The Spank Paddle

The Spank Paddle:
Spanking Stories
As a pledge in a fraternity one of my assignments was to make a paddle for my big brother. It had to about three feet long with a handle on one end with a list of his accomplishments while in college on it. With the help of the fraternity members my pledge brothers an I got the necessary wood, sandpaper and stenciling together and set to work.

The fraternity had a store room behind the gym in the athletic complex. We set up shop there and started making paddles. After cutting, sanding, lettering, and finish coating my paddle was done. I was standing outside the store room admiring my finished product when my girlfriend walked up. Cathy stood 5' 7" with long curly black hair, big brown eyes and a beautiful smile." That's dangerous looking, planning on using it on anyone I know?" she asked pointing to the paddle. She had a twinkle in her eye that usually meant she had something deviant in mind.

"I hope you don't intend to punish me" she said as she swung her nice round ass towards me. She liked to be spanked during sex but this would something new. "I'd better get going I'm late for work" she said before I came up with an answer. "Will you be home later?" she asked. I told her that I would and after a kiss she walked down the hall swinging her ass and turned to look as she went with that twinkle still in her eye.

Later that day I was at my apartment studying when the door rang. Cathy was standing at the door, glistening in sweat. She had gone for a jog after work and decided to stop by my place. She asked for a glass of water and sat on the couch. As I handed her the water I noticed her clothes. The T shirt was OLD. The color had faded to almost white and there were little holes in from being washed to many times. Her puffy nipples showed right through the sweat soaked rag. She had tattered cut of jeans on instead of her usual gym shorts. The shorts had a piece of rope through the belt loops.

"Oh there it is! she exclaimed as she spied the paddle standing in the corner. She got up and walked to it, the twinkle returning to her eye. She picked the paddle up, and took a golfing stance, swinging the paddle as if at practice. Her shapely round tits were bouncing back and forth, barely contained by the sweat drenched T shirt.

"Yeah this might be fun" she said to no one in particular, and then licked her lips as she continued to swing. By this point my cock was rock hard and fantasies were running through my head like a locomotive. She laid the paddle down and sat down next to me. "I have a proposition for you" she almost whispered in a sly tone. "What's that?" I asked. "If you can take me, you can paddle me."

At that she lunged at me! She pushed me on the floor and pulled my one arm behind me pinning it. This was no joke, Cathy was in excellent shape! As she sat on my back she leaned in and said "Cum on sissy, can't the little boy handle his woman" and then she laughed. Thoroughly enjoying herself she began to twist my arm. Reaching around with my free arm I tried to grab her but all I got was her shirt. I heard a loud RIP! as I pulled and Cathy laughed harder then bit my arm. I managed to pull my knees up under me and levered her off my side.

She lay on the floor giggling, her shirt torn up one side. She reached up and grabbed my nipple through my shirt and twisted HARD! "You bitch!" I screamed as I grabbed the tear in her shirt and pulled hard. The shirt tore across her chest exposing her large hard nipples.

I grabbed one and dug in with my finger nails. She inhaled deeply and smiled as if she expected that. She pulled my hand away and tried to get up but she only made it to a kneeling position.

I got behind her and while I held her across the chest with one arm I reached around with the other and unzipped her pants. Cathy was fighting me but not with all her strength. The coffee table was just in front of us. I pulled the rope out of Cathy's pants and put the open loop on one end around her wrist. I pushed her chest down onto the table and wrapped the rope around one of the legs. I grabbed her other arm and forced it under the table. With some difficulty I got the other end of the rope around her wrist and tied it.

Standing over her I said " Now I'm gonna paddle ya." First I reached down and grabbed what was left of the shirt. It tore easily up to the sleeve and collar were it ripped away. kneeling down beside her I pulled her shorts off. As I knelt there I leaned in and bit one of her cheeks hard. I stood and got the paddle and touched it to her ass. "Please be gentle sir, I've tried to be good" she said. WHACK! The blow drove her forward and she yelped in genuine surprise. WHACK! She yelped again but said nothing. WHACK! "Oh Yes!" She cried. WHACK! I swung a little harder. WHACK! "Thats it harder!" WHACK! "OH Yes spank my ass!" WHACK! "Ohhhh"WHACK! "hhhh" WHACK! "hhhh that's ittttttt!" She screamed.

I stood back and admired my handiwork. Her ass was glowing red. Pussy juice was pouring down her thighs and her pubic hair was soaked. I turned the paddle around in my hands and started to rub its handle on her clit. The response was immediate as she jerked forward with a sharp gasp. After her initial surprise, Cathy started to slide herself back and forth on the handle. "So this is was they mean by a woody" she giggled as she slid across the handle. "Stick it inside me" she half moaned as she warmed up. "Oh my God " she cried as I bypassed her pussy and started working on her anus.

I didn't push hard. I turned the paddle back and forth and the handle started to penetrate her ass. "OHHH GOD! she screamed this time as the handle slid into her ass. Cathy pulled forward on the table which allowed her to reach a hand to her pussy. She worked her clit as I began to push the handle in and out of her ass. Wild spasms began to rock her as I pumped the handle in and out. Her breath was coming in short gasps and she was stroking wildly on her clit. Her anus had loosened up and the handled was sliding in and out fairly easily now. Cathy was actually sliding back and forth on it.

"I want you to fuck me!" she yelled. I pushed the handle into her ass as far as it would go then layed the paddle on a chair I pulled over. Straightening up I pulled my pants off. I walked to the coffee table and straddled it in front of her face. "No Darlin' I want you to suck me off." I took her head in my hands and stuck my dick in her mouth. Her tongue slid nicely along the shaft of my cock as I pushed her head up and down. Cathy obliged, taking my woody to the back of her throat. She was a master at the art of the blow job. Still stroking her pussy, I could feel her moans as I pumped my cock back and forth in her face. Heating up I pushed and pulled harder on her head. As I exploded I pulled my cock out and shot jis all over her face. She hardly noticed as she climaxed stroking her pussy with the paddle still stuck in her ass.

After a good wiping down my big brother never new the adventure his paddle had seen.

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