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Virgin 16:
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Virgin, 16

by Plainman

Princess: Judy honey? Sometimes I wonder if you really

know what it's like to be me.

Judy: Oh I'm sure I don't know THAT, Princess - but I do

know you pretty well - probably better than anyone else does.

Princess: So - tell me a story about me.

Judy: Hmmm - I can't tell stories as well as you do,

Princess - I don't have your words...

Princess: It's not a competition.

Judy: Ok - I've always thought I sort of understood your

masochist thing, even if I don't go that way myself - let me

try something on that - let's see... So, this is it - you are

speaking - you are sixteen...


The boy was very sweet, a little geeky, but smart and

funny. We worked on the school paper together, and we had a

nice friendship, based on both of us being out-of-it

intellectual types. Finally he asked me out. I had my

girlfriend Judy, but of course that was a big secret - and she

had a boyfriend, and I wanted one too, and not JUST for the


I had been lusting from afar after another guy, a dark,

muscular, inconsiderate boy in the vocational program at

school, who was known to have slept with half the bad girls in

my class. But of course that one paid no attention to me. If he

had by some miracle asked me out, he would have assumed I

wanted to be another notch on his gun, and I would have been

offended and pushed him away when he closed in - and he would

have wondered, probably would have said, who did I think I was.

It had been that way once before - I had rejected the president

of the debate club, an inferior substitute for my fantasy man,

when on our first date, swelling with entitlement, he had tried

to put his hands all over me.

This boy, my date tonight - he wouldn't have done anything

if I hadn't slipped my hand into his in the movie. But that had

emboldened him, and afterwards he had driven us to a parking

spot, and we had taken off our glasses and kissed and kissed.

After we'd kissed long enough that our lips were bruised and

our tongues were getting tired, I sort of slipped my body down

some and that got him to lie halfway across me in the front

seat. Pretty soon he was pressing one leg between mine, and

when I felt his hardness through his jeans against my thigh I

didn't move away.

He rubbed against me, and finally he cupped a

hand around one of my breasts through my blouse. When he

squeezed it gently, I wanted to feel more, so I unfastened my

top two buttons and invited him inside. Now his fingers crept

down under my bra and touched a bare nipple, and I felt kind of

an electric connection to my lower belly, more intense from

this strange hand than when I touched myself in bed at night,

and different too from Judy's hand when she touched me there,

more foreign somehow, him being a boy.

Now I really wanted him up against me between my legs, and

so I slid further under him, rubbing back against him, my legs

around his thigh. After what seemed only a few seconds of this

he made a couple of hard thrusts, stiffened, groaned, and then

slumped and said he was sorry. I said it was OK, I liked him,

he was nice, he shouldn't worry. But he was embarrassed and

wouldn't really look right at me any more, and pretty soon he

did drive me home - it was past time. I leaned over and kissed

him before I left the car, but he was all stiff and awkward,

and seemed to want me to leave.

It was later than I'd told my mother I'd be home, but she

didn't say anything about that when I came in. She called from

her bedroom and asked me if the date had been nice, and I said

it had been, and she said "that's nice, dear." She had told me

a couple months before that it would be OK with her if I

started on birth control pills - "You know, sweetie, you're

getting to an age when..." I had blushed and said "Oh Mom, I

don't do anything like that!" and we hadn't spoken of it


And of course that was a lot more than I had said to my

Dad on the subject, or he to me. When I visited him on

weekends, he always seemed a funny mixture of glad and

surprised to see me, looking up out of his books and papers

with his sweet smile, and then kidding with me, and talking

with me about ideas and current events like an adult when we

went to dinner together. If ever I asked him for something, he

said "of course, Princess," and joked about the diamond tiara I

would be getting for my next birthday. But really he DID do

practically anything I asked him to do for me, so I was careful

not to ask for very much, except in our little jokes about the

tiara and all.

