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To old to spank ?:
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Subject: Too old to spank?

Date: 6 Oct 1996 20:17:03 GMT

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Little did I know that having a fight with my sister and the

two of us being punished like we were little children would lead to

the most exciting sexual experience of my life. I am a senior in

high school and my sister is going to the community college nearby.

Neither of us ever seemed to hit it off with long term serious

relationships. Like any siblings we nag and argue with each other

almost constantly. One summer day we were standing in my sister's

room yelling at each other over some trivial thing. My mother had

it! She stormed into the room and screamed at us that we were

acting like a couple of bratty kids and she'd treat us that way.

She grabbed my sister's hairbrush off her dresser and then

grabbed me by the arm and sat on the bed. I was so stunned I

didn't react. She sat on the bed, reached over and jerked my

shorts and underwear down past my knees. She was going to spank me!

She hadn't done that to either of us in the last five years!

Tugging on my arm she dragged me across her bare thighs with my

cock and balls hanging down between them. She grabbed the

hairbrush and started spanking my upraised ass. It hurt like hell,

but the feel of my cock rubbing Mom's thighs and the warmth of my

butt excited me. About 20 strokes later she finally stopped and

stood me up. My pants were around my ankles, my cock partially

erect, and I had a very red, sore ass. My sister watched this with

glee figuring that Mom had taken her side in the dispute. She also

snuck more than a few glances at my partially stiff cock during and

after the spanking.

Was she surprised when Mom grabbed her! Her shorts and

panties flew down her legs and her white, naked ass replaced mine

across Mom's lap. I had seen her get spanked when we were kids and

misbehaved years before but this time it had a different impact on

me. My sister needs to lose about 20 pounds but it sure fleshed out

her ass and tits. As she sprawled across Mom's lap with the

hairbrush reddening her ass her T-shirt slid up and let her bra

covered tits hang out. The bra was a sheer nylon one and I could

see her nipples clearly. I stared at my sister's naked ass and

tits, both bouncing from Mom's paddling. Her squeals from the

spanking, caused my prick to stiffen despite my sore ass. My

sister definitely noticed it between the tears as she looked over.

Moments later her spanking ended and my mother stood her up and I

got a good view of the blonde pubic hair covering her plump pussy.

My mother looked at me and nervously told me to cover myself up and

we were sent to our rooms like little kids while she went shopping.

I went to my room with a sore butt. The image of my sister's

red ass, coupled with her full tits and fur covered pussy dominated

my thoughts. My cock was jerking around inside my shorts when I

went to my room. As soon as I heard Mom leave my shorts and

underwear were around my ankles and I was looking into the mirror

at my reddened ass while stroking my stiff cock. Before I reached

my peak I heard a knock on the door.

It had to be my sister, no one else was home. I pulled up my

pants over my horny cock. I opened the door to my sister's tear

stained face. She was holding a bottle of skin cream. "My ass is

burning, I'll rub cream into your ass if you'll do it for me".

This sounded like a great idea to me and I told her so. I pulled

off my T-shirt and kicked off my shorts and underwear. My cock was

still rigid and she gave it a long look as I walked over to the bed

and lay face down. I spread my thighs so she could see my balls

lying there.

She poured the cool cream on my burning ass and slowly started

to rub it in. The cream helped cool my ass, but her warm hands

rubbing my ass and thighs did nothing for my hot cock. I groaned

as she pushed down on my ass, shoving my cock into the bed. When

she reached down and stroked my balls I almost lost it. I rolled

over with my prick twitching. "Make me come" I begged. "I'm your

sister" was her shocked response. "Please, I can't stand it" and

cupped my very full balls. Her gaze was focused on my stiff meat.

"How? I've never done it to a boy before" I took her hand and

wrapped it around my prick. "Just rub it up and down for a couple

of minutes" I croaked. The sight of her erect nipples under her T-shirt and

knowing it was my sister's hand jerking me off brought me

to a spectacular come in a very short time. She finished milking

it out slowly and then took some tissues and cleaned up my cum

sputtered chest and stomach.

