his. Looking into his blue eyes, I felt like a
bird ensnared by a snake.

Smiling, he asked, "What is your safe-word?"

"Apple, Master"

"Very well."

Mindy pulled two spreader bars from under the futon. Each of my leg cuffs
was attached to an end of the first spreader bar. The second bar was placed
behind me, across the small of my back. My hands were cuffed to the ends of
this bar. Jay had me lay back, my feet dangling off the end of the futon.
Mindy handed Jay a feather and kept one for herself. With that my torture
began. They softly stroked my body with the soft plumes. My breasts, my
nipples were their first targets. From there they went in opposite
directions, Mindy working to tease and caress my face, ears and shoulders.
Jay moved lower, stroking my sides, my tummy, and lower. Mindy played her
feather across my brow, tickled my eyelids. Jay worked the feather over my
legs, and to the soles of my feet. I was loving the attention, and hating it
too. So soft and sensuous while teasing and light at the same time. To feel
it brush across my nipples and clit at the same time was exquisite agony and
pleasure at the same time. Whatever I had expected, this wasn't it. I soon
found myself writhing and straining to press myself against the tormenting
feathers, but they just rested their bodies on the spreader bars, keeping me
pinned and helpless.

Soon I was begging them, begging them to stop, to touch me harder, just
begging for the sake of begging because it was all I could do. Mindy would
occasionally brush her tits with their swollen nipples across my face, never
allowing me the taste I so desired. I could feel Jay's hard-on press into my
leg as he worked the feather across my clit and puffy labia.

"Do you want to cum, slave?"

"Yes Mistress, please make me cum." I begged and pleaded, my body drenched
in sweat. My breath was coming in gasps and pants and I felt dizzy with
desire for my two lovers.

Mindy nodded to her husband and he moved away from us. She set down the
feather and began to run her fingernails across my skin, knowing I can't
withstand the feeling. I begged and pleaded, praying out loud for the
delicious torture and torment to end. Jay returned with Bruno in tow. Mindy
turned my head towards them and had me watch Jay's actions. As I watched, he
began to fondle Bruno's sheath. As he did this, Mindy dripped her fingers
between my legs, rubbing my outer lips softly. She held her fingers out to
Bruno, who eagerly licked them clean.

"Oh his tongue is so hot Robyn, can't you imagine how it would feel on your
bald little pussy? Look at his prick grow, so big and hard. Can't you just
feel it inside you? Would you like that, slave?"

"Yes Mistress, please let me fuck him!" I pleaded as I watched Jay stroke
Bruno to full erection.

"NO !!" she yelled, cruelly yanking the chain between my nipples. I nearly
came at that moment, so very, very close. As I lay there trembling and
shaking uncontrollably, Mindy whispered angrily in my ear, "You don't do
anything, understand? You are a slave and slaves serve, they don't take. I
don't care what you want and neither does Jay, understand that you little

"Yes Mistress," I whispered, truly afraid. As I watched, Jay began to lick
Bruno's shaft, running his tongue over the red shaft faster and faster. Mindy
kept up her erotic monologue, describing the action and making me wish it was

By now tears of frustration were running down my face. As I watched
helplessly, Bruno began to shoot precum into Jay's mouth. Holding Bruno
still, he pulled off him and leaned over my face. As I looked on, he and
Mindy kissed right above my face, sharing the precum between them. As they
broke apart, Jay let a few drops slip off his lips and fall onto my face.
Two drops landed on my forehead, and one on my left cheek. They felt so hot
I was sure they would leave blisters. I frantically tried to taste the drop
on my cheek, extending and licking with my tongue like some cheap slut,
totally beyond caring how I must look to them.

Jay moved Bruno to the foot of the bed. I looked past my heaving tits, I
could see Jay hold Bruno back as the dog tried to get between my legs.

"Would you like to have him lick that hot pussy, slave?" Mindy asked.

"Yes Mistress, please may I have him lick me, please, please, please.." I

"Oh it's not up to me, ask your Master," she replied, tugging lightly on the
nipple chain. Each pull sent a bolt of electricity right to my cunt.

"Please Master Jay, please may I have Bruno lick my cunt?" I begged.

"No slave, you have to ask your Master," he said with a chuckle.

I was confused, and I guess it showed on my face. It was so hard to think
straight, and I desperately tried to make sense of their words.

"Ask your Master," Jay repeated, shaking Bruno's collar for emphasis.

I stared at him in disbelief. I looked at Mindy but saw the same
determination in her eyes as well. I couldn't believe they wanted me to do
this. They both know I don't use the word Master lightly. How could they
expect this of me, to submit my will to a dog, an animal not even human.
Sobbing, I struggled to gain some mental equilibrium but Mindy kept tugging
my nipples, and Jay started to run his fingers over my inner thighs.