I stopped to kiss Mom good night in her bed, and then went

to my room and undressed and put on my long t-shirt with no

panties, and got into bed and turned out the light. My body was

still tingling - my nipples were erect, little separate centers

of pleasure and agitation. I thought about Judy telling me how

her boyfriend had made her come by touching between her legs,

slipping his fingers under the elastic of her panties and

feeling her wetness and making her clitty hot and hard by

swirling the moisture around it, and how in return she had

opened his pants and taken his hard erection out through the

gap in his underpants, and licked her hand to moisten it, and

stroked him, and made him come.

I pictured how she must have been, with her legs apart and skirt up,

her head thrown back, and mouth wide open in passion and moaning like she

does. And then her little hand on his big hard jutting cock, sliding it up

and down - the way I had seen my brother do it, watching him through the

bathroom keyhole. I remembered the shocking look of the big awkward

appendage, and the sudden amazing eruption of the white stuff, a long

spurt, and then several successively shorter ones. I pictured it on my

hand and some of it on my face and in my hair. It seemed kind of gross

-and kind of exciting.

That had me pretty hot, and I buried my head between two

pillows and concentrated on my favorite fantasy, the one that

always finished me off. I was with the bad boy on the couch in

a dark living room, and he was demanding and rough and

aggressive with me, and I loved it, and said dirty words to

him, and he grunted and thrust into me, his hairy hard-muscled

body crushing me into the old couch. And then I was caught by

my strict old-fashioned parents, and I knew what I had coming

to me, and it happened just like that, in front of a bunch of


As the painful, humiliating, sexy images ran through my

mind, I played with my nipples, and then I turned on on my

stomach and put both hands between my legs. The sheets were off

my bare bottom and I imagined this stern older man looking down

at me, holding the strap in his hand. I felt my wetness through

the mat of hair, and I brought the moisture around my clit,

swirling it with two fingers of one hand while with the other

one I played with my outer lips and the little smooth spot of

flesh behind my opening. I felt the heat and tension gather and

intensify, then I hunched and clenched against my fingers, and

it exploded, and spread out all through my body, to the tips of

my ears and my toes, and I heard my own little groan coming as

if from someone else.

I left my hands there as I felt my muscles let go, and I

sank down into the warmth and darkness. Darkness...

Now I was coming home from a date, walking out of the

darkness up the front path and toward the lighted porch of the

farmhouse. My legs were shaking, from a combination of guilt

and excitement at what I had been doing with the boy in the

car, and fear at what might await me inside the house. I had

the best mom in the world, but she had always been strict and

old-fashioned, and since she had remarried, my stepfather, a

big mucky-muck at the church we attended, had made things

positively medieval.

Among the things they were strictest about was the rules

about going out at night. I was required to tell them where I

was going and when I would be back, and I wasn't to go anywhere

else or get back any later. Well, tonight I had said I was

going to the movies with Eddie, and we would stop for a soda

afterwards. That would get me home by midnight, and here it was

1:30 in the morning, the latest I had ever stayed out. My only

hope was that they had gone to bed early, assuming that because

I had always been such a good girl everything would go on

schedule. Or maybe, even if they caught me, they would decide I

was too old for THAT, and I could get away with just being

grounded for a while.

My head was spinning and my body was still pulsing at what

had happened. I wouldn't have believed I was capable of losing

control of myself that way. I'm used to being popular, being a

cheerleader and looking the way I do and all...

Princess: Aha, Princess dreams she's Judy.

Judy: But still also Princess...

...and I had been allowed to go out on dates in cars since I

turned fifteen, as long as the boys were approved and I said

where I was going and came back on time. A lot of the boys

tried to kiss me when we went out, and I let a few of them do

it and learned how much fun it could be to kiss back, but our

sessions were always short, and I never let them get beyond

kissing - before Eddie.

This was our fifth date, and things had been rushing along

so fast I couldn't wait to see him. At the end of the last

date, after we had kissed and kissed and rubbed against each

other, he said he loved me, and I said I loved him. I couldn't

even sleep last night thinking about what might happen tonight.