"Your turn now" I said after I caught my breath and stood up,

still naked. Her eyes were glazed as she stared at my softening

cock. She slowly removed her T-shirt and bra and dropped her pants

and stepped out of them. Like I said, she needed to lose 20 pounds

but her tits and hips were full and soft. The only experiences I

had were backseat gropings in the dark so I hadn't seen a naked

woman up close, much less my sister. Her nipples were huge and

stiff, they looked like oversized red erasers pointing out from

pale white mounds. She lay face down on the bed where I had just

been laying.

Her ass was even redder than mine. The sight started my cock

twitching and when she parted her thighs I got to see her soft

pussy lips nestled in her pale pubic hair. I took the cream and

squirted it onto her ass, it looked like cum. I stroked her ass

lightly, gently rubbing the cream in. After a couple of minutes I

squirted more on and started to rub harder on her plump cheeks. My

circles widened to include the top of her thighs, and then the

inside of her thighs. She moaned softly and spread her legs wider

giving me a fantastic view of the wetness oozing from her pussy.

The next circle took my fingers across the outer lips and she

hunched her hips up asking for more. As my finger slowly slid

between her lips she closed her legs and sobbed, "No, your my

brother, I shouldn't". I shoved my fingers further in and said

"turn over, I want to make you come".

She almost broke my arm as she rolled over onto her back and

spread her legs. "I need it so badly, watching you get spanked

turned me on so much, and then when Mom did me and I saw you

staring at me and your cock rising.." I lay down next to her and

moved my hand up to that wet, open box. Her hard nippled tits were

right by my mouth so I sucked one into my mouth. She jumped,

screamed, and came all at the same time. I had learned a few

things during my backseat action and after sliding three fingers

into her pussy and moving them around I moved to her clit. It was

the biggest I'd ever felt! My wet fingers slid back and forth over

her clit while she moaned and gasped. The next three orgasms came

hard and fast. I was dying to see a pussy up close and her large

clit intrigued me. I moved my face between her legs and stared at

her snatch. Her clit was just too inviting. I gave it a big

french kiss and sucked it into my mouth. She went crazy, her ass

was bouncing all over the sheets. I slid two fingers in her pussy

and one up her ass while I kept sucking. My cock was rigid and I

figured the time was ripe for the first fuck of my life.

I moved to her lips and started to slip it in. "No, that's

incest! I won't let you inside me." My best arguements and

pleadings were finally sucessful and she spread her legs for me.

"I'm still a virgin, don't hurt me". Her words suprised me, the way

she humped my fingers I figured she'd gotten laid before this. We

were both losing our cherries at the same time! I knelt between her

legs, my cock quivering in anticipation. If she hadn't brought me

off just before I probably would have come looking at her. I leaned

forward and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her lips

and slowly pushed forward. It was so warm and wet. I felt as light

resistance and it stopped me for a moment. I pulled back and

slammed in as hard as I could. Whatever resisitance that was there

parted before my cock and I was in the the hilt. Shelly let out a

short squeal and then just lifted her legs to let me continue to

thrust. "I don't have any protection, don't come in me". My

churning hips didn't really want to hear that, but as my orgasm

approached I drew my cock out. I lay on top of her and continued to

hump, the friction between my well lubricated cock and her flesh

brought me to an exhausting come. As I rolled off her Shelly

grabbed my hand and placed it on her cunt. "Make me come more". I

summoned up the energy to bring her off three more times before she

was sated. I used the tissues to clean up my come and the small

trace of blood betwen her legs. "It hardly hurt at all, maybe

fingering myself opened me up". I laughed, and for the first time

gave her a long tongue kiss. After we were fucking, I figured

kissing was OK.

We lay back together, a new feeling between us. We were both

still wound up and we talked about how we felt. It turns out that

each of us thought getting spanked was a turn on and that we liked

each other's bodies. Mom was home! Shelly jumped up and grabbed

her clothes and dashed to her room, tits and butt cheeks bouncing.

A minute later Mom came up stairs and called us out of our rooms.

"You seem to be acting nicer now, just remember, if you get out of

line again I am going to spank you the same way!" As she went

downstairs my sister and I looked at each other with enigmatic

smiles and said "we wouldn't want that to happen".


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