"Ask your Master," they both started chanting, in time with Mindy's pulls on
my tits. I tried to resist but I couldn't stand it any longer.

Sobbing, I whispered, "please Master Bruno, lick me."

"Louder slave, he didn't hear you."

"Please Master Bruno, lick me."


"PLEASE MASTER BRUNO, LICK MY CUNT !!" I screamed, crying hysterically. I
kept repeating it over and over, the words searing themselves into my brain.

Jay released Bruno and he scrambled between my outstretched thighs. He dove
into my overheated cunt, his rough tongue scraping across my sensitive clit
peeking from its hood. Within moments, a powerful orgasm blasted through me.
I writhed and struggled in my bonds, as wave after wave of pleasure crashed
down on me.

I felt Bruno pull away as Jay dragged my legs further off the bed. I felt
Bruno's weight on my tummy as he began to mount me. Jay struggled to hold him
back as I felt the tip of his cock poke at the entrance of my pussy.

"Do you want it, Robyn?" Mindy asked.

"Yes Mistress," I answered, dreading what was coming.

"Then ask your Master."

"Please Master Bruno, fuck your slave bitch," I sobbed, broken.

With that I felt his cock slid into me, and that powerful, primal thrusting
begin. Nothing but hard fast pounding from my magnificent animal Master,
rapidly building me up to another orgasm. Within moments I began to cum, one
on top of the other as he drove that cock into me, the tip bumping into my
cervix painfully. I could feel the hard mass of his knot stretch my cunt
with every stroke, as it pounded against my clit.

"He's going to cum soon, slave. Is that what you want?" Jay asked.

"Yes Master Bruno, cum inside me!" I begged.

"But what if you get pregnant, Robyn?" Mindy asked teasingly.

God help me I was so far gone at this point I didn't care anymore. While I
know it is impossible, the mental image of me with a swollen belly, carrying
a litter of pups was so outrageous, so erotic I exploded in one of the most
powerful orgasms I have ever had. I could feel him thrust his knot inside my
stretched pussy as I began to see flashes of light. Waves of pleasure so
intense they burned swept through me. I tried to cry out but all that came
out of my mouth were animalistic grunts and squeals as I lost myself in the

As it slowly subsided, I could feel the tugging as Bruno shifted. We were
tied with him on top of me. Mindy held him still as Jay stroked me, calming
and soothing me. He massaged my shoulders and arms, kissed and sucked my
nipples. Great heaving sobs were pouring out of me, and I felt so spent. It
was almost as if I had lost connection with my own body. After a few minutes
Bruno pulled out of my sore pussy. As he did, Mindy immediately began to
lick and suck my cunt. She was not gentle, using her teeth as well as her
lips and tongue. As I gasped from the fresh sensations ripped through my
swollen sex. Jay straddled my head, pushing the head of his erection into my
mouth. I sucked as best I could, but he would have none of that.

"Don't swallow, bitch," he ordered as he began to violently fuck my face. He
thrust in hard and fast, bruising my lips as he used my mouth. At the same
time Mindy was chewing on my clit and lips, sucking the semen Bruno had let
in me out into her mouth. I quickly came again, the rough treatment being
just what I wanted from them. I felt Jay's cock jerk and twitch in my mouth,
then begin flooding it with his rich cum. When he pulled out, I had his load
in my mouth, and I opened my lips to show him I had followed his orders.
Mindy moved up and spat some of the cum she had collected from my well-fucked
pussy into my mouth. They took turns french-kissing me, tasting the mixture
of our cum and spit. When they were done, they unsnapped the cuffs from my
wrists and legs. They tried to pull me up but I was too weak and I just
huddled on my knees, hugging their legs, holding on for dear life. I was
still sobbing and sniffling. Finally, Jay pulled me to my feet. Mindy tilted
my head up so I could meet their gazes. As I tried to focus my tear-filled
eyes on their faces, I was amazed to see the tears and emotions in their own
eyes. I broke down again, tears of joy and release streaming down my cheeks.
I threw myself into their arms, and tried to hug them to death. I was
babbling at this point, trying to cover their faces with my kisses. To be
locked in a three-way embrace with these two special people was too prefect
for words, I cannot describe it. We laid on the futon, cuddling, kissing,
and stroking till I regained some of my composure. Jay brought us some cool
drinks and we relaxed, just enjoying the feel of each other. Bruno and the
other dog, Pug joined us on the rapidly shrinking futon. When I had rested
enough, I was my turn to please them.

The End.

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