When we got to the movie we had sat in the back row and had

started kissing half way through, and it seemed like we

couldn't get enough of each others' lips. He had touched my

breast through my blouse, and I had made no move to stop him,

feeling the hardening of my nipples and the moistening and

tingling between my legs. He had driven us straight from the

movie to the parking spot, and pretty soon his hands were all

over me, and my blouse open and my bra undone and his lips

sucking on my breasts, and all I could think was "don't stop."

I gave a little moan, and he slipped his hand up between my

legs. I spread them apart to let him touch me where I yearned

to feel him, and his hand was so good on me. We climbed over

into the back seat and he lay me down there and kneeled on the

floor while he kissed my bare breasts and touched me under my

panties. I made noises that told him what felt best, and pretty

soon his fingers were swirling around my little button a lot

like to the way I did myself in bed at night - but it was more

exciting to have someone else do it, even if he didn't know

exactly where to go or how hard. And then I came, and I lost

control of myself and I'm not sure what noises I made or words

I said, but I felt the explosion go all through me.

He didn't even have to tell me what he wanted or what I

should do - my hand was just drawn to the hard bulge between

his legs, and I stroked it through his jeans. We traded places,

me kneeling on the floor and him lying on his back on the back

seat. I unzipped him and felt inside and touched it through his

underpants, so big and hard. Then he unbuckled his belt and

took his pants off, and I lowered his underpants for him, and

felt his bare penis.

I ran my hand up and down the shaft and he groaned like an animal. I

wanted to make him feel everything I had felt, and I asked him what I

should do. He said I should wet my hand and stroke him, so I reached

between my legs and got some of my own juices to make it easy for my hand

to slide up and down on him. Then I spit on the other hand and used it to

rub the lower part of the hard shaft. Pretty soon he tensed up and went

rigid and groaned, and then the stuff came out.

I was really surprised how much there was, and how far it

spurted, but I caught some in my hand and used it to keep

stroking him until he was finished coming. There was quite a

mess, but I didn't try to clean it up - I went up and kissed

him on the mouth, and he kissed me back, and we hugged and

kissed some more, and he said again that he loved me.

Later he got hard again, and I was still excited, and he

wanted to go all the way. I had enough sense not to do that,

though I sure could have. But I knew I could get pregnant, and

I also thought of that big thing going into me - it seemed like

it would have to hurt. So I was able to stop him and we got

dressed and we kissed some more and talked. Then we finally

noticed what time it was - way later than I was supposed to be

out. At that, I got a little panicky, and I had him drive me

back home, and I gave him a quick kiss and headed in.

So here I was, and as I opened the front door and stepped

inside I could see one light was on in the living room. Mom

called out asking if it was me. I said it was, and came into

the room, where it looked like she had fallen asleep. My

stepfather wasn't there, and she said he had gone to bed, but

she had stayed up to wait for me. As soon as she saw what time

it was, she said I was in big trouble. Then she got up and

turned on the main lights, and looked closely at me and said I

was a sight, and asked me what had I been doing. I looked down

and could see that my blouse was buttoned wrong, and there was

a big wet spot on it. She saw it too, and came over and asked

if it was what she thought it was, had I let that boy take my

clothes off, had I done it with him? I said no I hadn't done

it, I was still a virgin, and she seemed relieved at that. So

when she questioned me about what we had done, I told her way

too much. I said we had necked quite a bit, and I had let him

unbutton my blouse, and he had gotten excited and had an

ejaculation - I used the word from sex ed class. I said he was

a nice boy and that he loved me, as if that would make it seem

all right to Mom.

Well, it didn't, not by a long shot - she was really

shocked and angry, and told me she couldn't believe that I

would disrespect myself so, and defy my parents in that way. I

said "what parents, my stepfather isn't one of my parents" - which

was a big mistake. She got even angrier, and said she didn't

know what she would do with me if she didn't have a man to help

her, and he was going to hear everything - everything - and I

would bear the consequences, and they would be very serious.

I started to cry and begged her not to tell him, that I

was afraid, that maybe he would hit me or hurt me. She said he

would not "hit me," he was a decent man who had control over

himself and never would strike a woman or a child in anger. But

he would be very upset, and she wouldn't be at all surprised if

he decided that for my own good I needed a good whipping. I

cried and begged and said that I was too old for that , and

that I had been a good girl, and had never been whipped, and

would never do it again, and would obey them.

Well, by this time I guess I'd been making enough noise to

wake up my stepfather, and he came downstairs in his bathrobe

and slippers. Mom told him EVERYTHING. I just couldn't believe

it - I stood there, staring down at the rug, while she told him

how I had touched Eddie and let him touch me and how my blouse

was buttoned wrong and how I got that spot on my shirt.

Finally he just said "Look at me, child!" Well by this

time I really felt like a child, and I looked up, and he was

staring right at me with his craggy, stiff face and his big old

nose and big eyebrows and dark sunken eyes, and I felt about

two feet tall, and scared. "Is this all true?" he asked, and

said yes it was - I didn't have any choice by this time. "Do

you have anything to say for yourself?" he asked, and I tried

to explain how Eddie was a good boy and I loved him and we

hadn't done any harm and I was sorry and it wouldn't happen

again. But my words tumbled over each other, and didn't sound

like they made any sense even to me, and finally I just ran

down and stopped.

"Do you think any of what you have said excuses what you

have done?" he asked. I was silent for a minute, looking down,

and finally I said no - I was hoping against hope if I just

acted sorry it wouldn't happen. But there was no way. He said

"This is very SERIOUS wrongdoing, and requires very SERIOUS

consequences - isn't that right, Alma?" My Mom said she agreed,

and I just felt totally alone.

So then he said that this wasn't the time to set my exact

punishment. We should all go to bed, and I should think about

what I had done and how wrong it was, and he and Mom would talk

about what had to be done about it. Then he said that I

wouldn't be leaving the house the next day - Saturday - and

early in the evening, when everyone could be present, my

punishment would be announced and carried out.

Well that told the tale, and I felt like the blood drained

right out of my head and the top half of my body. The only

punishment in our house that got "carried out" in those

circumstances was the one my younger sister had had once, and

my brother twice - a terrible strapping with my stepfather's

big thick leather belt, in front of everyone else, on the bare

rear end, bent over the ottoman that went with the couch. I

could see every detail in my mind's eye, and could practically

hear my sister crying and begging him to stop and finally just

screaming that time, and the terrible "WHAP, WHAP," and the

awful red welts on her soft little white rear end.

I couldn't help myself, I started to shake and then to

cry. I could only hope against hope that he didn't mean this,

but really he couldn't mean anything else, and about the only

"detail" left to be fixed was how many times he would whip my

poor bottom with that terrible thick belt.

Well, I cried, and I begged and pleaded a little, but he

just looked cold and mean and said I should go to bed and think

about what I had coming. I looked at Mom, but she had her arms

crossed on her chest and wasn't looking any too sympathetic

either. So I just sniffled and whimpered like a little baby and

took myself up to bed. I could hear them following me up and

going into their bedroom down the hall.

There was no hope I'd be going to sleep, and I wanted to

hear what they would say. I guess I thought I might find out

more about my punishment - maybe hoped my mom would talk him

out of the whipping once she was alone with him. But I also

think maybe I had a little inkling about something else, too,

and that was probably part of what made me creep out into the

hall and listen at their door once I was sure they were settled

down in there.

The fact was, I'd heard my mom and stepfather having sex.

I mean, it wasn't like they didn't shut their bedroom door or

something, but the fact was that door would be pretty regularly

shut and locked for quite a while with them in there on on

Saturday mornings, and my sister and I had crept up and

listened a couple of times, and we could hear the bedsprings

creaking, and little sounds from mom, and once we happened to

be there to hear this big groan from our stepfather. And once

when they thought I was asleep but I was up reading and went

down to the kitchen for a snack, I tiptoed past their door and

I heard the same sounds, only this time my mom was making more

noise - I heard her go "oh, oh, oh, oh" and then a long

"ahhhhh" -- and then a few seconds later there was another big

loud groan from him.

Well, there was another time, and this time it was no

accident I heard. The time my stepfather whipped my sister, I

was very suspicious. I mean, he was this big churchgoing prude

and all, and here he was making my sister take off her panties

and get whipped on the bare bottom in front of me and my

brother. I'm not saying she didn't deserve to get punished -

she got in big trouble at school for cutting lots of classes

and trying to forge her name on attendance slips, and she

actually got suspended for a couple of days. And I'm not saying

he couldn't spank her, if it was OK with Mom - she had spanked

us all plenty of times herself when we were little. But he

could have let my sister keep her underpants on. I mean, she

was 14, and she had started having her period, and her breasts

were pretty developed, and she had her pubic hair and all, and

it just didn't seem right.

Anyway, I watched him while he whipped her, and he was

trying to look all sorrowful about it and stern, but I saw him

sweating and I think he was excited. So after the whipping was

over, and I had comforted my poor sister and rubbed some lotion

on her bottom, and she had gone off to sleep, I decided to

listen in and see what was happening in their bedroom. So I

took the same route as before, like I was headed down to the

kitchen for a snack, and kneeled by their door and listened.

Well this time I really got an earful. He was grunting away

louder than before - but mom wasn't making any noise at all.

Pretty soon he gave that loud groan of his, and this time right

after he groaned he cried out "Praise the Lord!"

Well, you can see where I'm headed here. This night I go

out by their door again, just like that time, and I kneel down

and listen again. And I don't hear any talking about what

punishment is appropriate for me, or about anything else. No, I

hear the bedsprings creaking - and mom is whimpering. Actually,

they have left the door unlatched this time and it is open a

crack and I can hear better this time. She makes this regular

little whimper, and he is breathing hard and grunting, and the

springs are creaking regularly. Then she is saying "Oh - oh -

oh" - and "yes" and "please" and "that's good" and "yes, yes,

yes, yes" and then a long kind of low wail - and he grunts

louder, and then he is grunting every time he breathes - "unh,

unh, unh" - and then a loud groan and it sounds like all the

air is coming out of him. And he says "praise the lord" again.

And then "Ah, Alma, you're a fine woman" and she says something

low I can't hear, and he says "I think we can stop it right

here, if we are very severe with her."

So it's true - they have been talking about punishing me -

and that got him excited, and got him to to make love to my mom

in the middle of the night - and I know he was thinking about

the whipping that I am going to get tomorrow. I don't think Mom

was thinking about that - I think she was thinking about what I

was doing with Eddie and putting herself in my place - but what

do I know?

I go back to my room, and I still can't sleep. I'm still

scared, thinking about the whipping I will get, and I picture

it in my mind. But besides feeling scared, I'm feeling excited,

like with Eddie earlier. I imagine my stepfather with a big

penis, all hard and erect, bigger than Eddie's, and he is

thrusting it into my mom and I picture her, naked, all soft and

round with her big breasts and big bottom and round stomach,

with her fleshy thighs spread out under him, and giving her

little cries of pleasure as he drives that big thing up between

her legs into her. And mixed up with that I see the picture of

myself bent over the ottoman in the living room, my bare bottom

there for all the world to see - or at least my mom and sister

and brother to see. My brother is 13, and I imagine he will get

very excited when he sees me naked like that, and his little

penis will get hard, and later back in his room he'll pull on

it and groan and squirt white stuff while he runs through the

images of me getting whipped.

I know what the whipping will be like, because I remember

my sister's so well, and I remember it so well because - this

is my darkest secret - I have replayed it many times in my

fantasies lying in bed at night, and getting excited, and

fingering myself between my legs. I picture my stepfather

standing over her with his big nose and his dark hair and dark

glaring eyes, that thick belt swinging in his hands, and I

imagine his penis, all thick and hard, standing up erect in his

pants as he looks down at my sister's white bottom. And then he

swings the belt down, real hard, and she screams, and there is

an angry red welt across the white - and I imagine his erection

swelling and pulsing, the way I felt Eddie's swell and pulse in

my hand when I was stroking it just before he came - his balls

pulling up tight under the hard shaft. When I had felt that I

had somehow known to cup the balls in my hand and fondle them

gently while I kept stroking his shaft with the other hand -

and that had torn a terrific groan from Eddie - and seconds

later that tremendous spurt of white stuff had come out of him.

I imagine my stepfather on top of my mother after whipping

my sister, his big shaft going into her wetness between her

legs, and his balls pulling up, and her hand reaching down and

touching them, and going through his mind like through my mind

is the picture of my sister squirming, her naked bottom and

thighs writhing under the lash of the belt, and losing control

of herself and letting her legs come apart so he could see the

little tuft of pubic hair, and her cheeks coming apart and

showing the crack and the little hole, and him even more

excited at seeing that, and bringing the belt down on her again

- this time across the back of her thighs, and she twists and

squirms to try and get away from it, but she can't. And the

loud crack is followed by an animal-like shriek from her - and

then her begging cries - "Please, please, don't hit me again -

I'll be good - I'll never do it again" - and then another crack

and another red welt in the white skin - and her pitiful pleas

- "Oh mommy - it hurts so much - don't let him - don't DON'T


And I imagine all of that running through his mind as

through my mind, and then I have the picture of his big hard

penis spurting white stuff into my mom, and him groaning and

crying out, almost like he is being whipped himself, and her

hand cradling his balls, and her fleshy breasts and stomach and

thighs all coated with sweat, and her face distorted with

pleasure, and her hips lifting up to meet his thrusts.

By now I am very excited, and I have rolled on my stomach,

and have my hands between my legs, one of them playing with my

button and the other one with two fingers going into my hole.

I'm building up and getting close, and just as I can feel that

I'm about to come, I'm me again instead of my mother, bent over

that ottoman, my bare bottom visible to everyone, but

especially to my stepfather who stands over me with the thick

punishing strap in his hand.

And I tingle in anticipation of the blinding hot pain when

he brings it down on my rear, and see the bright red stripe

leaping out on my naked white skin, crossing the dark shadow of

my crack. And the pain blends with the burning pleasure in my

lower belly and between my legs, and the picture of my

stepfather whipping me blends with a picture of him bent over

me naked, with his big erect penis plunging into me from

behind, and I writhe up to meet his lustful thrusts and his

angry lashes both at the same time, as the pleasure explodes

through me...

Princess: Wow! Judy - I wouldn't have guessed you had this

in you!

Judy: So - does it come close?

Princess: Pretty damn good, you little pervert - you may

have even supplied me with a new mind-video for home use!

Judy: Well let me finish...

All of a sudden you are awake, and now it is YOU again,

back in your bed at home, home from the date with your geeky

would-be boyfriend - your nice ultra-liberal mom is asleep down

the hall - and you've got no sunken-eyed religious fanatic sex

maniac of a stepfather to whip your tail for you. So what's a

girl to do?

Princess: Jill off again?

Judy: Naaah - you need company - so you call your best

friend and lover, your girlfriend Judy.

Princess: In the middle of the night? That would have

woken up your parents.

Judy: Hey, Princess, this is a STORY - so just imagine we

had what our own kids have now - a separate phone line...

Princess: Yeah - wouldn't that have been great? So I call

you and you answer all sleepy and foggy...

Judy: And you tell me about your downer of a date, and

then about your dream where you're me, or like me, and pretty

soon instead of you being excited and me sleepy, we're both

sleepy AND excited ...

Princess: And we each play with ourselves, listening to

the sounds the other one makes over the phone.

Judy: Yeah - in fact it's that very night that we invent

the great American institution of phone sex...

Princess: Hey - do you think we could have taken out a

patent on it? Each time someone does phone sex they have to

send a royalty payment to Princess and Judy, Inc.

Judy: Well honey, before you turn my nice little piece of

erotica into a business school problem, I say it's time to get

out of the hot tub ...

Princess: Nice! There was nothing nice about that - it was

VILE AND DISGUSTING! ... So, sweetie, my best friend

understands me! Now, it so happens I've got this comfortable

bed just going to waste - can I interest my best friend ...?

-The end-


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